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You'll find all current smileys and people emojis in Whatsapp and Facebook as well as a description of their meaning. Have fun with diving into the colorful world of emojis!

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😀️ Grinning Face
The grinning face 😀 expresses joy, happiness and satisfaction and is a very common and popular emoji in digital communication. It is often used to simply say hello, to express joy or excitement about something, or to break up a short text. Happiness and good mood are other associations associated with this emoji. In chats, the grinning face can be used to convey positive feelings or a friendly atmosphere. Finally, the 😀 emoji also symbolizes humor and is used to refer to something funny or amusing.
😃️ Smiling Face With Open Mouth
The grinning face and big eyes emoji 😃 symbolizes positive vibes, happy laughter and enthusiasm. It is often used as a cheerful greeting of boundless joy. In conversation, this emoji is used to refer to happy moments, funny situations, or exciting events. Big eyes emphasize the intensity of emotion associated with this emoji. It can also be sent to express a feeling of approval or support, focusing on the positive energy and enthusiasm it conveys.
😄️ Smiling Face With Open Mouth And Smiling Eyes
A smiling face with laughing eyes 😄 represents loud, boisterous and hearty laughter, with the typical laughing emoji eyes that distinguish a real smile from a fake one. It is often used to indicate humorous situations, funny jokes, or moments of joy. In chats, the emoji can also be sent along with sarcasm or ironic remarks to emphasize the humorous side of a message. Happiness and good humor are important associations. Ultimately, it conveys an atmosphere of well-being and cheerfulness that is transmitted to others.
😁️ Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes
A beaming face and laughing eyes 😁. This emoji shows a mischievous grin that represents lightheartedness and exuberance. It is often used to show that you are happy about an event, excited, or just a little embarrassed. In conversation, this emoji can be used to express positive feelings and enthusiasm, whether about personal achievements or joyful expectations. Joking and cheerfulness are other meanings associated with this emoji. Finally, it symbolizes the ability to not take yourself too seriously and to make others smile.
😆️ Smiling Face With Open Mouth And Closed Eyes
I can't stop laughing! Triggered by incredibly funny or ridiculous situations, the grinning and contorted face emoji 😆 expresses the feeling of being on the verge of a fit of laughter. It is often used to express gleeful or mocking laughter at an event or something that has happened to another person. In text communication, this emoji corresponds to “XD“ and “><“ as text-based emoticons. Within chats, it is used to indicate humorous situations or jokes where laughter becomes uncontrollable. Ultimately, the emoji conveys that you can laugh at the absurdities of life while sharing a common sense of humor with others.
🥹️ Face Holding Back Tears
The 🥹 emoji, which shows a slightly smiling face with tears in its eyes, can express various emotions such as gratitude, emotion, or pride. At the same time, anger or rage can also be the reason why tears can hardly be held back. It is often used to express strong feelings in communication, and the emotional interpretation depends on the context. In conversation, this emoji can be used to convey empathy and compassion, especially when discussing emotional topics. It is also used to express our deep feelings in an authentic and touching way, emphasizing the human side of our communication.
😅️ Smiling Face With Open Mouth & Cold Sweat
A grinning face with drops of sweat is represented by the 😅 emoji. This is used to express relief that a tricky situation has been successfully handled or just gone well, such as an important meeting. It is also sometimes used to express nervousness or tension about upcoming difficult events. In conversation, this emoji conveys that you can handle stressful situations with humor and composure. It shows how to maintain optimism and cheerfulness during difficult times and how to share these positive feelings with others.
😂️ Face With Tears of Joy
The 😂 emoji, which represents a laughing face with tears of joy, expresses that you can barely hold yourself on the chair with laughter. It symbolizes a situation where something is so incredibly funny that you are in tears and in a fit of laughter. Often used to highlight funny or amusing moments where you can barely hold yourself up with laughter. Interestingly, this emoji is one of the most popular and was even chosen as the word of the year in 2015. The 😂 emoji illustrates how laughter and humor bring us together in communication and let us experience joy and happiness together.
🤣️ Rolling On The Floor, Laughing
That's funny! Expressions of pure hilarity are conveyed by the 🤣 emoji, which represents a person rolling on the floor with laughter. It symbolizes that something is so incredibly funny that you can barely contain your laughter. This emoji is the visual variation of the acronym “ROFL“, which stands for “rolling on the floor laughing“. It is often used to express moments of great joy and amusement when you are literally rolling on the floor laughing. Additionally, it expresses the ability to laugh with others at humorous situations and share those memorable moments.
🥲️ Smiling face with tear
The 🥲 emoji stands for smiling through the tough times and symbolizes trying to stay positive even in difficult moments. You are smiling through the pain instead of being truly happy. It shows the ability to hide true feelings behind a smile when dealing with problems or difficult times in life. This emoji is often used to express sympathy and understanding for the personal struggles of others. It reminds us that we are all human and sometimes use a smile as a shield to hide our true feelings.
☺️ Smiling Face
I am as merry as a lark! A classic, satisfied smile is represented by the ☺ emoji and symbolizes pure happiness and contentment. Sometimes interpreted as a shy grin, it can be a response to a nice compliment or a pleasant event. It is often used to express happiness and joy, especially in situations where words are not enough. This emoji can be used to convey positive feelings in a friendly and charming way. It is sure to make the recipient's heart beat faster and put a smile on their face.
😊️ Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes
With a shy, embarrassed smile, the 😊 emoji radiates happiness, contentment, peace of mind, and gratitude. The bright eyes and red cheeks that characterize this emoji symbolize joy and warmth. In particular, the red cheeks represent a feeling of embarrassment that often accompanies a compliment or happy surprise. It is often used to convey positive feelings and to make communication friendly and warm. In text form, the 😊 emoji can be represented by ^^. Use it to bring a smile to your conversation partner's face and convey a feeling of affection and goodwill.
😇️ Smiling Face With Halo
A heavenly smile is shown by the 😇 halo emoji, which symbolizes innocence and goodness. People use it to express their good deeds, loving behavior or exemplary attitude. Sometimes this emoji is used humorously to show a winking innocence for less good deeds or behaviors. It conveys kindness and goodwill and adds a playful touch to communication. You can use it to add charm and lightness to your messages or to round out a humorous comment.
🙂️ Slightly Smiling Face
This slightly smiling emoji expresses a pleasant contentment and inner peace. It is used to make a statement seem friendlier, even if it is not necessarily meant that way. In some cases, a slight smile can even have a sarcastic undertone, especially when a smile seems inappropriate for the situation. In such situations, it can be used in a humorous way to suggest a wink or an ironic remark. It is ideal for adding a soft, positive touch to text messages or to make the recipient smile.
🙃️ Upside-Down Face
I'm not serious! The inverted smiling face 🙃 indicates that you are not serious or have a humorous undertone. It is suitable for ambiguous statements, ironic remarks or joking comments. Also, it can be used to express silliness or in response to a joke. In conversations, it emphasizes the playful nature of a message and helps clarify potential misunderstandings about the tone of the message. Additionally, the emoji emphasizes lightness and cheerfulness, even when the topic is serious. Finally, it is a creative way to create a relaxed atmosphere in text messages.
😉️ Winking Face
A winking 😉 emoji indicates someone is being mischievous or humorous. It shows that someone is joking, flirting, or has a hidden agenda. This emoji is a friendly way to defuse a message and indicate that it should be taken with a grain of salt. It can also be used to share confidential or playful information and create a pleasant atmosphere. In some contexts, the wink even has a teasing or flirtatious meaning, which is especially appealing in romantic or friendly conversations. It also helps break the ice and keep a conversation going.
😌️ Relieved Face
Everything went well! The relieved face 😌 radiates a calming atmosphere. It is a gentle smile that signals that an unpleasant situation has been successfully handled. Worries and fears can now be put aside as the person feels relaxed and resolved. This emoji can be used to express gratitude or relief when a difficult situation has turned out well. It also conveys a sense of satisfaction and letting go of stress or tension, which creates a pleasant mood.
😍️ Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes
A smile of love is shown by the 😍 emoji, which beams with happiness with its heart-shaped eyes. It conveys intense love and affection for a person, place or even an object. This emoji is often used in romantic messages to express love, gratitude, and admiration. It can also be used to convey enthusiasm for a cause or event. The heart-shaped eyes symbolize overwhelming feelings of happiness and a strong connection.
🥰️ Smiling face with smiling eyes and three hearts
This adorable 🥰 emoji represents a smiling face surrounded by hearts, embodying infatuation and romance. It's perfect for expressing affection, love and romantic affairs of the heart while floating on cloud nine. Deep connection and loving feelings can be conveyed to the person you are talking to through this emoji. It can also be used to express appreciation for special moments or heartfelt gestures. All in all, this emoji is a wonderful way to express your love and affection in digital communication.
😘️ Face Throwing a Kiss
The kiss emoji 😘 is an expression of affection. It conveys friendly or romantic sympathy and is often used to express tenderness or as a flirtatious signal. The kissing emoji can also be used to express gratitude or to soften a sarcastic response. It is also an appropriate response to rude messages to lighten the situation. This emoji is a charming way to share feelings and emotions, and convey closeness and connection even when you are physically separated. Use it to give your loved ones a little smile and show them you care.
😗️ Kissing Face
A neutral kiss face 😗 emoji that represents an affectionate gesture toward friends or family members. It is used as a friendly expression to say “thank you“, “hello“, or “goodbye“. The open eyes and neutral expression signal that this is not an intimate kiss, but a warm, general gesture. In addition, this emoji can also represent the expression of a whistle or a “duck face,“ which is often used when taking pictures. In some contexts, it has a playful or ironic meaning. Use it to send kisses in a friendly way or to emphasize humorous situations.
😙️ Kissing Face With Smiling Eyes
With smiling eyes and kissing lips, the 😙 emoji radiates a relaxed and happy mood. It symbolizes a loving gesture and is ideal for sending a kiss to friends or family, such as “We hug and kiss you“. The emoji conveys a harmonious atmosphere and can be used in humorous or playful contexts. For example, it can be used to represent whistling in a situation where you are pretending to be relaxed. It is versatile and adds a friendly and warm character to your messages. With this emoji, you'll bring positive energy to your conversation and express your affection.
😚️ Kissing Face With Closed Eyes
With closed eyes and rosy cheeks, the 😚 emoji conveys affection and warmth. Red cheeks are an important feature because they can express shyness, emotion, or embarrassment. In many cultures, red cheeks are a sign of affection or emotional warmth. Often the 😚 emoji is used to express gratitude or appreciation for advice or a favor, but also to send affectionate kisses to close friends, family members, or a secret crush. The combination of closed eyes and rosy cheeks gives this emoji a special tenderness, making it ideal for situations where you want to show your feelings in a charming and heartfelt way.
😋️ Face Savouring Delicious Food
Bon appetit! Licking your lips with pleasure, the 😋 emoji shows an expression of satisfaction, hunger or joy over delicious food. It is shown beaming with joy when you have cooked something particularly tasty or when your plate is empty. It is also often used in conjunction with a humorous message or when joking, as it shows a playful grimace with the tongue sticking out. Similarly, when flirting, it is used for a thoughtful and ambiguous digression. The 😋 emoji is perfect for expressing culinary enthusiasm and enjoyment of food, or simply to convey a fun and relaxed mood.
😛️ Face With Stuck-Out Tongue
You make fun of others: I knew you'd screw up. The 😛 emoji grins cheekily with its tongue stuck out to playfully create a humorous mood or soften an ironic remark. It helps avoid misunderstandings by showing that the other person should not take the message too seriously. It is also used to make fun of someone or to comment on a situation in a joking way. Equally, it can be used to lighten up jokes, wisecracks, and playful banter among friends and to maintain a lighthearted and casual tone in conversation.
😝️ Face With Stuck-Out Tongue & Tightly Closed Eyes
Users can use the 😝 emoji, which is a winking face with its tongue stuck out, to playfully express their feelings by making fun of, getting angry at, or jokingly insulting someone. This emoji is often used for provocative messages, crude or black humor, and gloating. Its mischievous appearance makes it an ideal choice for creating a joking atmosphere and making what is being said more humorous and less serious. Furthermore, it is great for expressing gloating or responding to criticism or unpleasant situations with humor. All in all, the 😝 emoji is a versatile symbol for creating a cheerful mood in various contexts and promoting friendly communication between people.
😜️ Face With Stuck-Out Tongue & Winking Eye
The 😜 emoji, characterized by a winking eye and stuck out tongue, conveys a cheeky and playful attitude that is ideal for humorous or ironic messages. The wink suggests a certain playfulness or flirtatiousness, making it perfect for situations where people are teasing or charming each other. It conveys that the sender is not serious and that the message is meant with a wink. Therefore, it is ideal for casual and informal communication where lightness and fun are in the foreground. The 😜 emoji can be used in many contexts to add a light and cheerful touch to a conversation and avoid misunderstandings. Also, the combination of tongue and wink shows that the person is open-minded and ready for a joke.
🤪️ Crazy Face
This 🤪 emoji shows a face that looks almost crazy with laughter. Big, wide eyes and an outstretched tongue symbolize that something is very funny or strange. The expression conveys a mood of exuberant happiness and crazy enthusiasm. In situations where you feel carefree and completely silly, this emoji is ideal for expressing those very feelings. It's especially good for responding to funny stories or witty comments, showing that you share the humor or can't hold back. Sometimes it's also used to allude to naughty or cheeky jokes, adding to the mischievous side of the chat.
🤨️ Face With a Raised Eyebrow
A raised-eyebrow 🤨 emoji gives a questioning and skeptical look. It can be used to express skepticism, disbelief, or disapproval, and its expression is similar to the signature facial expressions of comedian Stephen Colbert and actor/wrestler Dwayne “The Rock“ Johnson. The neutral mouth and furrowed eyebrows allow for a variety of emotions such as concern, anger, suspicion, and disapproval. This emoji is great for situations where you want to question a statement or action, take a critical stance, or make someone think in a humorous way.
🧐️ Face With Monocle
With its monocle, the 🧐 emoji represents a face that was considered a status symbol in the 19th century. It shows furrowed eyebrows and a slightly raised head, as if examining something closely. Used to indicate that something seems suspicious to you, or that you are making a skeptical or ironic observation. In this way, it encourages close examination and promotes critical thinking. At the same time, it can also convey a certain sophistication or smug intelligence, as if you're acting like a “smartass“. Great for casting a wary eye around, this emoji is a fancier version of the brooding smiley face.
🤓️ Nerd Face
Nerd emoji 🤓 is a face with big glasses, an awkward smile and buck teeth. It's often used in a humorous or ironic way to describe nerds or to express how smart you are. It represents the stereotype of the nerd, an intelligent but oddly dressed person with social deficits. Although this emoji is often used by people who pejoratively refer to themselves as nerds, in some cases the combination of nerd glasses and buck teeth can also evoke anti-Asian stereotypes. The fact that the default color is yellow reinforces this problematic representation. Some platforms have revised the nerd emoji over time to remove the buck teeth, possibly in recognition of the potential harm this representation can cause.
😎️ Face With Sunglasses
I'm the king of the world! Smart and casual, this 😎 emoji features a face with a wide, closed smile and black sunglasses. It expresses coolness and confidence and is used to convey a carefree, relaxed attitude or to express that something is excellent. If you are confident in yourself, have done something particularly well and are proud of it, this emoji is an appropriate choice. It is also a symbol of sunshine, summer vacations, and beach vacations. It can be used in situations where you feel a sense of superiority or serenity. In some cases, the emoji even conveys a bit of irony or fun in your own coolness. All in all, it's versatile and helps convey positive emotions and attitudes in communication.
🥸️ Disguised face
With funny glasses, fake eyebrows, a bulbous nose and a glued-on mustache, the 🥸 emoji shows a disguised face. This emoji is used to indicate that someone wants to hide their identity or intentions. It can also express a desire to get to the bottom of something without being recognized. Additionally, it is a symbol of carnival, where people dress up and take on different roles. The characteristics of this disguised face come from the “Groucho mask“ or “Groucho glasses“, designed in reference to the caricature of Julius Henry Marx in the Marx Brothers films. These humorous films were very popular in the 1930s and 1940s, and the mask has been a staple of novelty stores since the 1940s.
🤩️ Smirking Face With Starry Eyes
Overwhelmed with excitement, the 🤩 emoji shows a face with a wide, open smile and stars for eyes, as if seeing a loved one. The color of the stars varies by platform, but is often gold or red. This emoji indicates that someone or something is amazing, fascinating, impressive, or exciting. It is used to express anticipation or excitement about an upcoming event or meeting. Similarly, it can symbolize fascination with the world of celebrity and fame. Finally, it can represent the speechless admiration one feels when meeting a person one likes very much.
🥳️ Face with party blower and party hat
“That was a wild party“ or “There's something to celebrate“. For pure party vibes, try the 🥳 emoji: a face in a party hat blowing a horn as confetti flies around its head. It symbolizes the joy of exuberant celebrations and happy occasions like New Year's Eve, birthdays, or World Emoji Day. This emoji expresses that there is something to celebrate or that you have had a wild party. Whatever the occasion, this emoji emphasizes the celebration. It shows that you are ready to enjoy an event to the fullest and look forward to what is to come. Additionally, it can stand for carnival and express the joy of the fifth season.
😏️ Smirking/Whimsical Face
With a sideways glance, raised eyebrows and a half-smile, the 😏 emoji expresses smugness, irony, coolness or playfulness. It is often used to convey flirtation or sexual innuendo, but use it with caution because sometimes someone might be up to something. In many contexts, the emoji has different meanings depending on how it is used. It can represent humorous comments or situations where you are making fun of yourself or another person. But it can also be used to express confidence, embarrassment, or satisfaction.
😒️ Unamused Face
The 😒 emoji is a face with slightly raised eyebrows, a frown, and a sideways look that shows dissatisfaction and displeasure. It is often used to express disinterest or disapproval of a person or situation. Equally, it can be used to communicate that you are not enthusiastic about something and want to share your dissatisfaction. In different contexts, the emoji can convey different negative emotions, such as anger, nervousness, or skepticism. In this case, the sideways look suggests a dismissive attitude and emphasizes the unimpressed mood. Finally, it is also used in funny or ironic situations to express dissatisfaction in a playful way.
😞️ Disappointed Face
This 😞 emoji shows a face with a sad expression, lowered gaze and down-turned corners of the mouth, reflecting disappointment and frustration. It symbolizes feelings of sadness, regret and remorse, and expresses a range of unhappy emotions that can occur in different situations. When someone uses this emoji, they are showing that they have had negative experiences, stressful circumstances, or disappointed expectations. It is also useful for expressing sympathy and understanding for others during difficult times. Using this emoji can help provide emotional support and create a deeper connection.
😔️ Pensive Face
A disappointed face 😔 expresses thoughtfulness and regret while looking down and taking time to think. This emoji represents melancholy, general dissatisfaction and frustration. It conveys various sad emotions such as disappointment, pain or loneliness and is less intense than other sad emoji such as the loudly crying face 😭, making it more thoughtful. This emoji can be used to express unhappiness, missed opportunities, or regret over a decision. It is also used to show compassion and understanding for others' feelings when someone is going through a difficult time or has been disappointed.
😟️ Worried Face
The worried face 😟 reflects tension in the face of a complicated situation or important event. It shows open eyes, raised eyebrows and a wide frown. Conveys anxiety, uncertainty, and discomfort. It is associated with many moderately sad or tense emotions, including worry, fear, panic, disappointment, and dissatisfaction. A good use of this emoji is to express sympathy and understanding for the concerns of others, or to express your own concerns in a discussion. It can also be used to indicate an uncomfortable situation or message that requires special attention.
😕️ Confused Face
A puzzled face 😕 expresses confusion or disagreement. The eyes are open and the forehead is tilted, as if the cheeks are pressed together or the lips are puckered. It signals uncertainty and dissatisfaction with a situation and shows that something else has been imagined. Although it expresses wonder or hesitation, it is also often used to express mild sadness, disappointment, or frustration. It can also be used in moments when one is seeking clarity or reacting to an unexpected turn of events.
🙁️ Slightly frowning face
“I'm sorry to hear that“ or “I'm a little annoyed by what you're saying“. With open eyes and a slightly furrowed brow 🙁 it expresses slight dissatisfaction, concern, disappointment or sadness, but usually less intense than the frown ☹. It can also signal rejection or anger when someone is surprised or frightened. In communication, it can be used to convey empathy or sympathy, or a gentle form of criticism or disappointment. You can use this emoji to convey such feelings without being too negative or hurtful, and it helps keep the conversation atmosphere from becoming too tense.
☹️ Frowning Face
The frowning face ☹ looks sad with the corners of the mouth hanging down and expresses dissatisfaction or discomfort. It looks joyless and unhappy and can show disapproval of things like the weather, small mistakes, or a person's behavior. Compared to the 🙁 emoji, the slightly frowning face, the emotion is more intense because the frown is more pronounced. It is often used to express mild concern, disappointment, or loving sadness, such as missing a loved one. In conversation, it helps to express deeper negative feelings and to promote understanding and empathy between people.
😣️ Suffering Face
With narrowed eyes and a slightly furrowed brow, the 😣 emoji is an expression of helplessness and effort. It conveys the feeling of going through a difficult situation and suffering. After a tiring day, it looks like you want to throw in the towel. However, this emoji also signals that despite the difficulties, you will keep going and eventually overcome the situation. It expresses varying degrees of frustration, sadness, helplessness and perseverance. Facebook's design even includes a bright purple forehead to emphasize the effort. With this emoji, we can communicate to others that we are in a difficult situation, but we are determined to keep going and persevere.
😖 Confounded Face
How on earth could that happen? This emoji 😖 expresses strong emotions such as frustration, anger, and helplessness. The X-shaped, narrowed eyes and pinched mouth give the impression that it is shaking with rage or holding back tears. Makes you wonder, “How did this happen? Can be used to show extreme anger when the proverbial barrel has burst. It represents feeling overwhelmed by emotions such as anger, frustration, disgust, and sadness, as if you are on the verge of defeat. Using this emoji can let others know that we are in an emotionally difficult situation and feeling overwhelmed by strong emotions.
😫️ Tired Face
A tired emoji 😫 with narrowed eyes, a furrowed brow and an open mouth. It represents tiredness, whether it's from lack of sleep, what's going on around us, or a stressful person or situation. We use this emoji to let others know that we are exhausted and desperately need a break. Similarly, it can be used to express extreme weakness and the urgent need for rest. Although it was originally designed for fatigue, it can also be used to express frustration and sadness, as well as excitement and affection, as if you can't believe how great someone or something is.
😩️ Weary Face
Leave me alone! With raised eyebrows and down-turned corners of the mouth, the 😩 emoji shows its dissatisfaction and exhaustion. Suffering from stressful, unpleasant but unavoidable events, it expresses a tearful, angry mood. Representing both mental and physical exhaustion, this emoji conveys a variety of emotions, including frustration, sadness, amusement, and affection. In some cases, it has a playful touch that lightens the expression. It is a common emoji used to express sympathy for others' difficulties or to share your own tiredness and listlessness. At the same time, it can also be used to show a humorous, ironic or exaggerated portrayal of exhaustion.
🥺️ Face with begging eyes
This 🥺 emoji shows a pleading, submissive expression with big, shiny eyes. It is used to ask for something, like money or to borrow a car. Often, the doggy look is the last weapon you need to get what you want when words are not enough. The emoji can also be used to express affection, admiration or emotion through a loving gesture. Forgiveness, compassion and hope are other associations. At its peak, the pleading face was the third most popular emoji on Twitter and was most often found in heart tweets. It is sometimes used in combination with pointing hands to represent a shy or reserved pose (🥺👉👈).
😢️ Crying Face
The 😢 crying face represents a sad expression with a single tear running down the cheek. This smiley expresses a hurt and sad state of mind associated with a particular situation or event. When the memory of a negative event still hurts, this emoji is a good choice. It can express moderate sadness or less intense pain than the crying face 😭. Additionally, it can be used to convey compassion and sympathy in a conversation, especially when someone needs comfort or support. Also, it is used in humorous or ironic situations to express sadness in a lighter way.
😭️ Loudly Crying Face
A face crying violently 😭 symbolizes despair and inconsolability, while the tears flow from the eyes like a waterfall. It represents feelings of sadness, pain, or defeat, and is sometimes used in ironic contexts. For example, when something is so funny that you can hardly stop yourself from laughing, or when someone is making a drama out of an insignificant situation. This emoji is one of the most popular on social media sites like Twitter and expresses some intense emotions like pride, overwhelming joy or even relief. The interpretation of this emoji varies depending on the context and can have both serious and humorous meanings.
😤️ Face With Look of Triumph
White steam clouds are coming out of the smiley's nose. Is snorting contemptuously as a sign of superiority. Is proud and triumphing over someone else.
😠️ Angry Face
Smiley is upset, angry, and totally furious. Reaction to something unfavorable or a sign of rejection. You had better keep out of the person's way.
😡️ Pouting Face
The pouting face expresses displeasure with a person or situation. Beware, danger of explosion! Furious emoji face. Is annoyed and already sulking with a deep-red face.
🤬️ Face With Symbols Over The Mouth
The symbols over the mouth represent cursing. The serious-looking smiley is really upset and keeps using four-letter words. Represents a sudden outburst of fury or frustration.
🤯️ Face With Exploding Head
I cannot believe it. or “That will blow you away.“ Something is very exciting or surprising. The exploding head can also be used to express shock or awe.
😳️ Flushed Face
Person is shocked, in an uncomfortable situation or has made a mistake. Expresses shame; something is very embarrassing. Reacts to a compliment or a flattering message that the person did not want to receive.
🥵️ Overheated face
It is so hot, I will get a heat stroke right away! Bright red head, the tongue is hanging from the mouth and drops of sweat are on the forehead. The hottest place in the world lies in Iran: In 2005, the highest temperature of 70.7 Â°C was measured in the Dasht-e Lut desert.
🥶️ Freezing face
It is so cold, you are about to freeze to death. The smile is almost frozen. Already totally blue in the face from the cold temperature, tortured facial expression. Only a cup of tea, coffee, or the hot tub can help now.
😶‍🌫️ Face in clouds
This is nebulous! The face is surrounded by fog or clouds. Those who have their heads in the clouds are either dreamy or do not want to admit reality. The view of something is blurred. There may also be a state of confusion or bliss.
😱️ Face Screaming in Fear
Horror-stricken face with two hands, screaming. Is scared stiff, feeling nothing but fear and panic. The creepy emoji can also be used ironically or as a symbol for Halloween.
😨️ Fearful Face
Scared smiley is frightened and stunned. Seems to be deeply shocked and surprised by an ominous event or intense experience.
😰️ Face With Open Mouth & Cold Sweat
Smiley with a blue forehead is shocked and worried. Cold sweat is dripping from the forehead and the mouth is open, dumbfounded. Sweating due to physical or mental stress.
😥️ Disappointed but Relieved Face
Is relieved that something is over, but also disappointed. Has experienced a stressful situation with an unpleasant outcome, for example, a test. Has gotten out of a difficult or delicate situation, but not without bumps and bruises.
😓️ Face With Cold Sweat
Stress or worry about a bad experience. Things went different than they should have. The school is stressing or there is still so much to do in the office. You are tired, but still have so much work to do.
🤗️ Hugging Face
Smiley with red cheeks is stretching out its hands toward you. Wants to hug you. It's an open and cordial gesture and an expression of warmth and friendliness.
🤔️ Thinking Face
The thinker's pose: Thoughtful face with the characteristic hand on the chin. Puts a statement, a person's intelligence, or an idea into question. Is mulling over something or thinking about a brilliant idea.
🫣️ Face With Peeking Eye
I just can't look away! Something is quite terrible or unpleasant. Still, you really want to know what's happening. Can also mean don't look at me. I am not happy with the way I look. For example, because I look tired.
🤭️ Face With Hand Over The Mouth
Expresses shock, surprise, or a sudden perception. Typical gesture, which shows that the other person is not telling the truth. Thinks he's being lied to.
🫢️ Face With Open Eyes And Hand Over Mouth
Oh no. The emoji's eyes are wide open. In shock or astonishment, it holds its hand over its mouth. Surprised at a situation or event. It is not clear whether it is something positive or negative.
🤫️ Exhorting Face
Shhh! is meant to silence others. Or someone is confiding a secret that should not be retold. Nicely telling your counterpart to shut up.
🫠️ Melting Face
I'm melting! This smiling face becomes liquid on the underside. It either expresses that it's incredibly hot or that you're feeling uncomfortable right now: I'd like to sink into the ground!
🤥️ Lying Face
As with Pinocchio, the nose becomes longer with each lie, which exposes him as a liar. Symbol of a falsehood, boast, or an unlikely story.
😶️ Face Without Mouth
Emoji without a mouth. Is speechless, has no words. Someone does not want to or cannot say anything about a specific topic. Used in difficult, embarrassing or bad conversations. Imagine what it would say if it had a mouth!
🫥️ Dotted Line Face
The face is colorless and surrounded by dashed lines. Someone feels depressed, distressed, lonely or closed. I am simply not seen! You could give me some attention.
😐️ Neutral Face
Pokerface: Expressionless face with a neutral look. Unimpressed, awkward or indifferent.
🫤️ Face With Diagonal Mouth
I don't know what to make of it! The crooked mouth represents concern, reluctance or disillusionment. It can also reflect annoyance or disappointment. The emotional state is neutral to negative.
😑️ Expressionless Face
Face without any emotional expression, with closed eyes and mouth. Tired, annoyed, emotionless, no patience, the end of the flagpole is reached. The right words are missing to continue a conversation.
😬️ Grimacing Face
This is really embarrassing for me now! Expression of nervousness, awkwardness or embarrassment. Scared and guilty smile: Someone has done something stupid and tries to resolve the tense situation by grimacing.
🙄️ Face With Rolling Eyes
Smiley is rolling its eyes. Finds the current situation or a person boring or annoying. Will disregard the message.
😮️ Face With Open Mouth
Wow, I'm impressed! Perplexed smiley is looking completely puzzled. Is positively or negatively surprised: from mildly astonished to completely steamrolled.
😦️ Frowning Face With Open Mouth
I cannot believe you did that! Expresses horror as well as fear, worry and mistrust. In response to a negative surprise. Got caught red-handed and just feels totally taken by surprise.
😧️ Anguished Face
Something unexpected happened! Face with raised eyebrows, open eyes and open mouth. A mixture of shock and disappointment. Represents fear, frustration, horror and unexpected, negative surprises.
😯️ Speechless Face
Oh my goodness! The unpleasantly surprised face is lost for words due to a shocking affair. In response to bad behavior or a rude message. Nothing can be added to what has just been said.
😲️ Astonished Face
That's incredible, I had no idea! Astonished face with wide open mouth and eyes: overwhelmed with surprise, completely shocked or sheer incredulity. Can hardly believe what just happened!
🥱️ Yawning face
I am dog-tired! The eyes are closed and the hand covers a yawn. The night was too short, you couldn't get enough sleep. Indication that a topic or a person is not of interest, but rather boring.
😴️ Sleeping Face
Good night and sweet dreams! In comics or cartoons, zZz above the head stands for sleeping characters. The emoji is tired, wants to go to bed or is just about to fall asleep from boredom.
🤤️ Drooling Face
Slobbering face, the saliva flowing from the corner of the mouth. Represents desire for a person, delicious food, the new car, or the anticipation of an event. Expression of extreme interest and desire.
😪️ Sleepy Face
Emoji is dead tired and would love to sleep now. The bubble emerging from the nose is a typical manga symbol for a sleeping character. Or as an expression that a conversation or excursion is extremely boring and drowsy.
😮‍💨️ Smiley exhaling audibly
The emoji exhales noisily. Maybe with relief (phew, that was a close thing!) or with disappointment. There is something we may not like at all. Can also mean that the day was very exhausting and now you feel fatigue.
😵️ Dizzy Face
I feel dizzy! Smiley with crossed eyes and open mouth is totally dazed. Is confused and so dizzy it doesn't know which side is up. Also symbolizes strong emotions or drunkenness.
😵‍💫️ Face with spiral eyes
The mouth is open, the eyes are spirals. The emoji has circulatory problems and is dizzy. Something or someone has cast a spell over us, we are hypnotized. There may be disorientation, e.g. in a foreign city or in a department store.
🤐️ Zipper-Mouth Face
Smiley with zipper instead of a mouth is keeping a secret for itself. Lips are closed or chat partner's lips should remain closed. Can also mean silence because you cannot find the right words.
🥴️ Face with unequal eyes and wavy mouth
Eyes half open, half closed, slanted mouth, flushed cheeks. The emoji has a confused facial expression: due to tiredness or the currently confused emotional world. Also known as drunken face.
🤢️ Nauseated Face
Disgusted smiley, which is already green with sickness and nausea. Might mean disgust, reluctance, or aversion, or stand for sickness.
🤮️ Face With Open Mouth, Throwing Up
I could almost throw up. Might show how drunk the person was last night. The puking smiley can also state what you think of something.
🤧️ Sneezing Face
A sneezing face with eyes closed, blowing its nose into a handkerchief. I caught a cold! Shows that someone is ill or feels uncomfortable.
😷️ Face With Medical Mask
The mask is for protection. Either to protect yourself or others from infection. Someone is in the hospital, has to go to the doctor or has caught a disease. Wearing the masks is widely spread in Asia.
🤒️ Face With Thermometer
The sad face with the thermometer in the mouth expresses illness. Caught a flu or other illness that is associated with fever. Or is worried about getting sick.
🤕️ Face With Head Bandage
Sad looking face with head bandage: Someone is ill, had an accident, or is in hospital. The bandage symbolizes health problems.
🤑️ Money-Mouth Face
Smiley has dollar signs in its eyes, the tongue is a banknote. Could have won something or is sensing a financial chance. Implicates a sense of wealth.