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Red heart Whatsapp emoji U+2764
 Red Heart

The red heart is the classical symbol of love. Expression of passion and romance. But also in the non-romantic context for friendship and strong bonds.

  • Rathu

    Take care of yourself.

  • Paul

    I use this emoji to show my love to someone I love and care about.

Orange heart emoji U+1F9E1
🧡 Orange Heart

The heart shape is the symbol of love. The orange heart may represent a half-hearted love or you do not want to have a relationship but just be friends.

  • Anonym

    This simply stands for love, warmth and life.

  • Mani

    Feeling comfortable with someone.

Yellow heart smiley Whatsapp U+1F49B
💛 Yellow Heart

A heart of gold. Represents cordial love and purity of the heart. Not so much in the romantic context, but rather for happiness, friendship and the joy of life.

  • Leah

    To me, this emoji means a strong connection and friendship. It is used to show that you care and love someone without a romantic connection. This expression is often used with good friends.

  • Anonym

    It represents pure love for each other.

Green heart emoji Whatsapp U+1F49A
💚 Green Heart

Expression of life or lifestyle (e.g. healthy diet) and closeness to nature. Also known as the jealous heart, it may indicate relationship issues or the hope for reconciliation. Often used on the Irish St. Patrick's Day.

  • Pooja

    My bff 😇.

  • Max

    It also symbolizes happiness.

  • Anonymous

    It means friendship.

Blue heart smiley Whatsapp U+1F499
💙 Blue Heart

I have full confidence in you! Represents platonic love, faithfulness, loyalty and friendship. But also: support of the awareness of autism, love of water sports or expression of a fetish.

  • Abhirup

    I am loyal to myself.

  • Anonymous

    You are my pure bliss. You are attractive like no other.

  • Anonymous

    Excitement, happiness, calm, loyalty.

  • Anonymous

    It means that my love is unconditional.

  • Anonymous

    Platonic love. A good friend, but nothing romantic.

  • Rhea

    You are in the friend zone.

Purple heart Whatsapp emoji U+1F49C
💜 Purple Heart

Expression of understanding and compassionate love. Represents affection and care. For Mother's Day or in messages between parents and children. Used by fashion-conscious people or celebrities as an expression of glamor or wealth. In the US, military medal for wounded soldiers.

  • Kookie

    Bangtan Army! Borahe!

  • cece

    I PURPLE YOU. It is the BTS ARMY symbol.

  • Tashfa

    It shows that you are true friends forever.

  • Anonym

    The purple heart means that we will be together - not as lovers, but in a special relationship that will never break.

  • Anonym

    It is also used among fans of the Korean band BTS (Band Bangtan Boys), who call themselves BTS Army.

Black heart Emoji U+1F5A4
🖤 Black Heart

The black heart shows a dark and twisted sense of humor. It can reflect the dark side of the soul. Also used to express grief and sorrow.

  • Mahi

    Also used for the favorite person.

  • Anonymous

    It shows that I want to be alone.

  • Anonymous

    A completely black shaded heart. Can be used to express morbidity, sadness or some form of black humor, but despite the color, it is most often used for love and affection.

White heart smiley U+1F90D
🤍 White heart

The heart is an international symbol of love, affection and compassion. A white heart can symbolize the purity, kindness and innocence of a relationship or friendship.

  • Manshu

    It also stands for peace.

Brown heart Whatsapp U+1F90E
🤎 Brown heart

A heart not only represents love, but also life. The brown heart can express a closeness to the environment or nature as well as a preference for chocolate. Brown is a warm color and stands for warmth, security and comfort.

  • Madhava Reddy

    I also use the brown heart for love.

  • Anonym

    I just want to put you in the friend zone.

Broken red heart Whatsapp emoji U+1F494
💔 Broken Heart

I am desperately unhappy! The broken red heart expresses sadness and suffering. Someone is love sick at the moment.

Heart with a period below smiley Whatsapp U+2763
 Heavy Heart Exclamation Mark Ornament

I totally agree with that! A heart with a dot below forms a decorative exclamation mark. This gesture comes from the heart and emphasizes that you really like something or someone.

  • Mariam

    Heart with a drop of blood symbolizing a blood bounded relationship.

  • Paul

    I love you so much!

Two pink hearts Whatsapp symbol U+1F495
💕 Two Hearts

Love is in the air! Not so much in the passionate context, but rather a decoration. In romantic texts an expression of affection for someone or friendships among girls.

  • Ronel

    I like you!

Two hearts circling emoji U+1F49E
💞 Revolving Hearts

Two hearts circling around each other represent the love between two persons. Someone wants to win your heart.

  • Sufiya

    I love u.

  • Anonymous

    Great appreciation.

  • Yash

    “I love you too!“

Pink beating heart smiley Whatsapp U+1F493
💓 Beating Heart

I love you so much! The beating heart symbolizes a strong connection and expresses strong feelings for someone or something. Is also a symbol of life: A baby is on the way.

  • Lily

    A growing friendship is represented by this heart.

  • Anonym

    My heart beats for you.

Pink growing heart smiley U+1F497
💗 Growing Heart

The three hearts in one another are to convey an ever-growing heart. The feelings are getting deeper and deeper, the love is growing. The heartbeat increases and the heart is filled with joy after an emotional conversation or a great experience.

Sparkling heart smiley Whatsapp U+1F496
💖 Sparkling Heart

You are simply great! A sparkling heart means someone is doting on you. Persistence will be rewarded now!

  • Anonymous

    I use it as an aesthetic heart.

  • Ayshee

    This emoji can be used both in a friendship and in a relationship.

Heart with love dart emoji U+1F498
💘 Heart With Arrow

Cupid's arrow hit you - you're hopelessly in love! Expresses romantic feelings in messages. Often used around Valentine's Day.

  • Rose

    I miss you, my love!

U+2764 U+FE0F U+1F525
Heart on fire smiley U+2764 U+FE0F U+1F525
❤️‍🔥 Heart on fire

My heart is on fire for you! Somebody sparked our heart or we are burning for something. We're full of enthusiasm, we're catching fire. Expression of strong love with a lot of passion.

  • Anonymous

    A heart of fire. It also means that we are angry about what we love and that we love passionately.

  • Anonymous

    I think that means the heart is burning with pain.

  • Anonymous

    Someone has betrayed you badly, so your heart is on fire and you are ready to take revenge.

Heart with tied bow smiley U+1F49D
💝 Heart With Ribbon

You have my love. The box in a heart shape with a ribbon could contain chocolates or jewelry. Popular on Valentine's Day or on birthdays. Or someone gives you his heart.

  • Anonymous

    Secret love.

  • Chris

    Deep affection from the bottom of the heart, unshakable loyalty and trust.

  • Pauline

    I use it to express and affirm, “Love is the greatest gift of all!“ and/or “There is no greater gift than the gift of love!“

Decorative heart emoji Whatsapp U+1F49F
💟 Heart Decoration

A decorative variation of the heart symbol. Stands for love, attention and affection of your conversation partner.

  • Koushik

    I love you!

Peace symbol U+262E
 Peace symbol

Love, peace and harmony. Symbol of nuclear power protest in the 1960s, now globally known as the peace sign. Can symbolize the inner balance. A dispute shall be settled or the chat partner is asked to be peaceful.

Cross symbol U+271D
✝‍️ Latin cross

Everyone has to bear their own cross! Christianity symbol. Represents the connection between the earthly (earth) and the divine (heaven). Refers to a religious person, the church or God.

  • Anonym

    For me, it symbolizes the Lord God.

Star and half moon U+262A
 Star and half moon

We're going to Turkey by plane or “Ramadan is starting“. Hilal (Arabic for the rising moon's crescent) and the five-pointed star together form an important Muslim symbol. Also found on many national flags.

Om symbol devanagari Whatsapp U+1F549
🕉 Om Symbol

Om (Sanskrit). The mantra is considered sacred in religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism. Primeval sound of the origin of the universe. Also known as the Namaste symbol. Emoji stands for spiritual development, meditation and yoga.

Wheel of dharma Emoji U+2638
 Wheel Of Dharma

Wheel of the doctrine. An important sign in Hinduism and Buddhism. It reminds us of the eight ways of perception and of the fact that only the body dies, but the spirit continues in another form.

  • Snehal

    It is the wheel of the Dhamma that shows the way of life and says, “I am a convinced follower of Buddhism.“

Star of david Emoji U+2721
 Star Of David

The Star of David is an important symbol of the people of Israel and the Jewish religion. This is why it can also be seen on the ensign. It is usually sent during the festival of lights, Chanukkah.

Six-pointed star symbol U+1F52F
🔯 Hexagram With Dot

The six-pointed star with a dot in the middle unites two triangles; connection of opposites. Multifaceted symbolism: Freemasons, union of spirit and matter, expulsion of evil spirits and demons.

Menorah Emoji U+1F54E
🕎 Menorah

The Chanukkia is a nine-armed candlestick and is lit only at the Jewish Chanukka festival. Each candle stands for one day of the eight-day festival. With the ninth candle the others are ignited, respectively.

Yin Yang symbol Whatsapp U+262F
 Yin Yang

Yin and yang emoji expresses the shared identity of actually opposing things such as body and mind. Stands for balance and stability.

Orthodox Cross Emoji U+2626
 Orthodox Cross

Through the additional bar, the Russian-Orthodox symbol is an extension of the cross known from Christianity. With the “foot rest”, it is meant to remind us of the crucifixion of Jesus.

Place of worship Whatsapp U+1F6D0
🛐 Place of Worship

The kneeling person under a roof symbolizes a place of prayer. This could be a church or a mosque. The sign can be found at airports, for example.

Ophiuchus Emoji U+26CE

The astronomical sign for the constellation of Ophiuchus (Latin for serpent bearer). One of the 48 constellations of the Greek ancient world and the subject of Greek myths. In some circles, is considered the unknown 13th zodiac sign.

Pisces zodiac sign U+2653

People with the zodiac sign Pisces (20 February to 20 March) are characterized by a strong sensitivity. They are good listeners and faithfully stand by your side.

Aries Emoji U+2648

The astrological symbol shows Aries. This zodiac sign is described as fierce, dynamic and spontaneous, and often is the more dominant partner in love.

Taurus zodiac sign U+2649

The Taurus (21 April to 20 May) is persevering and has a good taste for beautiful things. You should not tell a Taurus what to do. People in this zodiac sign like to do things in their own rhythm.

Gemini Emoji U+264A

The zodiac sign Gemini lies between 21 May and 21 June. The urge for variety and movement is typical for Gemini. They are driven by an extraordinary curiosity.

Cancer zodiac sign emoji U+264B

The zodiac sign Cancer from the zodiac calendar. Those born under the zodiac of Cancer are described as gentle, helpful and modest.

Leo zodiac sign U+264C

I'm a lion! The zodiac sign Leo lies between 23 July and 23 August. A Leo is self-assured, kind, and generous.

Star sign virgo violett smiley U+264D

Symbol of the astrological star sign Virgo. A Virgo knows what she wants and how to achieve it.

Libra Emoji U+264E

The zodiac sign Libra. Libra is regarded as being in need of harmony, balanced, and diplomatic. You can score points with a Libra by showing polite manners and etiquette.

Scorpius zodiac sign U+264F

The Scorpius is the eighth sign of the zodiac and lies between 24 October and 22 November. People with this star sign want to scrutinize and explore everything. They are fastidious and prefer honesty.

Sagittarius smiley Whatsapp U+2650

In astrology, the arrow symbol with a horizontal line stands for the zodiac sign Sagittarius. These people are independent, generous and optimistic.

Capricorn zodiac sign U+2651

As the tenth zodiac sign, the Capricorn lies in the period between 22 December and 20 January. People in this star sign only believe what they can see. Therefore you should not fool a Capricorn!

Aquarius zodiac sign U+2652

The symbol of the star sign Aquarius. People born between the 21st of January and the 19th of February are inventive contemporaries, open to new ideas and they love the variety.

ID symbol Whatsapp U+1F194
🆔 ID Key

The capital letters ID in a square are the abbreviation for identification number. This number allows a direct correlation to an object, to people or an item.

Symbol atom U+269B
 Atom symbol

The superimposed ellipses represent the atom symbol. Stylized representation of an atom: electrons orbit the atomic nucleus. An atom is the smallest part of an element. Refers to something very small, or to nuclear power, nuclear deals, or science.

Symbol radioactive U+2622
☢‍️ Radioactive sign

“My knee is being X-rayed” or “I'm watching a documentary about Chernobyl”! The black fan against a yellow background warns of radioactive rays. International warning sign. Warns of a threat! If the atomic nucleus decays, rays with great energy are released.

Biohazard symbol U+2623

The biohazard sign warns of biological substances that pose a threat to humans and the environment. Someone goes to work sick and is contagious.

Mobile phone off symbol U+1F4F4
📴 Mobile Phone Off

Mobile phones should be switched off, e.g. in the cinema or in the hospital. Can also be used to signalize: I am unavailable!

White flower with inscription smiley U+1F4AE
💮 White Flower

White flower with Japanese inscription “Very well done”. Used in schools in Japan as a stamp for very good achievements.

Mahjong tile red dragon Emoji U+1F004
🀄 Mahjong Game Stone “Red Dragon”

A symbol (the red dragon) from the Japanese Mahjong game. The player wins the game who first has all the stones with figures and a pair. The red dragon is one of these figures.

Circled ideograph accept U+1F251
🉑 Acceptable

That's OK for me! Emoji is pronounced “ka” in Japanese and “ke” in Chinese. Roughly means: possible, appropriate, or permissible.

Vibration mode symbol U+1F4F3
📳 Vibration Mode

Emoji shows a smartphone, which is muted and merely vibrates. This could be the request not to disturb, or a demand to respond.

Squared CJK Unified Ideograph-6709 U+1F236
🈶 Subject To Fees

This is not free! Emoji shows a Japanese and Chinese phrase. Means “toll”, “charge”, or “property”.

Squared CJK Unified Ideograph-7121 U+1F21A
🈚 Without Fees

Emoji is known as the symbol for the free broadcasting service in Japan. Stands for an offer without liability to charges. Can also mean “I don't own anything”. Opposite emoji: [ “Subject To Fees” 🈶]

Squared CJK Unified Ideograph-55b6 U+1F23A
🈺 Open

We are open! Japanese symbol shows that a business is operable and open, or a service is offered.

Squared CJK Unified Ideograph-7533 U+1F238
🈸 Application

Emoji is used in Japan for the identification marking of requests and forms. In the Chinese zodiac, it can also refer to the monkey.

Squared-cjk-unified-ideograph-6708 U+1F237
🈷 Monthly/Moon Sign

The Chinese (yue) and Japanese (tsuki) meaning of this sign is “monthly” or “moon”. For instance, people are reminded of a monthly due amount with it.

Eight pointed star Emoji U+2734
 Eight-Pointed Star

The eight-pointed star is usually utilized as a decorative element. It is meant to express joy, breeziness, and exuberance.

Vs Emoji U+1F19A
🆚 VS Button

The VS (versus) symbol is mostly used to compare two things or circumstances. For example, hamburger vs. pizza, Klitschko vs. Tyson. Can also mean “Objection!”

Circled Ideograph Advantage U+1F250
🉐 Bargain

You can grab a bargain here! In Japan, the symbol indicates special offers and discounts.

Circled Ideograph Secret U+3299

Keep this for you! In Japan and China, the symbol is used to point to a secret.

Circled Ideograph Congratulation U+3297

I wish you luck! Sign for best wishes and blessings. Also used on national holidays.

Passed symbol Whatsapp U+1F234
🈴 Passed

This is an agreement! This Japanese emoji can stand for a union, such as in a partnership. It can also hint at a meeting. The symbol is also used when an exam or a test has been passed.

Japanese character capability Whatsapp U+1F235
🈵 Full

A Japanese character in white with a red background. It stands for full absorption capability and capacity. The sign is used, for instance, for “filling up the car tank” or for displaying hotel rooms. Opposite emoji: [ free & unoccupied 🈳]

Squared cjk unified ideograph 5272 U+1F239
🈹 Discount

The Japanese symbol for “sale”. In the event of discount campaigns, it is hanged in front of the shop door, so that the customer can spot the opportunity.

Prohibition sign U+1F232
🈲 Prohibition

Caution, prohibited! This Japanese symbol indicates a prohibition or restriction. A certain action or behavior is not desired.

U+1F170 ️
Button A symbol U+1F170 ️
🅰 Blood group A

We're going to donate blood! People with blood group A can donate to people with blood group A or AB and can only tolerate blood group A or 0. In ancient times, it was assumed that body fluids determined a person's temperament. Blood group A is most common in Europe, with 40% worldwide.

Button B symbol U+1F171
🅱 Blood group B

My blood donation card is here! Blood group B occurs 11% worldwide. It is the most common blood type in certain areas of Asia. In Japan, people believe that the blood type is an indicator of whether an applicant is suitable for a management position.

Button AB symbol U+1F18E
🆎 Blood group AB

He needs an IV! In 1930, the Viennese physician Karl Landsteiner received the Nobel Prize for the uniform designation of the blood groups. Blood group AB is one of the rarest blood groups in the world.

Button CL symbol U+1F191
🆑 CL button

Can you delete this? CL on the button stands for Clear. On older cell phones, this button deleted the text. Something is no longer used or needed.

Button 0 symbol U+1F17E
🅾 Blood group 0

I'm on a blood type diet! People with blood group 0 are so-called universal donors. This blood group is compatible with all others. From a global perspective, blood group 0 is the most common.

SOS symbol U+1F198
🆘 SOS button

We could use some help here! International emergency signal in Morse code. SOS stands for “save our souls”. The sequence of letters calls for help in an emergency and can be found on emergency telephones or on lifebuoys.

Cross mark Emoji U+274C
 Cross Mark

“This is not allowed!” or “Don't do this!” This large red cross is usually utilized when something is undesired. Can also be a sign of multiplication or kissing.

Red hollow circle symbol U+2B55
 Red hollow circle

That is correct! The red hollow circle is used in Japan to tick something off. Represents approval. Opposite emoji:❌.

Red sign emoji U+1F6D1
🛑 Octagonal sign

The conversation is over! The octagonal red sign is a stop sign in many countries. The warning signal regulates the traffic and means stop.

Carp streamer Emoji U+1F38F
🎏 Carp Streamer

A flagpole with self-tinkered Japanese wind cones in carp shape (Koi-Nobori). At the children's festival two large carps are suspended for the parents and small ones for the children.

No entry Emoji U+26D4
 No Entry

So far and no further! Symbol for “no admittance”, “keep out”, or “no entry”. Is also used if your chat partner is angry.

Name badge emoji Whatsapp U+1F4DB
📛 Name Badge

Name badge emoji is used for identification, e.g., at work. The tulip-shaped design is typical of Japanese kindergartens.

Prohibited emoji U+1F6AB
🚫 No Admittance

So far and no further! The admittance to buildings or rooms is prohibited. Similar to a prohibition sign, e.g. no smoking.

Hundred points smiley Whatsapp U+1F4AF
💯 Hundred Points Symbol

Number 100 in red, double underlined. Can mean: I'm proud, everything is perfect. I agree 100% with it. I got full score in the exam.

  • Anonym

    It also means that something or someone is completely correct or understandable.

Whatsapp angry symbol U+1F4A2
💢 Anger Symbol

Comic and Manga symbol (often with the words “Bam“) indicates where a punch landed. The chat partner is very angry. Emoticon is a warning sign: Beware, you have gone too far.

Hot thermal spring symbol Whatsapp U+2668
 Hot Springs

A hot thermal spring with rising steam. Symbol on Japanese cards. I want to relax with you, or let's go swimming!

Symbol no pedestrians U+1F6B7
🚷 Pedestrians prohibited

I would like to be alone today! The traffic sign can be found on cycle paths or roads with heavy traffic and is used to protect pedestrians.

No litter emoji U+1F6AF
🚯 Do not litter

Garbage belongs in the garbage can! Sign against litter in public places such as streets or parks. Garbage must not be left lying around or carelessly thrown away, but must be disposed of correctly.

Bicyclists prohibited U+1F6B3
🚳 Bicyclists prohibited

Better leave your bike behind or “Bicycles are not allowed in the pedestrian zone”! Traffic control sign: Cyclists are not allowed to ride here.

Non-potable water symbol U+1F6B1
🚱 Non-potable water

Take something along to drink! Prohibition sign is intended to prevent damage to health from drinking water that is non-potable. Can be found at fountains or on campsites.

18 Emoji U+1F51E
🔞 No One Under Eighteen

A warning sign with the crossed number 18. Caution! Only adults are welcome here!

No smoking Whatsapp U+1F6AD
🚭 No Smoking

Smoking is not allowed here or I quit smoking! In places with this sign you must not reach for a cigarette. Among other reasons, non-smoking-rules serve to protect against health impairments of present people.

Red question mark emoji U+2753
 Question Mark Ornament

I beg your pardon? A bright-red question mark, which underlines the high importance of the question asked. Chat partner expects an immediate response.

White question mark ornament U+2754
 White Question Mark

A question must be answered! The more question marks, the more urgent. However, the white question mark is less punchy than the red question mark.

Exclamation mark Emoji U+2757
 Exclamation Mark

Thick (red) symbol for an exclamation mark. Is used to express a concern or to yell a desire for something.

White exclamation mark ornament U+2755
 White Exclamation Mark

The white exclamation mark shall draw attention to something. Due to the light color, it is less dramatic than the red exclamation mark.

Double exclamation mark symbol U+203C
 Double Exclamation Mark

The signal color red and the double number of exclamation marks clarify the meaning of a statement. May also emphasize the urgency. You attach particular importance to what has been said or you are shocked by a message.

Dim symbol U+1F505
🔅 Dim button

Symbol for the brightness on technical devices. Button for dimming the light. The brightness decreases, the light appears warmer, the room atmosphere changes. We’ll have a cozy evening tonight!

Brightness symbol U+1F506
🔆 Brightness button

Brightness symbol. Can refer to light, the sun, brightness, as well as positive energy. Someone has bright eyes or a bright smile. Take your sunglasses with you, the sun is shining brightly!

Trident emoji Whatsapp U+1F531
🔱 Trident Emblem

The trident is used for attack, defense or as a hunting weapon. Often seen in the hands of statues of gods. Can be a warning sign.

Golden flower Whatsapp emoji U+269C

Stylized blossom of the iris, usually in the colors gold or yellow, is considered chivalrous. Symbol from the French coat of arms art (heraldry). The decorative symbol can be found in many logos or in the emblem of the world organization of the scout movement.

Yellow M smiley Whatsapp U+303D
 Part Alternation Mark

The curved M is a Japanese punctuation mark that indicates the singer's start in a song. Also used as a symbol for McDonald's.