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Emoji Meaning Unicode
Auto Emoji U+1F697 🚗 Automobile
I'm on the road! Red (Android: blue) car. Red things seem to move faster (known from Doppler effect). Stimulates the release of adrenaline and feelings like excitement or intensity.
Taxi Whatsapp U+1F695 🚕 Taxi
We'll call a cab! A taxi is a public transport for occasional passenger transport. There are taxis all over the world, most of them in major cities. The Emoji can indicate a fast and comfortable transport.
Police car Emoji U+1F693 🚓 Police Car
Side view of a police car. Warns of an illegal intent. Stands for morality and similar norms as well as your own conscience.
Minibus minivan emoji U+1F690 🚐 Minibus
A minibus, unlike the normal bus, can only carry a few people. Can symbolize the wish to go on vacation: “Let's go camping“.
Bike Whatsapp U+1F6B2 🚲 Bicycle
We're going for a bike ride! Means of transport to get from A to B or as a leisure or sports activity. Worldwide there are twice as many bicycles as cars. Amsterdam is considered a bicycle stronghold. Emoji can symbolize a healthy lifestyle and environmental awareness.
Motorcycle Emoji U+1F3CD 🏍‍🏍 Motorbike
“I'm on my way!“ or “We're taking a ride on a motorcycle.“ A racing motorcycle takes part in races or world championships of road racing. MotoGP is considered to be the premier class. The Emoji is used in conjunction with motorcycles and speed.
Gondola Whatsapp U+1F6A1 🚡 Aerial Tramway
Meet me at the summit! The cable car symbolizes successes that can be achieved without much effort. It transports people from the valley to a mountain peak: for hiking, skiing or enjoying the view.
City railway emoji U+1F688 🚈 City railway
I will be late, I missed the suburban train! Public means of transport on rails for the local passenger traffic in major cities and suburbs. Germans use the “S-Bahn”, the British have their Tube and the Americans travel by subway.
Trolley bus emoji U+1F68E 🚎 Trolleybus
Emoticon of a trolley bus, a hybrid of bus and tram. Can be used as a smiley for public transport.
Race car Emoji U+1F3CE 🏎‍️ Race Car
The race has begun! A racing car is usually designed exclusively for racing, e.g. Formula 1. Can also refer to cars in general, a person's driving style or a high speed.
Red alarm light smiley Whatsapp U+1F6A8 🚨 Police Cars Revolving Light
I need your help! The red, rotating alarm light with loud siren represents the police, an ambulance, or the fire department. Might stand for an emergency situation and can be used playfully or seriously. Indicates something important or wants to warn.
Plane emoji Whatsapp U+2708 ✈ Airplane
You want to get away from here and would like to go on holiday by plane. Or the mobile phone is in flight mode. Flying is one of the safest means of transportation, only the elevator is safer.
Aircraft Departure U+1F6EB 🛫 Airplane Departure
Ready for takeoff! We take off! The plane is in departure. Someone is flying to another city or country, whether on holiday or on a business trip. It can also mean that I am ready for vacation and just want to leave. Also possible, one sets off as soon as possible.
Airplane landing U+1F6EC 🛬 Airplane landing
I'll take the plane back tomorrow or “We've touched down safely again“! The plane is in the approach for landing: Someone is coming home.
Rocket emoji Whatsapp U+1F680 🚀 Rocket
A rocket is shot into space. “Come on, this is easy. It's not rocket science!“ Or like Buzz Lightyear of Toy Story said: To infinity and much farther.
Flying saucer Emoji U+1F6F8 🛸 Flying Saucer
The aliens are coming! The UFO emoji can be a warning for the chat partner to better come down to earth again.
Seat Whatsapp U+1F4BA 💺 Seat
I reserved seats! This type of immovable seats can be found on the plane, train or bus. Can be used in connection with transportation or travel. Erect your backrest, we'll lift off!
Anchor Whatsapp U+2693 ⚓ Anchor
The anchor is a marine object and prevents a boat from drifting due to wind, currents or waves. Symbolizes hope, faithfulness, security and stability.
Emoji petrol station U+26FD ⛽ Fuel Pump
I have to fill up the tank! The device at a filling station fills the vehicle to be refuelled with fuel. Can refer to a filling station or in the figurative sense stand for refilling one's own energy reserves.
World map emoji U+1F5FA 🗺 World Map
The “blue planet“ Earth. A world map depicts the entire earth's surface. The main function of maps is orientation. Someone wants to go on a world tour or has already traveled all countries.
Statue of Liberty Smiley U+1F5FD 🗽 Statue of Liberty
I love the American Way of Life! Female statue (Lady Liberty), in one hand a beacon, in the other the Declaration of Independence. Landmark of New York and symbol of freedom and independence.
Stadium emoji U+1F3DF 🏟 Stadium
We're going to the football game on Saturday! Sports competitions are held in a stadium. They are also used for big events or concerts.
Parasol Whatsapp U+26F1 ⛱ Open Parasol
A parasol provides protection from the sun on hot days on the beach or in the park. Represents relaxed summer days or beach holidays.
Beach with parasol Whatsapp U+1F3D6 🏖 Beach With Parasol
The parasol on a beach section by the sea stands for beach holidays and hot weather. Let's go to the lake and enjoy the sun!
Island emoji U+1F3DD 🏝 Desert Island
I desperately need a break! Lonely or deserted islands have always fascinated people. They play an important role in adventure novels or movies (such as Robinson Crusoe or Cast Away).
Desert Whatsapp U+1F3DC 🏜 Desert
You got your just deserts! Low-moisture and low-vegetation desert landscape with mostly extreme temperatures. Represents holidays, heat. but also exhaustion.
Volcano Whatsapp U+1F30B 🌋 Volcano
Active, erupting volcano with smoke and lava. Might express unbearable heat, danger or emotional state. I'm so mad, I could almost explode!
Snow-capped mountain emoji U+1F3D4 🏔 Snow-Capped Mountain
A high mountain or located in the north whose peaks are covered with snow. Is related to camping, hiking, mountaineering, and nature in general.
Snow-covered Mount Fuji smiley U+1F5FB 🗻 Mount Fuji
The emoji shows a snow-covered mountain peak. Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan served as a template. Can be used as a symbol for winter.
Camping Whatsapp U+1F3D5 🏕 Camping
Represents outdoor activities, camping with campfires or weekend trips. Camping is a popular way of spending your holidays.
House Whatsapp U+1F3E0 🏠 House
Home, sweet home! The friends arrived safely at home. Can also refer to a house: have it built, move in or furnish it.
House with garden Whatsapp U+1F3E1 🏡 House With Garden
Suburban idyll with house and a garden with trees or shrubs. Can refer to the neighborhood or a district. You are dreaming of a house in the countryside.
Apartment buildings emoji U+1F3D8 🏘 Housing Complex
Geographical place where many people have settled. Refers to a development area or housing complex. We're moving!
Derelict house emoji U+1F3DA 🏚 Derelict House
Derelict house with collapsed roof and broken, boarded-up windows. Represents deserted areas or buildings and desolation. Can also be used for repair or renovation.
Crane emoji U+1F3D7 🏗 Construction Of A Building
Symbol of construction work. Represents the construction of buildings of any kind, from skyscrapers to office buildings. Might say that you are just starting over or working on a project.
Building emoji U+1F3E2 🏢 Office Building
I have to go back to the office! A tall building that houses offices. Usually found in larger cities. Represents work in general or life in the big city.
Building Poster Whatsapp U+1F3EC 🏬 Department Store
I've got some shopping to do! A larger retail store offering goods from a certain group, e.g. textiles, furniture or electrical appliances. You want to buy a certain item or just go shopping.
Sparkler Whatsapp emoji U+1F387 🎇 Firework Sparkler
A scintillating sparkler, which is lit. Symbolizes joy, a celebration or a happy event.
Fireworks smiley Whatsapp U+1F386 🎆 Fireworks
Emoji shows a glittering fireworks display in the night sky. Can be used for New Year's Eve or an intoxicating party.
Japanese post office symbol U+1F3E3 🏣 Japanese Post Office
A traditional Japanese post office building. Recognizable by the Japanese stamp on the front.
Post Whatsapp U+1F3E4 🏤 Post Office
I have to go to the post office! In many European countries, the post office can be found in buildings with a post horn on the facade.
Hospital Emoji U+1F3E5 🏥 Hospital
I'm not feeling well! A hospital with a red cross. We go there if we are seriously ill or injured. Can be a metapher indicating an accident or strong discomfort.
School Emoji U+1F3EB 🏫 School
I am studying right now or I am at school or at the university. Emoji shows a place of education. Symbolic meaning: learn from experiences or master new tests of life.
Hotel by the hour emoji Whatsapp U+1F3E9 🏩 Love Hotel
Emoticon does not represent a simple hotel. The heart indicates a “hotel by the hour”. Might stand for a secret affair.
Wedding church smiley Whatsapp U+1F492 💒 Wedding
We are going to marry! Church in which a wedding is celebrated. Is often used for an invitation or for the announcement of the wedding.
Ancient building emoji U+1F3DB 🏛 Ancient Building
Today, ancient buildings, mostly with columns and ornaments, can still be found worldwide. Represents culture, e.g. visiting a museum or architecture in general.
Church Whatsapp U+26EA ⛪ Church
As poor as a church mouse! Christian building. The church represents weddings, baptism, worship, and funerals. Also used for religion and holidays.
Mosque Whatsapp U+1F54C 🕌 Mosque
The religious building with a dome-shaped roof and minaret is a place of communal prayer of Islam and social meeting place. Can relate to religion, travel or architecture.
Black stone emoji Whatsapp U+1F54B 🕋 Kaaba
Emoticon represents the Kaaba, the central sanctuary of Islam in Mecca. Destination of the great pilgrimage (Hajj) for every Muslim.
Map of Japan Whatsapp U+1F5FE 🗾 Map Of Japan
Shows the outline of the insular state of Japan in East Asia. Mangas are part of everyday culture. Homeland of the emojis. Almost exclusively stands for the country itself: for travel or the culture.
Moon viewing ceremony Emoji U+1F391 🎑 Moon Viewing Ceremony
The moon show “Tsukimi” is a Japanese festival to the honor of the harvest moon. Emoji shows the traditional ceremony with Japanese pampas grass, Dango (Japanese dumpling), and the moon in the background.
Landscape Whatsapp U+1F3DE 🏞 National Park
Picturesque landscape with mountains, rivers, lakes and untouched nature. Represents outdoor activities such as hiking, rafting, camping or nature reserves.
Sunrise Emoji U+1F305 🌅 Sunrise
Dawn is followed by sunrise. The rising sun crosses the horizon and announces a new day. The earliest sunrise is mid-June, the latest mid-December. Symbol for awakening and (new) beginning.
Sunrise mountains emoji U+1F304 🌄 Sunrise Above Mountains
The early bird catches the worm. In the distance, the sun is slowly rising behind the mountains. The sunrise in the idyllic landscape can stand for nature or vacation in the mountains.
Falling star emoji U+1F320 🌠 Falling Star
If you see a falling star and wish for something, the wish will come true. Symbol for romantic and magical moments. Something or someone is special and valuable.
Sunset skyline emoji U+1F307 🌇 Sunset In The City
The sun is setting slowly on the horizon, painting the city skyline in warm colors. Night is falling, the parties begin. A daily phenomenon. Symbolizes the end of a day.
Skyline Whatsapp U+1F3D9 🏙 Skyline
Let's go to town! Panorama of a city with its tallest buildings in front of the horizon. Skylines have a high recognition value. One of the most beautiful ones in the world is New York's.
Starry sky emoji U+1F303 🌃 Night with stars
A city at night with a clear sky in which stars are visible. Can relate to nightlife or stand for a romantic date or the life in a big city in general. The starry sky has always exerted a strong fascination on people.
Galaxy emoji U+1F30C 🌌 Milky Way
A milky-bright band in the sky - a galaxy of billions of stars. Represents the beauty of the night and the experience of miracles. You are planning a romantic date with your sweetheart.