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Emoji Meaning Unicode
Green apple Whatsapp U+1F34F 🍏 Green Apple
Logo of one of the most well-known companies. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.“ Represents health and is the Germans' favorite fruit. The green apple is also a symbol of friendship.
Red apple smiley Whatsapp U+1F34E 🍎 Red Apple
Of symbolic importance: stands for love, temptation, the fall of mankind and the expulsion from paradise. In Latin, apple means “bad, fatal, evil“. Snow White is poisoned by the queen with a red apple. Is also used in its direct meaning or for a healthy lifestyle.
Pear smiley Whatsapp U+1F350 🍐 Pear
The healthy pear is one of the most popular fruits. The shape of the pear reminds us of the female figure and was the eponym for the pear case. It is popularly associated with being blessed with children.
Tangerines emoji Whatsapp U+1F34A 🍊 Tangerine
Tangerines sweeten the winter time. The popular citrus fruit has its own holiday on January 4th. Reminds us of the sun and symbolizes the Chinese New Year as well as abundance and happiness.
Yellow banana emoji U+1F34C 🍌 Banana
Someone goes bananas or has a banana problem. For many cultures, the banana is a delicacy and part of a healthy diet. Can also be a sign for fertility or a phallic symbol.
Watermelon smiley U+1F349 🍉 Watermelon
The juicy fruit stands for hot summer days, stone spitting contests, healthy eating and holidays. The emoticon of the watermelon promises bliss of love. It is also said to have a positive effect on potency.
Grapes Emoji U+1F347 🍇 Grapes
The grapes are hanging too high, wishes are unattainable or goals unreachable. The grape is traditionally interpreted as a sign of good health. Christian symbol and raw material for wine.
Strawberries symbol Whatsapp U+1F353 🍓 Strawberry
Something or someone is extremely sweet! The strawberry stands for sunny days and summer holidays. (Together with champagne, flowers and chocolate) symbol of sensuality as well as romance and wonderful hours for a couple.
Melon Emoji U+1F348 🍈 Melon
The juicy melon is considered a symbol for eroticism and lucky love. Can also be interpreted as a bad omen.
Cherries emoji U+1F352 🍒 Cherries
She is always cherry-picking. You are the cherry on the cake! The summer fruit can also stand for love because of the heart shape. People often see it as a symbol of full lips and the kiss. Cherries are also known as the forbidden fruit. In Japan, they are a symbol for self-discovery.
Peach Emoji U+1F351 🍑 Peach
Soft skin, juicy and sweet pulp, aromatic smell: the peach is considered a seductive fruit. Due to the characteristic shape, the most commonly used emoji for the female butt.
Mango emoji U+1F96D 🥭 Mango
I love Indian food! Ripe fruit of a tropical mango. The exotic fruit is sweet, juicy, delicious and is seen as one of the superfoods. In Indian legends the food of the gods.
Pineapple Emoji U+1F34D 🍍 Pineapple
Queen of fruits. Cultivated as a fruit plant in the tropics near the equator. The juicy and sweet pineapple stands for joie de vivre and enjoyment. “Pineapple face“ is an unfriendly way of describing someone with many scars or pimples in the face.
Coconut emoji U+1F965 🥥 Coconut
We are drinking Piña Colada! The coconut is the fruit of the palm tree. It triggers dreams of holidays and is a symbol of tropical beaches and idyllic islands. The coconut is healthy and considered one of the new superfoods.
Avocado Whatsapp U+1F951 🥑 Avocado
Is either hated or loved because of the special taste. You eat healthy or vegan. Stands for a special lifestyle; super-food is totally hip.
Broccoli whatsapp U+1F966 🥦 Broccoli
Childhood trauma, healthy lifestyle or vegan diet. Related to the cauliflower, it contains few calories and valuable ingredients. Green, healthy but not very popular.
Salad emoji U+1F96C 🥬 Leafy vegetables
I eat healthy food or “Today I am going to cook an Asian dish“. Be it diet, vegetarian nutrition or side dish with a steak. With this type of vegetables you eat both stem and leaf. Can be used for salad, chard, spinach, or Chinese cabbage.
Tomato Smiley Whatsapp U+1F345 🍅 Tomato
I like BLT sandwiches (bacon, lettuce and tomato)! or “I drink tomato juice - in Bloody Mary!“ In earlier times, the audience threw rotten tomatoes at actors whom they did not like. Often connected with Italy and Italian cuisine. The tomato is a love symbol. It can be understood as a subtle message of a secret new love.
Eggplant emoji U+1F346 🍆 Eggplant
The eggplant is associated with the male sex. It is one of the sex symbols. Is hated and loved on Instagram #freetheeggplant.
Carrot emoji U+1F955 🥕 Carrot
The carrot stands for healthy food. Can also be used in connection with rabbits or vegetarians. Due to its form, belongs to the phallic symbols of the food category.
Red pepper emoji U+1F336 🌶 Red Pepper
The red hot pepper has its origin in Mexico. In restaurants often stands for the heat of a dish. A person or a new trend is “hot“ and “sexy“.
Corn Smiley U+1F33D 🌽 Corncobs
As a side dish on the grill or as popcorn when going to the cinema. Corn originally comes from Mexico and is a staple food in many countries. Can be related to cooking or a healthy diet.
Sweet potato smiley Whatsapp U+1F360 🍠 Roasted Sweet Potato
The Japanese love to eat it in cold seasons (also known as Yakiimo). Similar to pumpkins over here.
Bagel U+1F96F 🥯 Bagel
I am having an American breakfast today! Palm-sized round yeast pastry with a hole in the middle. Bagels were brought to the United States by Jewish immigrants and are now considered typical American. The topping is either sweet or spicy.
Pretzel emoji U+1F968 🥨 Pretzel
Let's go to Munich, to the Oktoberfest! Symmetrically entangled pretzels, dredged with salt. Emblem of the bakery trade, Bavarian veal sausage breakfast or New Year's pretzel. The pretzel is a German cultural asset with a long tradition.
Chunk of cheese Whatsapp U+1F9C0 🧀 Chunk Of Cheese
I love cheese or “Hard cheese!“ Can also be used for dairy products in general. “Cheese“: Standard command of the photographer for everyone to smile on the picture.
Fried egg emoji U+1F373 🍳 Fried Egg in Frying Pan
A fried egg is sizzling in the pan. This emoji is a symbol for cooking. I'm cooking something!
Steak smiley U+1F969 🥩 Piece of meat
We're having a barbecue or “Meat is my vegetables“! On average, men eat twice as much meat as women and twice the amount that is healthy. “One man's meat is another man's poison” or “That's meat and potatoes!”
Slice of pizza U+1F355 🍕 Slice Of Pizza
Pizza salami is the most popular pizza in Germany. Many people associate it with a cozy evening with friends. Or to fight a hangover after an evening of convivial drinking.
Sandwich smiley U+1F96A 🥪 Sandwich
Fancy a snack? Two or more (toasted) slices of bread topped with cold meat, cheese, salad and mayonnaise. Classically without the crust and cut in triangles. A quick meal, a sandwich, for a picnic or the occasional hunger while out and about. Sandwich method (wrapping negative things in a praise) or the sandwich child.
Paella Whatsapp U+1F958 🥘 Flat pan with food
I am going on vacation to Spain! The traditional national dish paella is prepared in a metal pan: saffron rice, vegetables and meat or fish. Can be used for a dinner with friends or cooking in general.
Can whatsapp U+1F96B 🥫 Can
Today we only have canned food or “I'll take some canned food with me to go camping“. The can contains food that has been preserved by heating up, such as fruits, vegetables or soups.
Spaghetti Emoji U+1F35D 🍝 Spaghetti
I love pasta! Spaghetti with tomato sauce is an Italian classic. Very popular with young and old. It shows the own preference for noodles and stands for Italy.
Steaming bowl emoji U+1F35C 🍜 Steaming Bowl
Japanese dish with ramen noodles. Traditionally served with chopsticks. The steaming bowl can also represent a warm, cooked meal such as soup.
Pink spiral emoji Whatsapp U+1F365 🍥 Fish Cake With Swirl Design
Japanese fish burger “Narutomaki” with pink spiral pattern. For example, as a topping in ramen noodle soup. Emoji is also known as a synonym of the “@” sign.
Fortune cookie emoji U+1F960 🥠 Fortune cookie
Belief is able to move mountains! Aphorism or prophecy: The fortune cookie is known from Chinese restaurants in the US or Europe. You cannot read the banner within the sweet pastry before you break the biscuit open. Stands for Far Eastern philosophy.
Pastry U+1F96E 🥮 Moon cake
The Chinese moon cake is traditionally eaten in autumn during the Moon Festival (Mid-Autumn Festival). The small sweet or spicy cakes are given away to relatives. Are said to be the precursors of fortune cookies. Symbol of autumn and harvest.
Spieß mit Essen Whatsapp U+1F362 🍢 Oden
Typical Japanese winter dish. Oden consists of several ingredients, such as boiled egg, potatoes, seafood and tofu. Served as a stew or on a skewer to dip in sauce. Often used in connection with Japan.
Scoop lolly Whatsapp U+1F361 🍡 Dango
Dangos are steamed dumplings made of rice flour and water. Often they are served on a spit. In this variant, the balls are colored with red beans, egg yolk, and matcha.
Sundae Emoji U+1F368 🍨 Ice cream
Let's go get some ice cream! One or more scoops of ice cream in a cup, often garnished with sprinkles, fruits, wafer rolls, chocolate sauce and cream. Symbol of summer and popular refreshment on hot days.
Cake emoji U+1F967 🥧 Pie
I love cake or “American Pie is my favorite movie“! Ingredients stewed under a cover of dough, savory or sweet. Crispy outside, juicy inside: Pies are popular in the English and American areas.
Sushi Whatsapp U+1F363 🍣 Sushi
Sushi is a Japanese dish. Boiled vinegar rice is rolled up with raw fish and vegetables and served in bite-sized pieces. In addition to soy sauce, it is usually served with wasabi and pickled ginger.
Prawn Whatsapp U+1F364 🍤 Fried Prawn
The prawn fritter (ebi furai) is a popular food in Japan. Appears in connection with a holiday in Asia, a visit to a Japanese restaurant, or with small male genitals.
Rice balls symbol Whatsapp U+1F359 🍙 Rice Ball
“I've ordered Japanese food” or “I'm hungry!” Rice balls with edible seaweed leaves. Like rice crackers, they are part of the most popular Japanese food.
Cooked rice smiley U+1F35A 🍚 Cooked Rice
Traditionally, cooked rice is said to have a magic power. Means that better living conditions are waiting for you or that you will be served a delicious rice dish.
Rice cracker seaweed leaf emoji U+1F358 🍘 Rice Cracker
Let's go to an Asian restaurant! Rice cracker with an edible seaweed leaf. Is a very popular snack in Japan.
Piece of cake Whatsapp U+1F370 🍰 Piece Of Cake
Shortcake is a typical American dessert. The tea cake is traditionally made with strawberries in summer. Can be used for invitations, e.g. for coffee and cake, or to express the desire for something sweet.
Cupcake emoji U+1F9C1 🧁 Cupcake
A case for the calorie police! As sweet as sugar and beautiful to look at. The small decorated mini tarts are usually made of batter with a topping, such as mousse or cream and sugar pearls. American pet name.
Birthday cake Whatsapp U+1F382 🎂 Birthday Cake
Traditionally, the cake with the burning candles is a birthday cake. The birthday child blows out the candles and wishes for something. Generally for celebrations and congratulations.
Lollipop U+1F36D 🍭 Lollipop
You're so sweet! or “I want candy!“ The lollipop conveys fun and reminds us of our childhood. Also used to conciliate a person or in a sexual context. Popular emoji of food bloggers.
Candy U+1F36C 🍬 Candy
You are so sweet! Symbol of childishness and cuteness. The bonbon (from the French “bon”, good) is a candy made of sugar for sucking. Also used as a synonym for an encore or a reward. Are given to children on Halloween.
Popcorn smiley Whatsapp U+1F37F 🍿 Popcorn
I'll get the popcorn! You are preparing for verbal slander and mud-wrestling, you expect to enjoy reading a thread, or a special event is awaited with anticipation. The popcorn emoji can be used to invite someone to the cinema or to a cozy evening in front of the TV.
Doughnut emoji U+1F369 🍩 Doughnut
You crave for something sweet! Policemen are constantly eating doughnuts in American movies, and they are also known to be Homer Simpson's favorite food. Because of its shape, there could also be a sexual meaning behind it.
Stuffed pasta Whatsapp U+1F95F 🥟 Stuffed Pasta
General term for a dish, with different fillings. Depending on the country, the stuffed pasta has different names: Dumpling (China), Empanada (Spain), Gyoza (Japan), Jiaozi (Korea), or Pierogi (Poland).
Cookie emoji Whatsapp U+1F36A 🍪 Cookie
Cookies! Not only the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street loves them. With their National Cookie Day in December, Americans even have a holiday for the sweet pastries. “That's the way the cookie crumbles!“
Baby bottle emoji U+1F37C 🍼 Baby Bottle
I have to feed the baby. Generally refers to babies and feeding. Can also be used disparagingly, if someone behaves childishly or immaturely.
Cup of coffee emoji U+2615 ☕ Hot Beverage
Used as coffee or tea emoji. Can be used for any type of hot drink. Someone urgently needs a coffee to wake up or wants to read a book while having an unhurried cup of tea.
Cup of tea U+1F375 🍵 Teacup without handle
Matcha is my favourite tea! Cup with green tea. Green tea differs from other teas in its preparation, ingredients, effects and taste. Stands for tea ceremonies in Japan, healthy nutrition (trend drink) and the preference for tea.
Beverage straw U+1F964 🥤 Cup with straw
I'm drinking a shake! Soft-drinks are served in fast-food restaurants in disposable drinking cups with lids and flexible straws.
Sake bottle and cup emoji U+1F376 🍶 Sake Jar And Cup
Ceramic sake jar with small bowl, in which Sake is served. The wine made of fermented rice is a popular alcoholic drink in Japan. Is drunk hot or cold. Represents Japan itself as well as the culture and the cuisine.
Beer mug Whatsapp U+1F37A 🍺 Beer Mug
Fancy a glass of beer? Let's go to the Oktoberfest! According to the German Purity Law, only hops, malt, water and yeast may be used for brewing. Due to the variety, it would take anyone 13 years to try a different German beer every day.
Beer mugs emoji U+1F37B 🍻 Beer Mugs
Two beer mugs, which are clinked. An old tradition: You raise your mugs and drink to each other's health and a digestible beer. You have something to celebrate or you enjoy drinking together during an evening with friends.
Champagne glasses Whatsapp U+1F942 🥂 Champagne Glasses
Congratulations or “Happy New Year“. There is an occasion to toast or celebrate. The symbol is often found on invitations for birthdays, New Year's Eve or weddings.
Wine glass emoji U+1F377 🍷 Wine Glass
Wine and dine! This is new wine in old bottles. Goes well with many occasions when drinking alcohol: parties, birthdays, restaurant visits or simply a cozy evening with friends.
Whiskey glass emoji U+1F943 🥃 Drinking Glass
Straight glass with a thick bottom: The typical glass form for drinking and tasting whiskey and rum. We've got something to celebrate! You want to go to a bar with friends.
Cocktail glass emoji U+1F378 🍸 Cocktail Glass
From the glasses with the conical shape you usually drink martini or cocktails. “Shaken, not stirred!“ is how James Bond mostly enjoys his favorite drink.
Champagne bottle Whatsapp U+1F37E 🍾 Bottle With Popping Corks
Let the corks pop! Symbol for celebrations of all kinds, such as birthday, wedding or New Year's Eve. Can also be used for a personal success, such as an achieved aim or a passed exam.
Cutlery Whatsapp U+1F374 🍴 Fork and knife
I'm hungry! Forks and knives are the most commonly used utensils in Western cultures for eating food. A symbol for restaurants and an indication that there is something to eat in this place.
Table setting Emoji U+1F37D 🍽‍️ Fork and knife with plate
Tonight we're going out for a fancy dinner! The covering of plates, cutlery and glasses always follows a certain order. The higher the ambience, the more consistent the implementation. Emoji is related to serving the food, whether at home or in the restaurant or waiting for the dish.
Bowl emoji U+1F963 🥣 Bowl with spoon
There is no milk for breakfast or it is cold and you want a hot soup! A bowl or dish with a spoon and no special content. It's about foods that are eaten from a bowl, such as cereals, rice pudding or noodle soup.
Take-away box U+1F961 🥡 Fast food box
I'll fetch something from the Chinese snack stand! If you order Asian food to take away, you often get it in a folded cardboard box with handle for an easy transport.
Chopsticks emoji U+1F962 🥢 Chopsticks
Represents a holiday in Southeast Asia or a taste for Asian food. The use of chopsticks requires coordination and some practice. Eating utensils used in pairs by East Asians.
Salt shaker emoji U+1F9C2 🧂 Salt
“The soup needs a pinch of salt!” or “The Salt of the Earth”. Rub salt into someone's wounds. Without salt, humans would not survive. Spice, preservative agent and very precious in the Middle Ages (white gold).