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Emoji Live Meaning Unicode
Soccer ball Emoji - U+26BD Soccer Ball
I want to play soccer or “The game is starting!“ The black-and-white ball is mostly used in conjunction with European soccer.
Orange ball emoji - U+1F3C0 🏀 Basketball
Let's shoot some hoops! Two teams are trying to shoot the ball into the opponent's basket. There is a World Cup every four years. Professional players are among the highest salaried professional athletes.
Baseball Whatsapp – U+26BE Baseball
I would like to watch a baseball game! The white ball with the red stitching is typical for the ball game. National sport in the US as well as in Latin American and East Asian countries. Symbol for USA and sports in general.
Black billiard ball emoji Whatsapp - U+1F3B1 🎱 Billiards
The black billiard ball with the number 8 may only be potted when all other balls are already gone. Represents the only remaining one (last man standing), a difficult situation, a risk-taking player. Fatal motive: With this emoji, the opposite effect is meant to be achieved.
Bow and arrow emoji - U+1F3F9 🏹 Bow And Arrow
Cupid is aiming at you! Bow and arrow are often associated with a love arrow. Can also stand for archery. Symbolic meaning: point to an event or hit the target.
Rod with fish - U+1F3A3 🎣 Fishing Rod With Fish
Fishing for compliments or “I have other fish to fry!“ A popular recreational sport that means relaxation for many people.
Ski ski boots emoji - U+1F3BF 🎿 Ski And Ski Boots
Winter sports are very popular. This emoji can refer to a person who skis. Or to a place where people can go skiing. Maybe you still have to buy some equipment or lend it locally.
Skier emoji - U+26F7 Skier
Let's go on a skiing holiday! Since the 1950s, alpine skiing has become a leisure sport. The Alps are a popular destination. A lift transports the skiers to the slopes.
Person with ball Emoji - U+26F9 Person Dribbling Ball
I'm doing sports now! Female person dribbling a basketball. Emoji is a symbol for sport and activity. Can be the invitation to a game.
Horse race emoji - U+1F3C7 🏇 Horse Race
A jockey is riding a horse. Professional riders must complete a three-year training. Horse racing is one of the oldest sports. Can be used in conjunction with a competition, e.g., who will be home quicker.
Swimmer Whatsapp - U+1F3CA 🏊 Swimmer
Swimming is suitable for everyone regardless of age and condition. The person can swim in the swimming pool, a lake or in the sea. Let's go for a swim!
Cup emoji - U+1F3C6 🏆 Cup
A shiny cup, usually with an engraving. A symbol of success and recognition of the performance of an individual or a team. We won!
First place medal - U+1F947 🥇 First Place Medal
I won! The winner of a competition is awarded the gold medal. In the figurative sense, can also refer to a person who considers himself/herself a winner.
Second place medal emoji - U+1F948 🥈 Second Place Medal
We are second! The silver medal stands for the second place in competitions, the so-called first loser. In sports traditionally the first three places are called winners.
Third place medal - U+1F949 🥉 Third Place Medal
We got bronze! The bronze medal is the award for the third place (mostly) in an athletic competition. The medal is hanging on a ribbon and is worn around the neck during the award.
Medal emoji - U+1F3C5 🏅 Sport Medal
The other side of the coin. Who will win the most medals? The award is given at many important sports events, e.g. the Olympic Games.
Yellow ribbon smiley Whatsapp - U+1F397 🎗 Reminder Ribbon
Symbol of solidarity. As a sign of the (politically independent) support of military personnel or to draw attention to the disease endometriosis.
Performing arts Emoji - U+1F3AD 🎭 Performing Arts
Would you like to go to the theater with me? The two masks have their origin in the tragicomedy of the ancient Greek theater. One face smiles, the other one frowns. Represents the drama of the story, the good and the bad character, the hero of the story and his opponent.
Headphones emoji - U+1F3A7 🎧 Headphones
Speakers instead of sneakers. Represents a certain lifestyle, e.g. hipsters like to wear huge headphones. Can generally be used for music: is currently listening to a great album or podcast.
Guitar emoji - U+1F3B8 🎸 Guitar
The musical instrument is displayed as either acoustic or electric guitar. Represents music, concerts and festivals. The guitar has been around for 5000 years by now.
Violin Whatsapp - U+1F3BB 🎻 Violin
String the bows to one's violin, “He fiddles with money“ or “She is as fit as a fiddle.“ Can also stand for the string instrument itself or classical music.
Dice emoji - U+1F3B2 🎲 Dice
The die is cast. Dice are used in many board games and in the casino. Luck or destiny will decide on how the hexagonal die will fall.
Monster smiley Whatsapp - U+1F47E 👾 Alien Monster
Let's play something! The monster smiley is known from Arcade and computer games. Is also often interpreted as an alien.
Direct hit Emoji - U+1F3AF 🎯 Direct Hit
Smash hit! “You got it to the point” or “I agree with you”. A blue arrow right in the dartboard's bullseye. Is also used to indicate a dart game.