🙈 Animals and nature emojis with their meaning

You'll find all current animals and nature emojis in Whatsapp and Facebook as well as a description of their meaning. Have fun with diving into the colorful world of emojis!

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Sweet dog face emoji U+1F436
🐶 Dog Face

A sweet dog face with a panting tongue and floppy ears. Stands for unconditional loyalty and attention. Can refer to your own pet (“I love my dog.“) or to people (“You sly dog!“).

Cat face U+1F431
🐱 Cat face

The cute, playful and fluffy walkers on velvet paws are one of the most popular pets, especially in big cities. Cats are considered independent, stubborn, with the seventh sense. They symbolize wisdom, luck, individuality as well as affection and tenderness.

  • Charlotte

    A relaxing state!

  • Anonymous

    The cat is also used for the female genital area.

Mouse face U+1F42D
🐭 Mouse face

Mice are considered small and cute but also shy and helpless. An unremarkable, shy and modest person is referred to as a mousy person.

Hamster Face Emoji U+1F439
🐹 Hamster Face

I like you! Sweet hamster with pink ears and gray-orange face. Mostly a popular pet for children. It hoards provisions and laps in the spinning wheel. It symbolizes inner peace and contentment.

Bunny emoji Whatsapp U+1F430
🐰 Bunny Face

Cute bunny face in cartoon style with two long ears. Can be used for easter or for spring in general. Many people associate it with cuddly fur, family spirit and an active sex life.

Fox emoji Whatsapp U+1F98A
🦊 Fox Face

You sly old fox! The red fox with the fluffy tail is a family animal. It is considered particularly cunning and smart. In fairy tales, it exploits the weaknesses of others, deceives and is treacherous.

Bear Face Emoji U+1F43B
🐻 Bear

A cute teddy bear. Is considered cuddly. The bear can stand on two legs like a human. Is admired for its strength and power, but also feared.

  • Anonymous

    “You look very pretty!“

Polar bear smiley U+1F43B
🐻‍❄️ Polar bear

It can't be cold enough! Predator of the bear family. Lives in the northern polar region. The light fur serves for camouflage in the ice and snow. The King of the Arctic is a loner, fearless and a great hunter.

  • Sinjin

    It makes me think of the Arctic and the cold.

Panda emoji Whatsapp U+1F43C
🐼 Panda

I'm going to a Cro concert! Pandas come from China, feed on bamboo and are threatened with extinction. You find something totally cute or as an expression of affection within friendships.

  • Anonymous

    It is also a sign of love!

Koala smiley Whatsapp U+1F428
🐨 Koala

The koala stands for cuteness or amiability and awakens protective instincts. The second best-known animal in Australia feeds on eucalyptus and sleeps 20 hours a day.

Tiger face emoji Whatsapp U+1F42F
🐯 Tiger Face

The magnificent animal stands for strength, felinity and appetite. Central importance in Asia. There, the tiger is considered a wise leader (Buddhism) and national animal (India), it is a symbol of bravery and strength (China) and a Chinese zodiac.

Pig head pig face emoji U+1F437
🐷 Pig Head

Pigs might fly! At New Year's Eve the pig is one of the favorite lucky charms, apart from the chimney sweep. Represents prosperity and wealth.

Pig’s snout U+1F43D
🐽 Pig’s snout

This looks like a pigpen. The pig's snout resembles a socket. Someone is a bit dirty and messy (You little pig!) or can eat really much (You’re eating like a pig.).

Lion face Emoji U+1F981
🦁 Lion Face

A cute lion face, the king of animals and the jungle. A powerful, dangerous predator, a sublime ruler over its pack and a symbol of power.

Cow Whatsapp U+1F42E
🐮 Cow face

The productive livestock provides man with milk and meat. The cow is a working animal and a sacred animal in India. Also used as a swear word for a clumsy, slow-witted person.

Laughing frog emoji Whatsapp U+1F438
🐸 Frog Face

I have a frog in the throat! In mythology, stands for fertility, death and rebirth. Can also be seen in connection with prince charming (kiss the frog). Also known as Kermit, the frog from the Muppet Show.

Monkey face Whatsapp U+1F435
🐵 Monkey Face

That's monkey business! “You are a cheeky monkey!“ or “Real brass monkey weather!“. Can also be used in a playful way, while fooling around or referring to the animal itself.

Monkey with hands in front of eyes smiley U+1F648
🙈 See-No-Evil Monkey

Monkey with two hands in front of its eyes. Closes its eyes to the world so as not to see anything bad or cruel, or is embarrassed. Mizaru is one of the three wise monkeys. In a sense, ignoring bad things.

  • Anonymous

    I don't think I'm the only one who uses this emoji when we feel ashamed. Am I right?

  • Ilulshiya

    My nerves are shaking!

  • Anonymous

    I use it when I feel happy and surprised.

  • Anonymous

    Often used to express shyness.

Monkey holding hands over mouth emoji U+1F64A
🙊 Speak-No-Evil Monkey

Monkey is holding both hands over its mouth. Keeps a secret, will not talk about something, wants to speak no evil or what it just said slipped out of its mouth. Iwazaru is part of the three wise monkeys.

Monkey holding hands over ears smiley U+1F649
🙉 Hear-No-Evil Monkey

Monkey is holding both hands over its ears. Doesn't want to hear anything unpleasant or negative. Avoids the truth and does not listen. Kikazaru is one of the three wise monkeys.

Monkey emoji U+1F412
🐒 Monkey

Softly, softly catchee monkey! The naughty monkey stands for activity, joy, playfulness. Term of endearment for foolish persons and children who climb a lot. May also mean “Don‘t monkey about!“ or “I'm chilling at home“. Often used in the context of animals, zoos and forests.

  • Anonymous

    I send it to say, “That's funny!“

Chicken face emoji U+1F414
🐔 Chicken

In general, stands for fear and cowardice (“You are a chicken“). Appears in many phrases: “To get up with the chickens“, “To dance the funky chicken“, “To feel like a spring chicken“ or “to chicken out“. Chinese zodiac sign in the horoscope.

  • Monique

    It can also mean “cock“.

Penguin Emoji U+1F427
🐧 Penguin

The penguin is a symbol of coldness. Tells a person that he or she is particularly awkward, gawkish or clumsy. Also symbolizes balance and reason. Can also announce an addition to the family.

Bird U+1F426
🐦 Bird

Tell me about the birds and the bees. Flip someone the bird or to be a bird brain. Bird emoticon stands for freedom and fantasy. Can also symbolize the soul on a spiritual level.

Chick Whatsapp U+1F424
🐤 Chick

Clumsy body, fluffy down feathers, big head and ungainly gait – like most baby animals, the chick is extremely cute. A person is clumsy, Easter is just around the corner or a symbol of a rural idyll.

Hatching chick Emoji U+1F423
🐣 Chick in Eggshell

A sweet fledgling is hatching from its egg. Popular symbol for Easter. Stands for recommencement, cuteness or the birth of a baby.

Chick emoji Whatsapp U+1F425
🐥 Chick in Frontal View

An oversized head, yellow feathers, beak and big eyes. The cute, newly hatched chick expresses innocence and ignorance. “I had no idea“ or “I cannot help it.“

  • Cris

    A person who helps young people.

Duck U+1F986
🦆 Duck

You lame duck! Popular pond dweller in parks. The duck has colonized all continents except the Antarctic. Can also stand for duck soup (easy tasks) or false reports (canard). Furthermore, the duck is a symbol of prosperity and reputation.

Bird of prey emoji U+1F985
🦅 Eagle

The king of the skies! Predator with sharp claws and eagle eyes. Symbol of the USA as well as desire of freedom, dignity and the pursuit of higher things.

Owl emoji Whatsapp U+1F989
🦉 Owl

A symbol of wisdom. The nocturnal owl cannot shake off a negative superstition. In spooky scenes in movies you can often hear the characteristic call of the owl.

Bat emoji U+1F987
🦇 Bat

Emoji for Batman. The nocturnal bat served as a template for Bram Stoker's Dracula. The only mammal that can fly. Represents immortality and reincarnation.

Wolf Whatsapp emoticon U+1F43A
🐺 Wolf Face

The lonely wolf howling at the moon. In fairytales like “Little Red Riding Hood“ or “The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats“ often an evil character, like a wolf in sheep's clothing. Symbol for independence, but also strong family spirit.

Boar smiley U+1F417
🐗 Boar

We saw a boar! The bristly boars are adaptive and omnivores. They are shy and nocturnal. Favorite dish of Obelix. Truffle seeker in France. A tracker boar of the police even made it into the Guinness Book of Records. The emoji can also symbolize aggressiveness and recklessness.

Unicorn emoji Whatsapp U+1F984
🦄 Unicorn

The unicorn: a white horse with magical powers and a horn on its forehead. The mythical creatures represent uniqueness, innocence, virginity, and childlike naivety. Symbol for the good.

Ladybug emoji U+1F41E
🐞 Ladybug

I wish you luck! The red ladybug with the black dots is considered a lucky symbol and is often found on birthday cards.

Mosquito emoji U+1F99F
🦟 Mosquito

You are as nerve-racking as a mosquito! There are 3600 species worldwide, around 100 of those can be found in Germany. You will meet the annoying pests mostly in the evening hours and in the proximity of water. Only the female mosquitoes bite, they need a blood meal for their egg production.

Cricket emoji U+1F997
🦗 Cricket

Campfire, balmy summer evenings. The chirring animals might be crickets, grasshoppers or house crickets. One of the ten biblical plagues, animal feed and nutritional trend of the future. Also represents a gloomy mood, crazy ideas (“Jiminy cricket!“), quirks or a greedy person.

Horse face Emoji U+1F434
🐴 Horse Face

Horses are considered loyal and smart. Popular as farm animals and means of transportation. Inspirational and powerful. Insult to people with less attractive face and pronounced jaw as well as loudly laughing people.

  • Anonymous

    Used in China to make insulting “your mother“ jokes.

Black spider smiley U+1F577
🕷 Spider

Worldwide, the sight of the spider is associated with fear and disgust. Chat partner wants to shock you or annoy you badly. Symbol for Halloween or Spiderman.

Cobweb emoji U+1F578
🕸 Cobweb

Someone has been netted! The web spun with spider silk is primarily used for catching prey. May indicate a trap or danger. Symbol for Halloween and scary things.

Turtle emoji U+1F422
🐢 Turtle

Turtles live to be between 40 and 100 years old and they move very slowly. You have a quiet day, you are moving or somebody dresses up in carnival as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Snake emoji U+1F40D
🐍 Snake

The hissing snake stands for furtiveness and deception. A person pretends to be your friend, but is badmouthing you behind your back. Also represents a zodiac sign in the Chinese horoscope.

  • Anonymous

    This emoji is used to indicate “ex“.

Lizard emoji U+1F98E
🦎 Lizard

Dragon in small format. The reptile likes to bask on stones. Lizards live in Europe, Africa and Asia. The cute, nimble animals can throw off the tail in case of danger and it will grow back. August 14th is the International Lizard Day (World Lizard Day). Symbolizes longevity, adaptability and also envious persons you should be wary of.

T-Rex emoji U+1F996
🦖 T-Rex

Let's watch the new Jurassic Park movie! Tyrannosaurus Rex – the carnivorous dinosaur with its short arms is the best known. Its name means “king of lizards“. In movies often the aggressive predator who stands for threat and spreads fear and terror.

Dinosaur smiley U+1F995
🦕 Sauropod

He is vegetarian or “We're going to a natural history museum“! Herbivorous dinosaur with a long neck, massive physique and a relatively small head. With a length of up to 30 meters and a weight of 70 tons, it is the largest terrestrial animal that ever lived. One of the most popular dinosaurs. They became extinct at the end of the Cretaceous period, 66 million years ago.

Scorpion emoji U+1F982
🦂 Scorpion

Eight legs, two pincers and a poison sting. In sagas and myths, the scorpion is usually a dangerous and deadly creature. They are prevalent worldwide and only a few species are dangerous. One of the twelve zodiac signs.

Octopus emoji U+1F419
🐙 Octopus

The octopus has up to eight arms, including a favorite arm and is considered smart. Is also used in a kitschy way because of its cute appearance, e.g., “I want to snuggle up to you.“ In connection with traveling and diving or the ability to do many things at the same time.

Squid emoji U+1F991
🦑 Squid

Do not mess with me! Sea creature with tentacles. They hold their prey with the suckers. Squids change color depending on their mood (angry, excited, aggressive) and during the mating season. When in danger, they eject a cloud of ink. Popular delicacy.

  • Mark

    The octopus says “Hooray! He stretches his tentacles up into the air to celebrate.

Prawn smiley U+1F990
🦐 Prawn

The sea creature is a popular delicacy. Prawns are gray and turn pink when cooked. Refers to a dish (I love paella) or a restaurant that serves seafood.

Lobster U+1F99E
🦞 Lobster

We are having a good time with lobster and champagne! The red sea creatures live to get up to 100 years old and cover 160 km annually. Represents holidays, the sea and exquisite dinners.

Crabs emoji Whatsapp U+1F980
🦀 Crab

Prawns and hermit crabs can stand for isolation and loneliness. Represent the sea, the underwater world or also food. Could also mean: You only move sideways!

Puffer fish Whatsapp U+1F421
🐡 Puffer Fish

Careful, I'm dangerous! Puffer fish can inflate in case of danger and raise its quills. This makes it almost impossible for the enemy to scoff it. As a warning: do not mess with me! Despite its poison, a delicacy in Japan.

Colored fish U+1F420
🐠 Tropical fish

Diving into a colorful underwater world, warm water temperatures, sun and beach. The colorful fish live in tropical waters. Symbol of vacation and relaxation as well as the need for freedom, independence and boundlessness.

Fish Emoji U+1F41F
🐟 Fish

That's a bit fishy! Fishing for compliments or being neither fish nor fowl. Fish are masters of camouflage and adaptation. Also used in connection with eating fish, with swimming, or the sea.

Dolphin smiley U+1F42C
🐬 Dolphin

Flipper! An American children's series. Dolphins are highly intelligent mammals. They live together in families.

Whale fountain emoji U+1F433
🐳 Whale blowing out

Moby Dick! Whales must come to the surface to breathe. When they exhale, the air is blown out through a blowhole. The fountain can be up to 12 m high. The emoji is used in connection with the underwater world, whale watching or as an insult for overweight people.

Whale emoji U+1F40B
🐋 Whale

Very large marine mammal with massive body. The whale has no natural enemies. They are among the oldest animals in the world and are considered to be guardians of knowledge. Insult for overweight people.

Shark Whatsapp U+1F988
🦈 Shark

You’re facing a shark tank or someone jumped the shark. 500 different types are known. They feed on plankton or marine animals. Feared as a killer through films like “Jaws”, although attacks on people are very rare.

Seal emoji U+1F9AD
🦭 Seal

He's a water rat! The seal is seen as merry, playful and has many tricks up its sleeve. The acrobats of the sea can swim up to 35 km/h, can sleep on land as well as under water and dive up to 200 m deep.

Crocodile U+1F40A
🐊 Crocodile

Shedding big crocodile tears. With 230 million years of age, the saurian is the oldest animal group in the world. Crocodiles live in tropical regions in the water and on land. They are considered inactive and are strong hunters. Can refer to a country or region, e.g. Australia or Florida. Figuratively, the crocodile also stands for greed and hypocrisy.

  • Jun

    The crocodile can also stand for a playboy.

Tiger Whatsapp U+1F405
🐅 Tiger

Three cheers and a tiger! Widespread in Asia, the predator with the strikingly striped fur is considered the largest cat species. King of the jungle. The tiger combines grace, courage, strength, wild beauty and sexual power. Likewise, it stands for a ballsy, freedom-loving and fearsome person.

Leopard emoji U+1F406
🐆 Leopard

The leopard is one of the fastest and most graceful big cats and symbolizes wildness, elegance, beauty and power. Can stand for a vacation in Asia or Africa. Or you want to buy new leggings with the typical pattern.

Zebra smiley U+1F993
🦓 Zebra

Lives in Africa, resembles the horse and has black and white stripes. Or white and black stripes? Everything has two sides, there is not only bright and dark. Negative and positive things are kept balanced.

Gorilla Whatsapp U+1F98D
🦍 Gorilla

Don’t mess with me! Standing, up to 1.75 m tall and weighing up to 200 kg: Gorillas are the largest apes. The gentle giants are vegetarians and endangered. Pejorative for a primitive or uncivilized person. Symbolizes strength, power, but also aggressiveness.

Orangutan smiley U+1F9A7
🦧 Orangutan

We’re visiting the great apes in Indonesia! The term orangutan comes from the Malay language and means man of the forest. The intelligent, peaceful apes do not like rain and live in trees.

Elephant Whatsapp U+1F418
🐘 Elephant

This house is a white elephant, you are the elephant in the room or you are seeing pink elephants. The heaviest surviving land mammal stands for wisdom. We are going on holiday: to a safari in Africa or to Asia. Unflattering symbol for an overweight person.

  • Sandeep

    If the quantities are large, the elephant can be added to the text.

Hippopotamus emoji U+1F99B
🦛 Hippopotamus

We're going on a safari to the Kruger National Park! The hippopotamus is the second-heaviest land mammal after the elephant. The herbivores can show a very aggressive behavior. Due to its barrel-shaped physique, it is also used for people in an unflattering way.

Rhino U+1F98F
🦏 Rhinoceros

A fool and jerk is pejoratively referred to as a rhinoceros. The rhino has a strong body, short limbs and a large head with one or two horns. Primeval survivor, vegetarian and critically endangered. Symbolizes impetuous rage and assertiveness.

Dromedary Whatsapp U+1F42A
🐪 Dromedary

A difficult journey is approaching! The single-humped camel lives in Africa and Arabia. As a pack animal and mount, it can live in the desert and do without water for weeks. Characteristic features are the long neck, the long eyelashes and the swinging gait. A dromedary symbolizes luck but also worries and hard work.

Camel emoji U+1F42B
🐫 Camel

You’re as dumb as a camel! The two-humped camel lives in Central Asia. Camels are adapted to extreme habitats (ship of the desert). Symbol of stamina, will to survive, staying power and resilience.

Giraffe emoji U+1F992
🦒 Giraffe

The animal with the longest neck is native to Africa. Giraffes are up to 6 meters tall, have a maximum weight of 1,600 kilograms and reach a speed of up to 55 k.p.h. Symbol of farsightedness and gentleness.

Kangaroo U+1F998
🦘 Kangaroo

We are going to the other end of the world! Apart from the koala, the kangaroo is the most famous animal in Australia. The world's largest marsupial has even made it to the Australian coat of arms. Kangaroos are walking with their tail, they cannot run backwards and they do not sweat.

Honeybee Emoji Whatsapp U+1F41D
🐝 Honeybee

As busy as a bee or to have a bee in your bonnet. Bees are structured like a social community. Each has its own fixed task and contributes its part to the success of the colony. Caution: A bee can also annoy and sting!

Caterpillar emoji Whatsapp U+1F41B
🐛 Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Caterpillars hatch from an egg, eat their way through all groceries, pupate and become a butterfly. As a larva usually thick and hairy, therefore also used to express aversion: That is disgusting and fulsome!

Butterfly emoji U+1F98B
🦋 Butterfly

Symbol of a positive transformation: from the unimpressive caterpillar to the beautiful butterfly. You are in love, have butterflies in your stomach. Summer is here!

  • Ghizlane

    Find me where the wild things are!

Snail whatsapp U+1F40C
🐌 Snail

Being as slow as a snail, moving at a snail's pace, sending letters by snail mail. Represents slowness and also vulnerability because of the fragile snail shell. Causes revulsion in many people.

Beetle Whatsapp U+1FAB2
🪲 Beetle

I am afraid of insects! Loud humming, clumsy flying. Nickname for a car, delicacy in Asia and the subject of phobias. Distributed all over the world, except in Antarctica. The thick armature protects the beetle from enemies.

Cockroach U+1FAB3
🪳 Cockroach

I am hard to beat! The crawling insect is often accompanied with disgust and panic. The cockroach feeds on pretty much anything, can transmit diseases and cause allergies. It is sung about in songs and a swearword.

Mosquito Whatsapp U+1FAB0
🪰 Mosquito

You're a pain in the ass or “Buzz off!“ The obtrusive tormentors make noise, sting and can transmit diseases. Symbol of tenacity and impermanence.

Worm emoji U+1FAB1
🪱 Worm

The early bird catches the worm! You want to worm a secret out of someone. Some worms, such as the tapeworm, can cause disease, while others, such as the earthworm, are useful.

Sea shell emoji U+1F41A
🐚 Sea Shell

During vacation, the shell can be found on the beach. If we hold a spiral shell to the ear, we can hear the sound of the sea. Refers to the coast or the ocean.

Bison Whatsapp U+1F9AC
🦬 Bison

The wild cattle occurs in North America (bison) and Europe (European bison). The herbivore is up to 3.80 m long and weighs up to 900 kg. Due to the pronounced hump an imposing appearance. Emblematic of the American prairie or a tall, strong guy.

Mammoth emoji U+1F9A3
🦣 Mammoth

“This is a mammoth task” or “I urgently need to go to the hairdresser’s!” Mammal belonging to the elephant genus, extinct around 4,000 years ago. The herbivore was up to 4 m long, weighed between 5 and 15 t and had 2 m long tusks.

Buffalo emoji U+1F403
🐃 Water buffalo

The buffalo stands for stability and endurance and is a symbol of male sexuality and strength. In Asian countries kept as pack animal and for the plowing of rice fields. It appears in myths and legends, rescues Mowgli from the Tiger Shere Khan in the Jungle Book and is one of the 12 zodiac signs.

Ox Emoji U+1F402
🐂 Ox

I'm as strong as an ox! Powerful, tame working animal. Represents agriculture and rural areas. The ox roast is a symbol of the Bavarian “Wiesn”. We're going to the Oktoberfest!

Cow Whatsapp U+1F404
🐄 Cow

Female cattle symbolize fertility, prosperity and blessing in many cultures. Cows are considered affectionate and innocent. On the alpine cows are found in the pastures. Also swearword that aims at weight or intelligence.

Horse emoji U+1F40E
🐎 Horse

“Wild horses couldn’t drag me there.” Horses symbolize beauty, elegance, passion and nature. Former workhorse and means of transportation, today riding is a popular hobby. Symbolically, the horse can also point to eroticism and sexuality.

Pig emoji U+1F416
🐖 Pig

One of the twelve zodiac signs in the Chinese horoscope. Represents pork on menus. Can also mean dirty, greedy or disgusting and be used pejoratively (“You sweat like a pig“).

Ram emoji U+1F40F
🐏 Ram

You stubborn ram! The male sheep with sinuous horns is a symbol of fertility: The ram can carry out copulation up to 50 times a day. Strong fighter with a will to win. It symbolizes masculinity, potency and stamina as well as strength.

Sheep Whatsapp U+1F411
🐑 Sheep

Counting sheep as a sleeping aid, separate the sheep from the goats, be a wolf in sheep's clothing or make sheep’s eyes at someone. Sheep blindly follow the flock and are considered good-natured and simple-minded. A gentle, easily manipulable and naive person is often referred to as sheep.

Llama emoji U+1F999
🦙 Llama

We are going to Peru! Llamas live in the South American Andes and belong to the animal family of camels. Cute facial expression, big eyes and cuddly fur. But beware: If danger threatens, it spits you in the face. Has replaced the unicorn as the new trend animal: “No dramas with llamas“, “No probllamas“.

Goat U+1F410
🐐 Goat

“That gets my goat!” or “Sort out the sheep from the goats”. Wild animal in the mountains and productive livestock on farms. Goats are considered as omnivores with a strong odor. In fairy tales often a symbol of a caring mother. The billy goat embodies animal instinct, lasciviousness and sexual vitality (“old goat”).

Deer emoji U+1F98C
🦌 Deer

The deer is an antlered mammal and king of the forest. The doe belongs to the family of deer. Christmas symbol (Rudolph Reindeer) or famous character of the Disney movie Bambi. In mythology, both the deer and the unicorn are representations of soul and mind. In popular belief, the deer has also an erotic meaning.

Dog Whatsapp U+1F415
🐕 Dog

I need to walk the dog! May also mean a barking dog never bites or someone feels dog-tired. The dog is man’s best friend and stands for unconditional love, obedience, reliability and loyalty.

Poodle emoji U+1F429
🐩 Poodle

Looking like a handbag poodle or loyal and devoted friends stand by your side. Due to the extravagant appearance a fashion dog, lap dog and circus dog in former times. Poodles are friendly, lively and intelligent family dogs.

Guide dog emoji U+1F9AE
🦮 Guide dog

We’re training guide dogs for the blind! Specially trained companions for visually impaired people. The training lasts 18 months from birth. The dog retires after 7 to 10 years.

Assistance dog emoji U+1F415
🐕‍🦺 Assistance dog

My dog makes my everyday life easier! Assistance dogs support people with disabilities. They are trained to recognize emergencies (e.g. in the case of epilepsy) and to get help. Assistance dogs increase the quality of life and promote mobility.

Cat smiley Whatsapp U+1F408
🐈 Cat

Let the cat out of the bag or “You think you're the cat's whiskers!“. Symbol for the cat lover or your own pet. The cat is said to have seven lives.

Black cat emoji U+1F408
🐈‍⬛ Black cat

She is very superstitious! The kitty cat is a popular pet, but is also considered a bad omen. Due to an old superstition, black cats bring bad luck. Revered by the ancient Egyptians, a lucky charm in Japan and a symbol of evil in the Middle Ages.