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Building 24 emoji U+1F3EA
🏪 Convenience store

Often larger than a supermarket and with a wider assortment, from food to electronics to household items. Usually longer open than regular markets, in some countries even around the clock. Can refer to shopping or a person, e.g. I am available 24 hours a day.

School Emoji U+1F3EB
🏫 School

I am studying right now or I am at school or at the university. Emoji shows a place of education. Symbolic meaning: learn from experiences or master new tests of life.

Hotel by the hour emoji Whatsapp U+1F3E9
🏩 Love Hotel

Emoticon does not represent a simple hotel. The heart indicates a “hotel by the hour”. Might stand for a secret affair.

Wedding church smiley Whatsapp U+1F492
💒 Wedding

We are going to marry! Church in which a wedding is celebrated. Is often used for an invitation or for the announcement of the wedding.

Ancient building emoji U+1F3DB
🏛 Ancient Building

Today, ancient buildings, mostly with columns and ornaments, can still be found worldwide. Represents culture, e.g. visiting a museum or architecture in general.

Church Whatsapp U+26EA

As poor as a church mouse! Christian building. The church represents weddings, baptism, worship, and funerals. Also used for religion and holidays.

Mosque Whatsapp U+1F54C
🕌 Mosque

The religious building with a dome-shaped roof and minaret is a place of communal prayer of Islam and social meeting place. Can relate to religion, travel or architecture.

Synagogue U+1F54D
🕍 Synagogue

The building with the Star of David is a synagogue: a place of assembly and common Jewish worship service. Most important institution in Judaism. The emoji is used in the context of religion and Israel.

Hindu temple India U+1F6D5
🛕 Hindu temple

India is my dream travel destination! Temple for religious and spiritual activities. In Hinduism, the temple stands for the cosmos: the world of the gods and the world of humans connect to each other. The earliest Hindu temples date from the 4th-8th centuries.

Black stone emoji Whatsapp U+1F54B
🕋 Kaaba

Emoticon represents the Kaaba, the central sanctuary of Islam in Mecca. Destination of the great pilgrimage (Hajj) for every Muslim.

Asian arch U+26E9
⛩‍️ Shinto shrine

Religious Japanese architecture. Serves for the worship of a deity. Shintoism (Japanese for the way of the gods) is practiced almost exclusively in Japan. The religion is characterized by nature and ancestor worship.

Track emoji U+1F6E4
🛤 Railroad track

A railroad track through a beautiful landscape. The railway connects two places by rail. Emoji is used in connection with the means of transport, a train station or possible delays.

Expressway U+1F6E3
🛣‍️ Highway

We’re driving on the highway! I’ll take the fastest way! A wide multi-lane road with road sign from the driver's point of view. The state road consists of two lanes with several traffic lanes. Represents fast transport and goods deliveries.

Map of Japan Whatsapp U+1F5FE
🗾 Map Of Japan

Shows the outline of the insular state of Japan in East Asia. Mangas are part of everyday culture. Homeland of the emojis. Almost exclusively stands for the country itself: for travel or the culture.

Moon viewing ceremony Emoji U+1F391
🎑 Moon Viewing Ceremony

The moon show “Tsukimi” is a Japanese festival to the honor of the harvest moon. Emoji shows the traditional ceremony with Japanese pampas grass, Dango (Japanese dumpling), and the moon in the background.

Landscape Whatsapp U+1F3DE
🏞 National Park

Picturesque landscape with mountains, rivers, lakes and untouched nature. Represents outdoor activities such as hiking, rafting, camping or nature reserves.

Sunrise emoji U+1F305
🌅 Sunrise

Dawn is followed by the sunrise. The rising sun crosses the horizon announcing a new day. The earliest sunrise is mid-June, the latest in mid-December. Symbol for awakening and (new) beginning.

Sunrise mountains emoji U+1F304
🌄 Sunrise Above Mountains

The early bird catches the worm. In the distance, the sun is slowly rising behind the mountains. The sunrise in the idyllic landscape can stand for nature or vacation in the mountains.

Falling star emoji U+1F320
🌠 Falling Star

If you see a falling star and wish for something, the wish will come true. Symbol for romantic and magical moments. Something or someone is special and valuable.

Sunset skyline emoji U+1F307
🌇 Sunset In The City

The sun is setting slowly on the horizon, painting the city skyline in warm colors. Night is falling, the parties begin. A daily phenomenon. Symbolizes the end of a day.

City sunset U+1F306
🌆 View of city at dusk

Dusk immerses the buildings of a big city in an orange light. The last moments of daylight before the night breaks. Emoji means that a day is coming to an end, it is already quite late or someone wants to go out in the evening.

Skyline Whatsapp U+1F3D9
🏙 Skyline

Let's go to town! Panorama of a city with its tallest buildings in front of the horizon. Skylines have a high recognition value. One of the most beautiful ones in the world is New York's.

Starry sky emoji U+1F303
🌃 Night with stars

A city at night with a clear sky in which stars are visible. Can relate to nightlife or stand for a romantic date or the life in a big city in general. The starry sky has always exerted a strong fascination on people.

Galaxy emoji U+1F30C
🌌 Milky Way

A milky-bright band in the sky - a galaxy of billions of stars. Represents the beauty of the night and the experience of miracles. You are planning a romantic date with your sweetheart.

Golden Gate bridge at night U+1F309
🌉 Bridge at night

We’ve arrived in San Francisco! An illuminated bridge at night, similar to the Golden Gate Bridge in the US. Refers to a great nighttime view, nightlife or a romantic date.

Golden Gate bridge U+1F301
🌁 Misty

The fog is lifting or to be in a mist! A fog-shrouded bridge, similar to the Golden Gate Bridge. Things are only vaguely recognizable through the gray veil. Fog differs from clouds only by the ground contact.