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Smileys Live Meaning Unicode
Smiley is in a good temper Whatsapp - U+1F600 😀 Happy emoji with a wide grin. Chat partner is in a very good temper and laughing cheerfully. U+1F600
Smiley laughs with open mouth - U+1F603 😃 Typical smiley face with open mouth and oval eyes. Is in a positive mood, shows its teeth and laughs cheerfully. U+1F603
Laughing Whatsapp emoji narrows to eyes - U+1F604 😄 Smiley's mouth is wide open, its eyes squeezed shut with joy. Laughs loudly, cheerfully and heartily. U+1F604
Whatsapp Emoticon has closed eyes and laughs - U+1F606 😆 Emoji is on the verge of a fit of laughter. Only the typical emoji eyes distinguish it from the classical smiley face. U+1F606
Smiley winking with one eye - U+1F609 😉 Smiley blinks mischievously with one eye. Expression of humor, has been pulling a practical joke or is flirting with you. U+1F609
Smiley is delighted with red cheeks - U+1F60A 😊 Is very happy and grinning. Also a little embarrassed and has red cheeks. The eyes are laughing, showing its joy. U+1F60A
Slight smile emoji Whatsapp - U+1F642 🙂 Emoji is at one with the world and at the same time a little happy. Has a slight smile on its face. U+1F642
Smiley narrows his eyes while smiling - U+263A Smiley is squinting its eyes. The eyebrows are pitched, while it shows a somewhat mischievous and timid grin. U+263A
Blushing Whatsapp Smiley face - U+1F633 😳 Face shows the inner tension, could also be flushing with embarrassment. Eyes are wide open. Is bashful, or in an awkward or surprising situation. U+1F633
Grinning Whatsapp Smiley showing teeth - U+1F601 😁 Smiley is showing its teeth while grinning, eyes are smiling awkwardly. Is very happy at the moment or a little embarrassed. U+1F601
Smiley grimaces, joking - U+1F62C 😬 Chat partner is jocular. Is hilariously fooling around, pulling funny faces. U+1F62C
Emoji laughs smugly - U+1F60F 😏 Complacently grinning smiley. Caution is recommended. Someone might be having something cunning up his sleeve. U+1F60F
Smiley face is upside-down - U+1F643 🙃 Smiley is topsy-turvy, horsing around and clowning about. The emoji also has a funny and sarcastic meaning. U+1F643
Smiley with heart eyes Whatsapp - U+1F60D 😍 Chat partner is aglow with happiness and can only see hearts. Doesn't really know what to do with his joy. Is in love or slobbering over someone. U+1F60D
Smiley is shocked - U+1F627 😧 Emoji with raised eyebrows is shocked and disappointed. Something unexpected has happened, which causes unpleasant agony. U+1F627
Smiley face with crossed eyes - U+1F635 😵 Smiley with crossed eyes is totally dazed. Is confused and so dizzy it doesn't know which side is up. About to faint. U+1F635
Surprised Smiley face with an open mouth - U+1F632 😲 The mouth is open and the eyes are crossed. Emoji is surprised to an extremely high degree, would not have expected this. U+1F632
Whatsapp Smiley frowns - U+1F626 😦 Emoji's mouth is open with horror. It is frowning. Was caught red-handed. Feels totally taken by surprise. U+1F626
Sick Smiley with protective mask - U+1F637 😷 Smiley wants to protect itself from something with the surgical mask. Is in the hospital or an emergency has happened. U+1F637
Whatsapp Smiley is frozen in fear - U+1F631 😱 Horror-stricken face with two hands, screaming. Is scared stiff, feeling nothing but fear and panic. U+1F631
Smiley is scared Whatsapp- U+1F628 😨 Scared smiley is frightened and stunned. Seems to be deeply shocked by a serious event. U+1F628
Smiley crying heavily - U+1F62D 😭 Emoji is both very sad and distraught, or is dying of laughter. Tears are pouring out of the eyes like a waterfall. U+1F62D
Shocked smiley with drop of sweat - U+1F630 😰 Smiley with a blue forehead is shocked and worried. Cold sweat is dripping from the forehead and the mouth is open, dumbfounded. U+1F630
Emoji drooping eyebrows Whatsapp - U+1F622 😢 Smiley with drooping eyebrows is sad and crying. A tear drop is running down the cheek. A picture of misery. U+1F622
Disappointed smiley Whatsapp - U+1F625 😥 Is relieved that something is over, but also disappointed. Has experienced a stressful situation with an unpleasant outcome, for example, a test. U+1F625
Cold sweat on forehead emoji - U+1F613 😓 Smiley with cold sweat on the forehead and downturned corners of the mouth. Something was a close call, but it narrowly escaped disaster. U+1F613
Emoji with open mouth - U+1F605 😅 A situation has been positively mastered. Cold sweat is running down, the mouth is open. Smiley is relieved, laughing mischievously and impishly. U+1F605
Shedding tears smiley Whatsapp - U+1F602 😂 Is so happy that it is shedding tears of joy. Has a fit of laughter and can hardly contain itself. U+1F602
Tired smiley Whatsapp - U+1F62A 😪 Emoji is dead tired and would love to sleep now. The bubble emerging from the nose is a typical manga symbol for a sleeping character. U+1F62A
Kiss emoji Whatsapp - U+1F618 😘 Smiley sends you a loving kiss that comes from the heart. Might want to thank you for something with the kiss. U+1F618
Smiley prepared kiss - U+1F617 😗 Emoji brings its lips forward, eyes are wide open. Looks completely innocent and shy and is prepared to kiss. U+1F617
Smiley anticipates kiss Whatsapp - U+1F619 😙 Smiley is very happy and expectant. Anticipates a kiss, the eyes smiling full of hope. U+1F619
Closed eyes kiss smiley - U+1F61A 😚 Smiley’s cheeks are blushing in anticipation. The eyes are closed when kissing. Is loving and affectionate. U+1F61A
Emoji without mouth Whatsapp - U+1F636 😶 Emoji without a mouth. Is speechless, has no words. Someone does not want to or cannot say anything about a specific topic. U+1F636
Perplexed emoji Whatsapp - U+1F62E 😮 Perplexed smiley is looking completely puzzled. Is quite amazed, the open mouth expresses total surprise. U+1F62E
Lifting eyes emoji - U+1F644 🙄 Smiley is lifting up its eyes. Finds the current situation boring or annoying. Will disregard the message. U+1F644
Hand to chin smiley - U+1F914 🤔 Smiley is looking up, holding its hand to the chin. Is questioning a statement, mulling over something or thinking about a brilliant idea. U+1F914
No feelings smiley Whatsapp - U+1F611 😑 Face without any emotional expression. Smiley shows no feelings, is completely frozen or just neutral. U+1F611
Smiley with zipped mouth - U+1F910 🤐 Smiley with zipper instead of a mouth is keeping a secret for itself. Lips are closed or chat partner's lips should remain closed. U+1F910
Thermometer emoji Whatsapp - U+1F912 🤒 Smiley with red cheeks has a thermometer in its mouth. Feels sick (cold) or could be in the hospital. U+1F912
Good night smiley Whatsapp - U+1F634 😴 Good night and sweet dreams! Smiley is dead tired and would love to go to sleep or has already nodded off. U+1F634
Smiley does the food taste good - U+1F60B 😋 Bon appetit! Smiley is licking the corner of its mouth with its tongue. Is eating something extremely delicious. U+1F60B
Smiley winking with one eye - U+1F61C 😜 Smiley boldly sticks out the tongue, winking with one eye. Has made a joke or wants to flirt with the chat partner. U+1F61C
Smiley stretched tongue - U+1F61B 😛 Emoji has heard enough. Is somewhat moody and miffed now and sticks out its tongue at its counterpart. U+1F61B
Face pinches both eyes with tongue - U+1F61D 😝 Face is screwing its eyes up with mischievous glee. Even boldly sticks out the tongue. U+1F61D
Smiley with dollar signs in the eyes - U+1F911 🤑 Smiley has dollar signs in its eyes, the tongue is a banknote. Could have won something or is sensing a financial chance. U+1F911
Nerd Smiley with glasses - U+1F913 🤓 Sympathetic emoji with nerd glasses and big hare teeth is smiling kindly. Represents a typical nerd. U+1F913
Emoji with sunglasses - U+1F60E 😎 I'm the king of the world! Mr. Cool Smiley with sunglasses. Is totally self-assured and relaxed. Everything is absolutely easy and cool. U+1F60E
Smiley with hands before his face - U+1F917 🤗 Smiley with red cheeks is stretching out its hands toward you. Wants to hug you. It's an open and cordial gesture. U+1F917
Smiley with halo - U+1F607 😇 Smiley has a halo on its head and smiles. Would like to express its (possibly pretended) innocence. U+1F607
Smiley is speechless - U+1F62F 😯 Emoji with raised eyebrows is totally speechless and horrified. Nothing can be added to what has just been said. U+1F62F
Emoji is puzzled - U+1F615 😕 Smiley with one downturned corner of the mouth does not agree with something. Is disappointed, had imagined this in a different way. U+1F615
Worried Whatsapp Smiley - U+1F61F 😟 Smiley with raised eyebrows and downward pointing corners of the mouth. Is worried, totally horrified, and speechless. U+1F61F
Neutral Smiley face - U+1F610 😐 Emoji shows an expression without any emotions. A neutral look without prejudice. Neither positive nor negative image. U+1F610
Disappointed Smiley Whatsapp - U+1F61E 😞 Face is directed downwards. Smiley is very sad and frustrated and gives a disappointed impression. U+1F61E
Pensive Smiley Whatsapp - U+1F614 😔 A pensive expression on the face. Emoji looks downwards and needs time to think. U+1F614
Smiley is relieved Whatsapp - U+1F60C 😌 Everything went well! Relieved smiley face. Is happy that something unpleasant is over without having caused any harm. U+1F60C
Smiley ist not excited - U+1F612 😒 Slightly annoyed smiley face is less than enthusiastic about something. Doesn't feel happy at all about it and wants to show this. U+1F612
Smiley suffers Whatsapp - U+1F623 😣 Emoji is struggling and suffering. However, has to endure the situation and will have worked it through some day. U+1F623
Emoji is dismayed Whatsapp - U+1F616 😖 How on earth could that happen? Smiley is extremely dismayed and bewildered. Is very frustrated and could do nothing but cry. U+1F616
Smiley ist tired Whatsapp - U+1F62B 😫 Overtired emoji with narrowed eyes and open mouth. Is very exhausted and worn out. Needs some rest now. U+1F62B
Smiley is listless Whatsapp - U+1F629 😩 Leave me alone! Reluctant smiley with raised eyebrows and mouth downturned. Is totally sluggish and listless. U+1F629
Triumphant Emoji Whatsapp - U+1F624 😤 White steam clouds are coming out of the smiley's nose. Is snorting with rage or triumphing over someone else. U+1F624
Pouting Smiley face - U+1F621 😡 Beware, danger of explosion! Furious emoji face. Is annoyed and already sulking with a deep-red face. U+1F621
Angry Smiley  Whatsapp - U+1F620 😠 Smiley is upset, angry, and totally furious. You had better keep out of the person's way. U+1F620
Slobbering smiley Whatsapp - U+1F924 🤤 Slobbering face, the saliva flowing from the corner of the mouth. Wants something so much that it cannot concentrate on any other thing out of sheer anticipation. U+1F924
Boundlessly laughing smiley - U+1F923 🤣 This is funny! A smiley face, rolling on the floor, laughing. The face is laughing boundlessly. U+1F923
Long nose emoji - U+1F925 🤥 Pinocchio smiley with very long nose. Told a lie or says the chat partner is lying. That's why the nose is getting longer and longer. U+1F925
Cowboy smiley Whatsapp - U+1F920 🤠 Howdy! Typical American smiley with cowboy hat from the Wild West. Stands for freedom, nature, and hard work. U+1F920
Disgusted emoji Whatsapp - U+1F922 🤢 Disgusted smiley, which is already green with sickness and nausea. Might mean reluctance and aversion. U+1F922
Clown emoji Whatsapp - U+1F921 🤡 Made-up clown face from the circus world. Stands for fun and entertainment, but can also trigger fears in certain people. U+1F921
Shit smiley Whatsapp - U+1F4A9 💩 Crap, oh no! Such a Sh**! A laughing pile of feces, symbol for excrements. Could describe a situation or criticize a statement of the chat partner. U+1F4A9
Devil smiley Whatsapp - U+1F47F 👿 Violet devil with horns is not jesting. Looks grim with raised eyebrows. You should be particularly careful. U+1F47F
Goblin emoji Whatsapp - U+1F608 😈 Mischievously grinning goblin smiley with small devil horns. He's a real teaser, planning something ugly just now. U+1F608
Red Tengu symbol Whatsapp - U+1F47A 👺 The Tengu is an evil and magical being from Japan. Has supernatural powers and brings forth disaster. U+1F47A
Red Oni smiley - U+1F479 👹 The Oni represents a demon and spirit of hell in Japanese mythology. An ugly figure with horns, chasing evil souls. U+1F479
Ghost Whatsapp Emoji - U+1F47B 👻 A mischievous smiley spirit sticks out the tongue and tries to frighten you. But it is too cute to do any serious damage. U+1F47B
Alien emoji Whatsapp - U+1F47D 👽 The aliens are here! Symbol for an extraterrestrial being. However, smiles friendly and comes in peace. U+1F47D
Laughing cat smiley Whatsapp - U+1F63A 😺 Laughing cat with open mouth. Means fun and smirking. The cattiness might stand for femininity. U+1F63A
Funny cat face emoji - U+1F638 😸 Cat face, which is on its toes. The eyes are smiling, it’s grinning and very satisfied. The chat partner can have fun with this cat. U+1F638
Daringly laughing cat smiley - U+1F63C 😼 Cat is laughing daringly with boldly raised corners of the mouth. Might fancy a flirt. However, you had better be cautious. U+1F63C
Kiss cat emoji Whatsapp - U+1F63D 😽 Cat with red cheeks and eyes closed. Its lips are pointed and it wants to kiss you. U+1F63D
Hearts eyes cat smiley - U+1F63B 😻 Overjoyed, laughing cat face with hearts on the eyes. Is very much in love or very grateful for a friendly service. U+1F63B
Horrified cat emoji Whatsapp - U+1F640 🙀 Cat is horrified, holding its paws next to the mouth, which is open with terror. Only shows the white of the eyes and needs a break right now. U+1F640
Profile view cat Whatsapp - U+1F63E 😾 Profile view of a cat face. The corners of the mouth and the whiskers are pointing downwards. Is in a bad mood and has turned away angrily. U+1F63E
Crying cat smiley Whatsapp - U+1F63F 😿 Cat face with downturned eyebrows and corners of the mouth. A tear runs down the cheek, is sad and has to cry. U+1F63F
Tears of joy cat emoji - U+1F639 😹 Cat emoji with clenched eyes and open mouth. Is enthusiastic and helpless with laughter. Has tears of joy in the eyes. U+1F639
Thumb up smiley - U+1F44D 👍 Hand with thumb turned up. Stands for commitment, everything is okay! Beware: In Arab countries, this is interpreted as showing the two fingers. U+1F44D
Thumb down smiley - U+1F44E 👎 Thumb turned down stands for rejection. Also known as the false death myth meaning with Roman gladiators. U+1F44E
Stretched-out fist Whatsapp - U+1F44A 👊 The stretched-out fist means "Check!" – an encouragement. Can also be interpreted as a threatening punch. U+1F44A
Forefinger emoji Whatsapp - U+261D The raised forefinger stands for a threat: Beware! Could also be a gesture of instruction. U+261D
Victory smiley Whatsapp - U+270C Victory hand sign stands for victory or peace. In Great Britain, can be seen in an insulting way as a woman with spread-out legs. U+270C
No problem symbol Whatsapp - U+1F44C 👌 Thumb and forefinger touch one another, forming a circle. Symbol for "Okay, no problem!", "Everything is OK!", or "I like it!". U+1F44C
Waving hand smiley - U+1F44B 👋 Hello and goodbye! A friendly waving hand. Can be used as a welcome or farewell. U+1F44B
Mano cornuta emoji - U+1F918 🤘 Little finger and forefinger are forming horns. Can have many meanings, such as unfaithfulness, superstition, metal horns, or devil's salutation. Holy gesture in Buddhism. U+1F918
Middle finger emoji Whatsapp - U+1F595 🖕 In western culture, the middle finger smiley is used as a rude and offensive gesture. U+1F595
Two opened hands smiley - U+1F450 👐 The two opened hands are stretched toward the counterpart. Represents affection and openness. U+1F450
Two hands stretched upwards emoji - U+1F64C 🙌 Hands are stretched upwards to celebrate. Is having a party, dancing wildly and friskily. Is in a good mood or having a lot of fun. U+1F64C
Prayer hands smiley Whatsapp - U+1F64F 🙏 Two hands pressed together, with a golden halo. Is currently very introverted, saying a prayer, or hoping for enlightenment. U+1F64F
Spock emoji Whatsapp - U+1F596 🖖 A hand sign based on sacred Jewish letters. The gesture has become known by the series "Star Trek" and Mr. Spock. U+1F596
Right hand writing smiley - U+270D Right hand writing with a pen. Could mean: I'll get in touch and will write you a message. U+270D
Mouth red lips emoji Whatsapp - U+1F444 👄 A slightly opened mouth and red, full lips have a strong, attractive signaling effect on both sexes. U+1F444
Stretched-out tongue Whatsapp - U+1F445 👅 The stretched-out tongue can be used to reinforce a joke. I am on the ball and ready for jokes! U+1F445
Two eyes smiley - U+1F440 👀 Beware, someone is watching you! Two eyes are looking to the left. Someone is keeping an eye on you, you're under observation! U+1F440
Bowing person emoji - U+1F647 🙇 A person who is bowing to you. Is grateful because of something and deeply bows to you. Can also be an offering of reverence. U+1F647
Woman crossed arms Whatsapp - U+1F645 🙅 Stop this immediately! Woman with crossed arms. Defensive posture. Shows that something is wrong and disruptive. U+1F645
Woman hands above head smiley - U+1F646 🙆 Everything is okay! Woman with hands above her head. Wants to tell you that everything is fine. There's no problem. U+1F646
Information desk emoji - U+1F481 💁 How can I assist? Service-oriented, friendly emoticon, for example for employees of an information desk. U+1F481
Person lifts hand smiley - U+1F64B 🙋 Person is cheerful and lifts a hand. Wants to say: I have a question or an answer. U+1F64B
Man and woman holding hands Whatsapp - U+1F46B 👫 Couple in love is standing side by side. Man and woman are holding hands, beaming happily. U+1F46B
Couple in love emoji - U+1F491 💑 A couple in love (man and woman) next to each other. Both are happy and laughing. The heart represents love. U+1F491
Man and woman kiss smiley - U+1F48F 💏 Man and woman with closed eyes and lips pointed to kiss. They would love to kiss now. The pink heart stands for love. U+1F48F
Sensual lip print emoji Whatsapp - U+1F48B 💋 Red sensual lip print. Would like to give you a kiss, thereby leaving an imprint of the lipstick. U+1F48B
Red high heels smiley - U+1F460 👠 Attention, here comes a vamp! Men are sexually attracted by red high heels. Wants to go out and experience something exciting. U+1F460
Top hat smiley Whatsapp - U+1F3A9 🎩 In Great Britain, the top hat is worn on traditional occasions like a wedding. Also known from Monopoly. U+1F3A9