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You'll find all current activities emojis in Whatsapp and Facebook as well as a description of their meaning. Have fun with diving into the colorful world of emojis!

⚽️Soccer Ball
This is what winners look like, shalalalala. The game is on! We are in soccer fever with the ⚽ emoji! The classic black and white ball is especially popular in European soccer and symbolizes the spirit and unity of the fans. Often used to discuss games, scores and teams, the emoji is a hit with sports fans. You can use the emoji to support your favorite team, express your excitement for an upcoming game, or take on an athletic challenge. It is often seen on social media and in online chats to refer to major sporting events, such as the World Cup. It is also used in discussions about the performance of football players or as a sign of team spirit and cooperation. Finally, the ⚽ emoji can be used to symbolize sports activities and hobbies in general, or to emphasize the importance of fitness, stamina, and teamwork.
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⚽️Soccer ball Emoji U+26BD
⚽️ Soccer Ball
This is what winners look like, shalalalala. The game is on! We are in soccer fever with the ⚽ emoji! The classic black and white ball is especially popular in European soccer and symbolizes the spirit and unity of the fans. Often used to discuss games, scores and teams, the emoji is a hit with sports fans. You can use the emoji to support your favorite team, express your excitement for an upcoming game, or take on an athletic challenge. It is often seen on social media and in online chats to refer to major sporting events, such as the World Cup. It is also used in discussions about the performance of football players or as a sign of team spirit and cooperation. Finally, the ⚽ emoji can be used to symbolize sports activities and hobbies in general, or to emphasize the importance of fitness, stamina, and teamwork.
🏀️Orange ball emoji U+1F3C0
🏀️ Basketball
Let's shoot some hoops! Shoot the hoop with the 🏀 emoji! This orange basketball emoji represents the popular indoor sport where two teams compete to put the ball in the other team's basket. Often used to express enthusiasm for the game, competition or practice, this emoji is perfect for anyone interested in the sport. Basketball fans like to use it to cheer on their favorite team, discuss games or tournaments, and invite friends to activities. Fans can celebrate their favorite players by sharing their names or player numbers along with the emoji to show their support and enthusiasm. It symbolizes a bond with the basketball community and conveys enthusiasm for the sport. The emoji is also used in discussions about professional players, who are often among the highest paid athletes, or to highlight major basketball events such as the World Cup.
🏈️Football emoji U+1F3C8
🏈️ American football
Touchdown! Excitement and action are guaranteed in 🏈 American Football! A dynamic sport with a huge following. The football emoji can be used to refer to games, teams or special events surrounding the sport. Whether your favorite team is playing or the annual Super Bowl is coming up, fans can express their excitement and support. It's great for discussing the game, supporting the team, or sharing the excitement of the season. It is also a popular symbol on sports apparel, merchandise, or other items related to American football. The 🏈 emoji connects fans and encourages sharing about this exciting sport that is growing in popularity in the U.S. and beyond.
⚾️Baseball Whatsapp U+26BE
⚾️ Baseball
I'd love to go to a baseball game! The baseball emoji ⚾ represents not only the familiar white ball with red stitching, but also the fascination and passion associated with the sport. A national sport in the United States and popular in many other countries in Latin America and East Asia, the emoji represents international encounters and friendships. In communication, it is used to share common interests and hobbies, or to refer to sporting events such as baseball games or tournaments. It can also be used to express team spirit and togetherness in a group. In addition, the ⚾ emoji symbolizes the competitive spirit, perseverance, and determination required in the game of baseball. It reminds us of the values of fairness, respect and cooperation that are important in this sport and in life in general.
🥎️Softball Whatsapp U+1F94E
🥎️ Softball
I love ball sports! Softball is an exciting sport that is closely related to baseball and is especially popular in the USA. The yellow ball is larger than the classic white baseball and is one of the main differences between the two sports. Also, the size of the field is different. Softball is most popular among women, while baseball is more male-dominated. Training and competing together often creates deep friendships and a special team dynamic. The emoji can therefore be used to convey team spirit. It is also used as a symbol of American culture and tradition. In addition, the 🥎 emoji represents athletic ambition and the pursuit of success, both on the field and in everyday life.
🎾️Tennis ball U+1F3BE
🎾️ Tennis
Grand Slam Tournament! Tennis fans love the 🎾 emoji! This sport pits two players against each other in singles or doubles. Known as the “white sport“ because of the traditional light-colored clothing worn by players, tennis has grown from an elite sport to a popular sport. The emoji is often used to symbolize tennis events and discussions, especially during prestigious tournaments. Sometimes it is used metaphorically to describe a situation where one is torn between two alternatives. It symbolizes the “back and forth“ of making decisions or weighing options. Also, it expresses the love of tennis or the anticipation of an upcoming match or tournament. In short, the 🎾 emoji represents the joy of sports and the excitement that tennis brings to many people.
🏐️Volleyball smiley U+1F3D0
🏐️ Volleyball
Beach volleyball during vacation, volleyball in school sports or Summer Olympics discipline. The aim of this team sport is to get the ball across the net onto the opposing ground. Represents the sport.
🏉️Rugby emoji U+1F3C9
🏉️ Rugby football
The team sport originated in England. The ball is carried or kicked past the opponent to score points. Refers to the ball, a player or the sport. Can also point to a reckless behavior of the conversational partner.
🥏️ Frisbee
We are going to play frisbee in the park! The plastic discus is popular as a beach toy and sports equipment for individual and team sports. Also dogs love to catch the disc.
🪃️ Boomerang
Australia is my dream country! Aboriginal throwing weapon and sports equipment. A boomerang always comes back to the thrower. In a figurative sense or as a warning: this will come back to you at some point!
🎱️ Billiards
The black billiard ball with the number 8 may only be potted when all other balls are already gone. Represents the only remaining one (last man standing), a difficult situation, a risk-taking player. Fatal motive: With this emoji, the opposite effect is meant to be achieved.
🪀️ Yo-yo
I hope I can avoid the yo-yo effect! The yo-yo is a popular childhood game of skill. Metaphor for unwanted weight gain after a diet or for an up and down in, for example, stock prices.
🏓️ Table tennis racket and ball
Let’s play table tennis! Table tennis, colloquially called ping-pong, is an Olympics discipline and a popular pastime. The ball sport has its origin in England.
🏸️ Badminton racket and shuttlecock
I love badminton! The goal is to get the shuttlecock in the opposing field without leaving a possibility to beat it back. Competitive sport and popular leisure activity. Symbolically, badminton can point to the need for greater personal involvement.
🏒️ Hockey stick and puck
Stanley Cup (world’s most important hockey trophy)! In this fast and hard ball sport, players move over the ice on skates and try to play the puck into the opponent's goal. Has its origins in Canada.
🏑️ Field hockey stick and ball
We are watching the Olympic field hockey tournaments! The ball game is played with hockey sticks on grass. The aim of this team sport is to hit the ball into the opponent's goal. In this sport, women wear skirts.
🥍️ Lacrosse stick and ball
The fastest game on two legs! Tactics, team spirit, speed and stamina are connected to the team sport. Aim: to use the stick to get the ball into the opponent's goal. College sport and popular in the USA and Canada.
🏏️ Cricket bat and ball
Cricket is a rounders game with two teams. Resembles baseball. The only sport with an official lunch break as well as tea breaks. In the spiritual sense, cricket stands for a balanced social life and deep friendship, but also for competitive situations and rivalries.
🥅️ Goal net
Someone scored! Whether in football or figuratively in a professional or private sense. A goal has been achieved or a success can be recorded, e.g. the new job is under your belt!
⛳️ Flag in hole
The aim of a fairway in golf is to hole the put out. The flag helps to spot the hole from afar. The ball is no longer hit at this point, but rolled into the hole over the grass.
🪁️ Kite
We’re flying kites! Popular leisure activity for children on windy autumn days. Mentioned first in China 2500 years ago, the aircraft came to Europe in the 16th century. Related to fall, fun and family or childhood.
🛝️ Playground Slide
Let's go to the playground! Brings back childhood memories of carefree, childish and playful fun. Or a visit to the amusement park with the kids or grandkids is planned. Used colloquially for unsolicited private messages in social media (“slipping into the dms“).
🏹️ Bow And Arrow
Cupid is aiming at you! Bow and arrow are often associated with a love arrow. Can also stand for archery. Symbolic meaning: point to an event or hit the target.
🎣️ Fishing Rod With Fish
Fishing for compliments or “I have other fish to fry!“ A popular recreational sport that means relaxation for many people.
🤿️ Diving mask
“I love skin-diving” or “We booked our diving holiday!” Basic equipment for snorkelers and diving enthusiasts to discover the fascinating and colorful underwater world. Popular activity on vacation.
🥊️ Boxing glove
“You better not upset me” or “We're watching the boxing match”. The padded glove is used for protection during boxing and various martial arts. Can relate to the new hobby. Wham, a tricky task has been mastered!
🥋️ Martial arts suit
Training is up tonight! The traditional clothing consists of a jacket, trousers and a belt. People wear the tracksuit in martial arts such as judo or karate. Symbolic for martial arts.
🎽️ Running shirt with sash
Someone is participating in the marathon, jogging regularly or needs a new running shirt. At a competition or a running event the runners can be identified based on the color or the number on the sash.
🛹️ Skateboard
Let's go to the skate park! The skateboard is a board with two axles and four wheels. Not so much a means of transportation, but a hobby, sport and distinct culture. “Asphalt surfing“ was born in the 60s in California.
🛼️ Roller skates
Hurry up! Leisure activity, competitive sport and a way to move forward quickly. The 80s cult still inspires children and adults today. Balance, perseverance and skill are required.
🛷️ Sleigh
Fancy sledging? Coasting or sledging is a wintry mode of transport and a popular activity in the snow. A great pleasure for young and old people. Linked with childhood and Christmas.
⛸️ Skate
We’re going skating! The skid under the shoe allows you to glide on ice surfaces. Be it figure skating, hockey or skating in a hall or on the frozen lake. A popular activity in the colder season. The emoji indicates balance, skill and self-restraint.
🥌️ Curling stone
We have tickets for the Winter Olympics! A winter sport played on ice. Two teams compete against each other, the team with the highest total score wins. Wiping the ice influences the curling stone's direction.
🎿️ Ski And Ski Boots
Winter sports are very popular. This emoji can refer to a person who skis. Or to a place where people can go skiing. Maybe you still have to buy some equipment or lend it locally.
⛷️ Skier
Let's go on a skiing holiday! Since the 1950s, alpine skiing has become a leisure sport. The Alps are a popular destination. A lift transports the skiers to the slopes.
🏂️ Snowboarder
The person is sliding over the snow standing on a snowboard. In 1900, the predecessor of today's snowboard was invented by an Austrian. Symbol for winter: whether vacation, sports, activities or mountains.
🪂️ Parachute
We're going skydiving or “You make me feel secure!“ In spite of the great height, you land safely back on earth with a parachute. Stands for adrenaline, a thirst for adventure and freedom.
🏋️ Weightlifter
Are we going to work out a little at the gym tomorrow? Athletic sports serve to build up physical strength and muscles. Either for competitions or to toughen the body. Symbol for the gym, a fitness lifestyle and sports nutrition.
🤼️ Wrestler
Do you want to wrestle with me? Wrestling is a full-body martial art. Olympic discipline, part of the military close combat training. Wrestling with someone else or with a problem.
🤸️ Person is doing a cartwheel
Laterally executed rollover on a line or the balance beam. Acrobatic gymnastics and one of the techniques in artistic gymnastics. Someone recently started to go to gymnastics or is currently very silly, happy and frolicsome.
⛹️ Person Dribbling Ball
I'm doing sports now! Female person dribbling a basketball. Emoji is a symbol for sport and activity. Can be the invitation to a game.
🤺️ Fencer
Fight for something or rush one’s fences. Person in fencing clothes with mask and weapon. Martial arts, settling a duel. En garde! Beware, your opponent is striking a fighting position. Illustrates revenge, retribution and signalizes dispute and tough demands.
🤾️ Handball
Two teams try to throw the ball into the opponent's goal. The counterpart to football is a well-known and popular team sport. Stands for stamina, speed and coordination.
🏌️ Person playing golf
Do you have time to play golf? Golfer at the tee. A ball should be played from the tee into the hole with as few hits as possible. Traditional ball sport. Formerly being the sport of the rich and powerful, golf has long turned into a mass sport.
🏇️ Horse Race
A jockey is riding a horse. Professional riders must complete a three-year training. Horse racing is one of the oldest sports. Can be used in conjunction with a competition, e.g., who will be home quicker.
🧘️ Person in the lotus position
Similar to the cross-legged seat, but in the lotus position the feet are lying on the thighs. Classical sitting posture of the yogi and sitting position in meditation. Represents inner balance, even temper, flexibility, calmness and strength.
🏄️ Surfer
Surfing the perfect wave or the Internet. On a special board you let yourself be carried over the water by the impetus of a wave. Surfing is a popular water sport. Sun, sea, Hawaii and a very specific way of life.
🏊️ Swimmer
Swimming is suitable for everyone regardless of age and condition. The person can swim in the swimming pool, a lake or in the sea. Let's go for a swim!
🤽️ Water polo player
Go get your bathing suit! In the ball game in water, players of two teams try to throw the ball into the opponent's goal. Professional sport, Olympic discipline or activity in the swimming pool.
🚣️ Rowing boat
We are all in the same boat! Leisure activity, professional or amateur sport, family excursion or a romantic date. Rowing the boat works best on calm waters.
🧗️ Person is climbing
You climbed to the summit, the goal has been reached. The person is secured and climbing on a mountain face. Popular leisure activity and full-body sport. Requires physical strength, coordination and courage.
🚵️ Mountain biker
Let's take a tour of the mountains! With a mountain bike, a type of off-road bike, you can discover trails off the paved roads. Stands for sports activities and excursions in the nature.
🚴️ Bicyclist
Fancy a bike tour? Means of transport, leisure activity or sporting activity. Cycling is a popular way of avoiding traffic jams, losing some weight or going on a tour.
🏆️ Cup
A shiny cup, usually with an engraving. A symbol of success and recognition of the performance of an individual or a team. We won!
🥇️ First Place Medal
I won! The winner of a competition is awarded the gold medal. In the figurative sense, can also refer to a person who considers himself/herself a winner.
🥈️ Second Place Medal
We are second! The silver medal stands for the second place in competitions, the so-called first loser. In sports traditionally the first three places are called winners.
🥉️ Third Place Medal
We got bronze! The bronze medal is the award for the third place (mostly) in an athletic competition. The medal is hanging on a ribbon and is worn around the neck during the award.
🏅️ Sport Medal
The other side of the coin. Who will win the most medals? The award is given at many important sports events, e.g. the Olympic Games.
🎖️ Military medal
You deserve a medal for that! The ribbon with medallion is a medal for military success and merit. Serves as a reminder of personal achievements and abilities.
🏵️ Rosette
Outstanding! Flower decoration in the form of a blossom. Belongs to the decorative culture of European and Indian art. Today rosettes are still used as a military award for particularly good achievements.
🎗️ Reminder Ribbon
Symbol of solidarity. As a sign of the (politically independent) support of military personnel or to draw attention to the disease endometriosis.
🪡️ Sewing needle
Can you mend my shirt, please? The threaded needle is used for sewing or manual work. Clothing needs to be mended, a dress needs to be tailored, or fabrics need to be sewn together. Or the wound has been stitched up by a doctor.
🪢️ Knot
The knot has been untied! A knot can symbolize a connection but also the solving of a difficult task. Someone is in a confusing situation or feels support and a strong connection.
🎫️ Ticket
We got the tickets! Emoji points to an event. This could be a stage performance, a sports event, a movie night or a festival. The tickets have already been bought or still need to be procured.
🎟️ Admission tickets
I've got two tickets for the football match! “Admit one“ grants a person entrance. Among others, these tickets are required for events, the cinema, the swimming pool or for a joyride.
🎪️ Big top
Let the show begin! Circular big top with flag. A circus is usually a group of performers who entertain the audience with various artistic performances, such as acrobatics or magic. Emoji is often used as an invitation to the circus or to draw attention to the silly behavior of a person.
🤹️ Juggler
Bread and circuses! An artist who performs feats by throwing things in the air and catching them. Jugglers are dexterous, playful and focused. They master multitasking and are ready to take risks.
🎭️ Performing Arts
Would you like to go to the theater with me? The two masks have their origin in the tragicomedy of the ancient Greek theater. One face smiles, the other one frowns. Represents the drama of the story, the good and the bad character, the hero of the story and his opponent.
🪄️ Magic wand
“I'll do the job with ease” or “Something magical will happen!” A wand is an element of supernatural powers. Stands for illusions, magic, fantasy, and for positive as well as negative influence on others.
🩰️ Ballet shoes
“Tomorrow is my performance” or “She looks like a prima ballerina!” Hair in a bun, body with tutu and ballet shoes. Related to dance, girlishness, grace and perfectionism.
🎨️ Painter's palette
It's time to get creative! When painting, the artist uses a palette to mix colors. Refers to art, painting itself, creativity or a new hobby.
🎬️ Clapperboard
“And action!“, “Let's start again“ or “That's it, it's a wrap!“ The clapperboard is used in shooting to match sound and image later when cutting the material. Serves as a symbol for cinema or shooting.
🎤️ Microphone
“We're going to the karaoke bar“ or “The concert was amazing!“ Emoji is associated with speaking or singing in front of several people, for example at events. May also indicate a person's talkativeness or the craving for recognition.
🎧️ Headphones
Speakers instead of sneakers. Represents a certain lifestyle, e.g. hipsters like to wear huge headphones. Can generally be used for music: is currently listening to a great album or podcast.
🎼️ Full score
We’re rehearsing with the orchestra! Represents music, a symphony, a concert or classical music. The written music combination contains all the information for musicians to play the composition.
🎹️ Keyboard
An electronic keyboard instrument that is neither a piano nor a grand piano. Often used by solo or other entertainers because of the auto accompaniment. Is also associated with control or manipulation of other people's emotions.
🪗️ Accordion
I love shanties! Versatile instrument for different styles of music. The accordion made it into the Guinness Book of Records: The largest in the world weighs 200 kg, is almost 2.50 m high and 1.90 m long.
🥁️ Drum
Rataplan! It's going to be exciting, an announcement or an event is imminent. Refers to the instrument or music in general. Someone plays the drums well or there is live music in a bar.
🪘️ Barrel drum
Rhythm is it! One of the oldest musical instruments in the world. Is played by hitting your hands on it. Widely used in dance music. The origins can be found in Africa.
🎷️ Saxophone
Do you want to go to the jazz club? The musical instrument with a smooth tone is made of brass. The saxophone has a long tradition in the wind ensemble, in classical music, but also in Rock'n'Roll, for instance. As a symbol, it is often associated with intellectual capabilities, communication skills and news, but also with a warning.
🎺️ Trumpet
I need your attention! Someone is musical and even plays an instrument himself or likes music. Trumpets are also known from folk music, the wind ensemble or parades. Formerly, the musical instrument made of tin was reserved for kings and heavenly legions, such as angels with trumpets.
🎸️ Guitar
The musical instrument is displayed as either acoustic or electric guitar. Represents music, concerts and festivals. The guitar has been around for 5000 years by now.
🪕️ Banjo
I love country music! Musical instrument with four to eight strings, a long neck and a hollow, round body. Originally of West African origin.
🎻️ Violin
String the bows to one's violin, “He fiddles with money“ or “She is as fit as a fiddle.“ Can also stand for the string instrument itself or classical music.
🎲️ Dice
The die is cast. Dice are used in many board games and in the casino. Luck or destiny will decide on how the hexagonal die will fall.
♟️ Chess piece
That was a clever (chess) move, “checkmate“, or “treat someone like a chess piece“. Strategic board game for two people with 16 pieces each in light and dark color. Symbol of intelligence and power, but also the fight between good and evil.
👾️ Alien Monster
Let's play something! The monster smiley is known from Arcade and computer games. Is also often interpreted as an alien.
🎯️ Direct Hit
Smash hit! “You got it to the point” or “I agree with you”. A blue arrow right in the dartboard's bullseye. Is also used to indicate a dart game.
🎳️ Ninepins
Shall we go bowling? Sport and popular pastime with friends or family. Something went well, a challenge was mastered successfully and you hit a strike.
🎮️ Game console
Let's play! Invitation to friends to play together. A new video game is on the market and you will be busy in the near future. Be it fantasy or adventure game or car racing: console games are a popular pastime.
🎰️ One-armed bandit
We are going to Vegas! The slot machine is operated with a lever, that is, one arm, and, like a bandit, takes away your money. The number 7 is considered a lucky number. If the same symbol appears in each display, the machine spits out the winnings.
🪅️ Piñata
We’re celebrating children's birthday! Papier mâché figure filled with candy or toys. Children beat the piñata blindfolded till it breaks open. Common in Central America at Christmas and children's birthdays and in Spain at Easter.
🪆️ Matryoshka
I have many layers! Five to seven wooden dolls of different sizes that are nested one inside the other. As a warning: Be careful, he has many faces! Popular children's toy and symbol of Russia.
🧩️ Puzzle piece
It is tricky, “How does this all fit together?“ or “You are the missing piece“. Be it a game or a leisure activity: The puzzle pieces are reassembled into a complete picture. Can be an expression of confusion or mystery. Trains the senses of sight and touch as well as logical but also abstract thinking.