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Emoji Live Meaning Unicode
Soccer ball Emoji - U+26BD Soccer Ball
“I want to play soccer” or “The game is starting!” The black-and-white ball is mostly used in conjunction with European soccer.
Black billiard ball emoji Whatsapp - U+1F3B1 🎱 Billiards
The black billiard ball with the number 8 brings misfortune. With this emoji, the opposite effect is meant to be achieved.
Bow and arrow emoji - U+1F3F9 🏹 Bow And Arrow
Cupid is aiming at you! Bow and arrow are often associated with a love arrow. Can also stand for archery. Symbolic meaning: point to an event or hit the target.
Person with ball Emoji - U+26F9 Person Dribbling Ball
I'm doing sports now! Female person dribbling a basketball. Emoji is a symbol for sport and activity. Can be the invitation to a game.
Yellow ribbon smiley Whatsapp - U+1F397 🎗 Reminder Ribbon
The yellow ribbon symbolizes the memory of, e.g., soldiers in the US, people suffering from bone cancer, and protesters for free elections in Hong Kong.
Performing arts Emoji - U+1F3AD 🎭 Performing Arts
Would you like to go to the theater with me? The two masks have their origin in the tragicomedy of the ancient Greek theater. Can also be found as a symbol on cards.
Monster smiley Whatsapp - U+1F47E 👾 Alien Monster
Let's play something! The monster smiley is known from Arcade and computer games. Is also often interpreted as an alien.
Direct hit Emoji - U+1F3AF 🎯 Direct Hit
Smash hit! “You got it to the point” or “I agree with you”. A blue arrow right in the dartboard's bullseye. Is also used to indicate a dart game.