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Emoji Live Meaning Unicode
Sweet dog face emoji - U+1F436 🐶 Dog Face
A sweet dog face with a panting tongue and floppy ears. Stands for unconditional loyalty and attention.
Hamster Face Emoji - U+1F439 🐹 Hamster Face
I like you! Sweet hamster with pink ears and gray-orange face. Mostly a popular pet for children. It symbolizes inner peace and contentment.
Bear Face Emoji - U+1F43B 🐻 Bear Face
A cute teddy bear. You're sweet or fabulous! The bear conveys spiritual strength and power.
Koala smiley Whatsapp - U+1F428 🐨 Koala
Cute face of a koala. These animals represent deep attachment, protection, pleasure, and magic. Arouses protective instinct.
Tiger face emoji Whatsapp - U+1F42F 🐯 Tiger Face
The lovely face of a tiger. Symbolic for uncontrolled power, cattiness and animal instincts.
Lion face Emoji - U+1F981 🦁 Lion Face
A cute lion face, the king of animals and the jungle. A powerful, dangerous predator, a sublime ruler over his pack and a symbol of power.
Laughing frog emoji Whatsapp - U+1F438 🐸 Frog Face
Laughing frog emoji. Stands for fertility, death and rebirth. Can also be seen in connection with prince charming (kiss the frog). Also known as Kermit, the frog from the Muppet Show.
Monkey with hands in front of eyes smiley - U+1F648 🙈 See-No-Evil Monkey
Monkey with two hands in front of its eyes. Closes its eyes to the world so as not to see anything bad or cruel.
Monkey holding hands over mouth emoji - U+1F64A 🙊 Speak-No-Evil Monkey
Monkey is holding both hands over its mouth. Thus, is trying to prevent itself from saying something bad or inappropriate.
Monkey holding hands over ears smiley - U+1F649 🙉 Hear-No-Evil Monkey
Monkey is holding both hands over its ears. Doesn't want to hear anything unpleasant or negative, which might upset it.
Penguin Emoji - U+1F427 🐧 Penguin
The penguin is a sign of a changing life situation, calls for prudence. Also symbolizes balance and reason. Can also announce an addition to the family.
Bird smiley Whatsapp - U+1F426 🐦 Bird
Bird emoticon stands for freedom and fantasy. Can also symbolize the soul on a spiritual level.
Hatching chick Emoji - U+1F423 🐣 Hatching Chick
A sweet fledgling is hatching from its egg. Stands for recommencement, cuteness or the birth of a baby.
Wolf Whatsapp emoticon - U+1F43A 🐺 Wolf Face
Side view of a wolf smiley. Symbol for independence, but also strong family spirit. In ancient Egypt a symbol for the realm of the dead.
Unicorn emoji Whatsapp- U+1F984 🦄 Unicorn Face
Cute unicorn emoji. Mythical allegory of the heavenly primal force, innocence, virginity, and childlike naivety.
Horse face Emoji - U+1F434 🐴 Horse Face
Side view of a horse head. A faithful and clever animal. Has been used by man for a long time. A horse is inspiring and powerful.
Black spider smiley - U+1F577 🕷 Spider
Worldwide, the sight of the spider is associated with fear and disgust. Chat partner wants to shock you or annoy you badly.
Crabs emoji Whatsapp - U+1F980 🦀 Crab
Prawns and hermit crabs can stand for isolation and loneliness. Could also mean: You only move sideways!
Fish Emoji - U+1F41F 🐟 Fish
That's a bit fishy! Symbolically, the fish can indicate an uneasy feeling. Also used in connection with eating fish, with swimming, or the sea.
Honeybee Emoji Whatsapp - U+1F41D 🐝 Honeybee
I am a humming and diligent honeybee. Bees are structured like a social community. Each has its own fixed task and contributes its part to the success of the colony. Caution: A bee can also annoy and sting!
Ox Emoji - U+1F402 🐂 Ox
I long for emotional security! The cow is a symbol of the goddesses of love and fertility. A symbol for the mother goddess in Indian religions.
Turkey Whatsapp Emoji - U+1F983 🦃 Turkey
Happy Thanksgiving! The turkey is a symbol of emotional security and proximity to the earth. In America, the emoji is usually sent around the fourth Thursday in November as well as at Christmas.
Dove of peace Emoji - U+1F54A 🕊 Dove
Let's get rid of disputes and conflicts! White dove with olive branch in beak. The dove is a symbol of peace all over the world.
Dragon Emoji - U+1F409 🐉 Dragon
This is terrible or fantastic! As the master of all elements of nature, the dragon is a mythical figure in the Japanese and Chinese traditions. Can also be found in company logos.
Paw prints Emoji - U+1F43E 🐾 Paw Prints
“Follow the trail” or “I have a new pet”. The imprints can indicate an animal with paws such as dogs, cats, bears, lions, etc. The emoji is mostly used in conversations relating to animals.
Coniferous tree emoji Whatsapp - U+1F332 🌲 Evergreen Tree
An evergreen coniferous tree is a symbol of immortality. Can also stand for nature and tranquility.
Broad-leafed tree smiley Whatsapp - U+1F333 🌳 Deciduous Tree
Due to its annual rebirth, the broad-leafed tree stands for the victory of life over death. Can be used for the invitation for a walk.
Four-leaf clover smiley - U+1F340 🍀 Four Leaf Clover
I wish you luck! The four-leaf clover was taken by Eve as a souvenir from paradise. Someone is keeping his fingers crossed for you.
Pine decoration emoji Whatsapp- U+1F38D 🎍 Pine Decoration
In Japan, house entrances are embellished with a pine decoration on Shogatsu (New Year's Day) to thank the gods for their protection.
Tanabata tree smiley - U+1F38B 🎋 Tanabata Tree
Traditional Japanese tanabata tree. It is utilized to attach written wishes to it.
Leaf fluttering in wind - U+1F343 🍃 Leaf Fluttering in the Wind
“Fall is approaching” or “It's windy!” Fluttering leaves in the wind can also be a warning sign and indicate disappointment, loss, or a personal misfortune.
Ear of rice Emoji - U+1F33E 🌾 Ear Of Rice
Emoji shows a rice panicle. It stands for solidarity and the commitment to a human being. It also symbolizes wealth, happiness and prosperity.
Hibiscus Emoji - U+1F33A 🌺 Hibiscus
Delicate, fragile beauty. Hibiscus is very colorful and extremely attractive for bees and butterflies. Symbolizes wealth and power in Asian countries.
Tulip Emoji - U+1F337 🌷 Tulip
A tulip is the harbinger of spring. It is often posted as a courtesy. Worldwide, splendid tulip festivals are organized. Can be understood as the awakening of nature.
Rose Emoji - U+1F339 🌹 Rose
“You have won my heart!” The red rose is a sign of love and romance. It is usually sent on Valentine's Day. A white rose stands for purity, yellow for friendship, and pink for gratitude and happiness.
Bouquet Emoji - U+1F490 💐 Bouquet
“Thank you” or “All the best!” The beautiful, colorful bouquet is usually sent on Mother's Day and Valentine's Day as well as at weddings and other celebrations. It is meant to express congratulations and acknowledgement. Also used as a symbol of nature.
Pink cherry blossom Whatsapp - U+1F338 🌸 Cherry Blossom
The bright pink cherry blossom is deeply rooted in the Japanese tradition (Hanami). It stands for beauty and transience.
Rosette Emoji - U+1F3F5 🏵 Rosette
Outstanding! Flower decoration in the form of a blossom. Belongs to the decorative culture of European and Indian art. Today rosettes are still used as a military award for particularly good achievements.
Full Moon Symbol - U+1F315 🌕 Full Moon
I wish you success! The full moon promises happiness in any circumstance. You will arrive at your destination, but you should remain modest.
Full moon with face Emoji - U+1F31D 🌝 Full Moon With Face
Smiling full moon face. Symbol of wholeness and magical power. Is delighted about your happiness and wishes you success.
Waning crescent moon symbol - U+1F317 🌗 Last Quarter Moon Symbol
Waning crescent moon. Means that one's own chances are growing and success in love will increase.
Waxing crescent moon symbol - U+1F313 🌓 First Quarter Moon Symbol
Waxing crescent moon. Stands for misery in love and marriage. Can also mean: You have reached a goal.
New moon face Emoji - U+1F31A 🌚 New Moon With Face
New moon with face. Is usually perceived as creepy and eerie. Can also symbolize the man in the moon.
Crescent moon Whatsapp- U+1F319 🌙 Crescent Moon
I wish you a good night! When the moon is in the last waning or the first waxing quarter, it lforms a crescent. This may indicate the beginning or the end of a journey.
Friendly yellow sun Whatsapp - U+1F31E 🌞 Sun With Face
The sun is shining so beautifully! Yellow sun with friendly grin on its face. Is shining brightly and is very satisfied.
Medium white star smiley - U+2B50 White Medium Star
A white star of medium size. Stars are a symbol of protection and accompaniment. Can represent a starry night.
Swinging star symbol Whatsapp - U+1F4AB 💫 Dizzy Symbol
My head is spinning! Swinging star. Means, I'm totally dazed (drunken) and only see stars.
Sparkling stars emoji - U+2728 Sparkles
Three decoratively sparkling stars. For example, can mean: I polished my car or my apartment to mirror finish.
Fire Emoji - U+1F525 🔥 Fire
You're as hot as a volcano! The fire emoji is often used as a compliment and also in connection with “to be enlightened”, or for spicy food.
Comet smiley Whatsapp - U+2604 Comet
The comet stands for special events like success. Is associated with luck and misfortune. Indicates a change in life.
Black sun emoji Whatsapp - U+2600 (Black) Sun With Rays
Symbolizes life energy on the earth as well as warm and sunny days.
Rainbow emoji - U+1F308 🌈 Rainbow
After every low comes a high! The rainbow is a symboli of peace and unification. It is also a sign of happiness and hope.
Explosion emoji Whatsapp - U+1F4A5 💥 Collision Symbol
Star-shaped symbol for an explosion or a collision. Something terrible happened to me, there was a bad accident.
Woman with cloud smiley - U+1F32C 🌬 Wind Blowing Face
Symbol of Mother Nature. Generates wind by blowing air from the mouth. Symbol for all fertile and creative things.
Hurry person symbol Whatsapp - U+1F4A8 💨 Dash Symbol
I'm already gone! Emoticon shows that someone has to hurry and move quickly. Person has already darted off.
Tornado emoji Whatsapp - U+1F32A 🌪 Cloud With Tornado
The tornado symbolizes danger. Failures and disappointments are possible, projects and plans might fail.
Water wave Emoji - U+1F30A 🌊 Water Wave
The wave emoji can be interpreted as a symbol of the power of life. Also has other meanings such as surfing and swimming in the sea, or “Something lies ahead of you”.
Single-drop emoticon Whatsapp - U+1F4A7 💧 Droplet
Single-drop emoji. Could be water or drops of perspiration. Also used as a sign for drizzle and rain.
Splashing sweat drops emoji - U+1F4A6 💦 Splashing Sweat Symbol
The drops represent splashing sweat. Somebody is making either a physical or a mental effort right now.