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Emoji Live Meaning Unicode
Red apple smiley Whatsapp - U+1F34E 🍎 Red Apple
The red apple is viewed as a symbol of love. Due to its ball shape, can also mean engagement or infinity.
Pear smiley Whatsapp - U+1F350 🍐 Pear
The pear reminds us of the female figure. Is often sexually linked to having a lot of children.
Tangerines emoji Whatsapp - U+1F34A 🍊 Tangerine
Oranges and tangerines are an erotic symbol for the joy of life. Emoji stands for fertility and liveliness.
Yellow banana emoji - U+1F34C 🍌 Banana
For many cultures, the banana is a delicacy and part of a healthy diet. Can also be a sign for fertility or a phallic symbol.
Watermelon smiley - U+1F349 🍉 Watermelon
The emoticon of the watermelon promises bliss of love. It is also said to have a positive effect on potency.
Grapes Emoji - U+1F347 🍇 Grapes
The grape is traditionally interpreted as a sign of good health. In addition, it stands for a tender get-together and announces an oncoming love story.
Strawberries symbol Whatsapp - U+1F353 🍓 Strawberry
Strawberries are a symbol of sensuality and sexual pleasure. Might imply willingness to marry and partner search.
Melon Emoji - U+1F348 🍈 Melon
The juicy melon is considered a symbol for eroticism and lucky love. Can also be interpreted as a bad omen.
Cherries emoji - U+1F352 🍒 Cherries
Cherries are also known as the forbidden fruit. In Japan, they are a symbol for self-discovery.
Peach Emoji - U+1F351 🍑 Peach
Eroticism is in the air! The sweet peach stands for the perfected affection and is usually a sexual symbol. Often represents a woman's butt.
Pineapple Emoji - U+1F34D 🍍 Pineapple
The sweet pineapple is a symbol of cordiality and hospitality. It is meant to express joy in life and self-awareness. On Caribbean islands, pineapples are often found at front doors.
Tomato Smiley Whatsapp - U+1F345 🍅 Tomato
The tomato is a love symbol. It can be understood as a subtle message of a secret new love.
Eggplant emoji - U+1F346 🍆 Eggplant
The eggplant is associated with the male sex. It is one of the sex symbols. Is hated and loved on Instagram #freetheeggplant.
Sweet potato smiley Whatsapp- U+1F360 🍠 Roasted Sweet Potato
The Japanese love to eat it in cold seasons (also known as Yakiimo). Similar to pumpkins over here.
Pink spiral emoji Whatsapp - U+1F365 🍥 Fish Cake With Swirl Design
Japanese fish burger “Narutomaki” with pink spiral pattern. For example, as a topping in ramen noodle soup. Emoji is also known as a synonym of the “@” sign.
Rice balls symbol Whatsapp - U+1F359 🍙 Rice Ball
Rice balls with edible seaweed leaves. Like rice crackers, they are part of the most popular Japanese food.
Cooked rice smiley - U+1F35A 🍚 Cooked Rice
Traditionally, cooked rice is said to have a magic power. Means that better living conditions are waiting for you.
Rice cracker seaweed leaf emoji - U+1F358 🍘 Rice Cracker
Let's go to an Asian restaurant! Rice cracker with an edible seaweed leaf. Is a very popular snack in Japan.
Lollipop - U+1F36D 🍭 Lollipop
“You're so sweet!” or “I want candy!” The lollipop conveys fun and reminds us of our childhood. Also used to consiliate a person.
Popcorn smiley Whatsapp - U+1F37F 🍿 Popcorn
The popcorn emoji can be used to invite someone to the cinema or to a cozy evening in front of the TV.
Sake bottle and cup emoji - U+1F376 🍶 Sake Jar And Cup
Ceramic sake jar with small bowl, in which the rice wine is served. Wine made of rice is a popular alcoholic drink in Japan.