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Emoji Live Meaning Unicode
Red heart Whatsapp emoji - U+2764 Red Heart
A red heart symbolizes the infinite passion. Someone is very helpful or could be in love.
Yellow heart smiley Whatsapp - U+1F49B 💛 Yellow Heart
The yellow heart means someone is happy and optimistic. Emoticon stands for the joy of life.
Green heart emoji Whatsapp - U+1F49A 💚 Green Heart
With the green heart, hope for reconciliation and friendship can be expressed. Do you (still) like me?
Blue heart smiley Whatsapp - U+1F499 💙 Blue Heart
I have full confidence in you! The blue heart represents the deeply felt friendship and loyalty between the two of you.
Purple heart Whatsapp emoji - U+1F49C 💜 Purple Heart
The violet heart emoji stands for sexuality. Could mean that the chat partner is keen on you or wants to talk about an amorous adventure.
Black heart Emoji - U+1F5A4 🖤 Black Heart
The black heart shows a dark and twisted sense of humor. It can reflect the dark side of the soul. Also used to express grief and sorrow.
Broken red heart Whatsapp emoji - U+1F494 💔 Broken Heart
I am desperately unhappy! The broken red heart expresses sadness and suffering. Someone is love sick at the moment.
Heart with a period below smiley Whatsapp - U+2763 Heavy Heart Exclamation Mark Ornament
I love you! A heart with a period below it is forming an exclamation mark. This gesture comes from the heart.
Two pink hearts Whatsapp symbol - U+1F495 💕 Two Hearts
The two pink hearts stand for close contact. This person has strong feelings for you.
Two hearts circling emoji - U+1F49E 💞 Revolving Hearts
Two hearts circling around each other represent the love between two persons. Someone wants to win your heart.
Pink beating heart smiley Whatsapp - U+1F493 💓 Beating Heart
A vibrating and beating heart smiley is meant to convey love. Is also a symbol of life (baby on the way?).
Pink growing heart smiley - U+1F497 💗 Growing Heart
Emoticon shows three pink hearts, from small to large. Symbolizes increasing and growing feelings.
Sparkling heart smiley Whatsapp - U+1F496 💖 Sparkling Heart
You are simply great! A sparkling heart means someone is doting on you. Persistence will be rewarded now!
Heart with love dart emoji - U+1F498 💘 Heart With Arrow
Emoji shows a love dart through the heart. Cupid hit you. Happiness lies ahead, but maybe lovesickness, too.
Heart with tied bow smiley - U+1F49D 💝 Heart With Ribbon
I'll do everything for you! A heart with a tied bow. Shows an affectionate gesture, someone gives his heart to you.
Decorative heart emoji Whatsapp - U+1F49F 💟 Heart Decoration
A decorative variation of the heart symbol. Stands for love, attention and affection of your conversation partner.
Om symbol devanagari Whatsapp - U+1F549 🕉 Om Symbol
“Om” (Sanskrit) is regarded as sacred in Indian religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism. Original sound of the origin of the universe.
Wheel of dharma Emoji - U+2638 Wheel Of Dharma
Wheel of the doctrine. An important sign in Hinduism and Buddhism. It reminds us of the eight ways of perception and of the fact that only the body dies, but the spirit continues in another form.
Star of david Emoji - U+2721 Star Of David
The Star of David is an important symbol of the people of Israel and the Jewish religion. This is why it can also be seen on the ensign. It is usually sent during the festival of lights, Chanukkah.
Menorah Emoji - U+1F54E 🕎 Menorah
The Chanukkia is a nine-armed candlestick and is lit only at the Jewish Chanukka festival. Each candle stands for one day of the eight-day festival. With the ninth candle the others are ignited, respectively.
Yin Yang symbol Whatsapp - U+262F Yin Yang
Yin and yang emoji expresses the shared identity of actually opposing things such as body and mind.
Orthodox Cross Emoji - U+2626 Orthodox Cross
Through the additional bar, the Russian-Orthodox symbol is an extension of the cross known from Christianity. With the “foot rest”, it is meant to remind us of the crucifixion of Jesus.
Place of worship Whatsapp - U+1F6D0 🛐 Place of Worship
The kneeling person under a roof symbolizes a place of prayer. This could be a church or a mosque. The sign can be found at airports, for example.
Ophiuchus Emoji - U+26CE Ophiuchus
The U with a wavy line symbolizes a 13th constellation in the zodiac, the Ophiuchus. Chronologically, it lies roughly between 29 November and 17 December (hence comes withing the period of Sagittarius).
Pisces zodiac sign - U+2653 Pisces
People with the zodiac sign Pisces (20 February to 20 March) are characterized by a strong sensitivity. They are good listeners and faithfully stand by your side.
Aries Emoji - U+2648 Aries
The astrological symbol shows Aries. This zodiac sign is described as fierce, dynamic and spontaneous, and often is the more dominant partner in love.
Taurus zodiac sign - U+2649 Taurus
The Taurus (21 April to 20 May) is persevering and has a good taste for beautiful things. You should not tell a Taurus what to do. People in this zodiac sign like to do things in their own rhythm.
Gemini Emoji - U+264A Gemini
The zodiac sign Gemini lies between 21 May and 21 June. The urge for variety and movement is typical for Gemini. They are driven by an extraordinary curiosity.
Cancer zodiac sign emoji - U+264B Cancer
The zodiac sign Cancer from the zodiac calendar. Those born under the zodiac of Cancer are described as gentle, helpful and modest.
Leo zodiac sign - U+264C Leo
I'm a lion! The zodiac sign Leo lies between 23 July and 23 August. A Leo is self-assured, kind, and generous.
Star sign virgo violett smiley - U+264D Virgo
Symbol of the astrological star sign Virgo. A Virgo knows what she wants and how to achieve it.
Libra Emoji - U+264E Libra
The zodiac sign Libra. Libra is regarded as being in need of harmony, balanced, and diplomatic. You can score points with a Libra by showing polite manners and etiquette.
Scorpius zodiac sign - U+264F Scorpius
The Scorpius is the eighth sign of the zodiac and lies between 24 October and 22 November. People with this star sign want to scrutinize and explore everything. They are fastidious and prefer honesty.
Sagittarius smiley Whatsapp - U+2650 Sagittarius
In astrology, the arrow symbol with a horizontal line stands for the zodiac sign Sagittarius. These people are independent, generous and optimistic.
Capricorn zodiac sign - U+2651 Capricorn
As the tenth zodiac sign, the Capricorn lies in the period between 22 December and 20 January. People in this star sign only believe what they can see. Therefore you should not fool a Capricorn!
White flower with inscription smiley - U+1F4AE 💮 White Flower
White flower with Japanese inscription “Very well done”. Used in schools in Japan as a stamp for very good achievements.
Mahjong tile red dragon Emoji - U+1F004 🀄 Mahjong Game Stone “Red Dragon”
A symbol (the red dragon) from the Japanese Mahjong game. The player wins the game who first has all the stones with figures and a pair. The red dragon is one of these figures.
Circled ideograph accept - U+1F251 🉑 Acceptable
That's OK for me! Emoji is pronounced “ka” in Japanese and “ke” in Chinese. Roughly means: possible, appropriate, or permissible.
Vibration mode symbol - U+1F4F3 📳 Vibration Mode
Emoji shows a smartphone, which is muted and merely vibrates. This could be the request not to disturb, or a demand to respond.
Squared CJK Unified Ideograph-6709 - U+1F236 🈶 Subject To Fees
This is not free! Emoji shows a Japanese and Chinese phrase. Means “toll”, “charge”, or “property”.
Squared CJK Unified Ideograph-7121 - U+1F21A 🈚 Without Fees
Emoji is known as the symbol for the free broadcasting service in Japan. Stands for an offer without liability to charges. Can also mean “I don't own anything”. Opposite emoji: [ “Subject To Fees” 🈶]
Squared CJK Unified Ideograph-55b6 - U+1F23A 🈺 Open
We are open! Japanese symbol shows that a business is operable and open, or a service is offered.
Squared CJK Unified Ideograph-7533 - U+1F238 🈸 Application
Emoji is used in Japan for the identification marking of requests and forms. In the Chinese zodiac, it can also refer to the monkey.
Squared-cjk-unified-ideograph-6708 - U+1F237 🈷 Monthly/Moon Sign
The Chinese (yue) and Japanese (tsuki) meaning of this sign is “monthly” or “moon”. For instance, people are reminded of a monthly due amount with it.
Eight pointed star Emoji - U+2734 Eight-Pointed Star
The eight-pointed star is usually utilized as a decorative element. It is meant to express joy, breeziness, and exuberance.
Vs Emoji - U+1F19A 🆚 VS Button
The VS (versus) symbol is mostly used to compare two things or circumstances. For example, hamburger vs. pizza, Klitschko vs. Tyson. Can also mean “Objection!”
Circled Ideograph Advantage - U+1F250 🉐 Bargain
You can grab a bargain here! In Japan, the symbol indicates special offers and discounts.
Circled Ideograph Secret - U+3299 Secret
Keep this for you! In Japan and China, the symbol is used to point to a secret.
Circled Ideograph Congratulation - U+3297 Congratulations
I wish you luck! Sign for best wishes and blessings. Also used on national holidays.
Passed symbol Whatsapp - U+1F234 🈴 Passed
This is an agreement! This Japanese emoji can stand for a union, such as in a partnership. It can also hint at a meeting. The symbol is also used when an exam or a test has been passed.
Japanese character capability Whatsapp - U+1F235 🈵 Full
A Japanese character in white with a red background. It stands for full absorption capability and capacity. The sign is used, for instance, for “filling up the car tank” or for displaying hotel rooms. Opposite emoji: [ free & unoccupied 🈳]
Squared cjk unified ideograph 5272 - U+1F239 🈹 Discount
The Japanese symbol for “sale”. In the event of discount campaigns, it is hanged in front of the shop door, so that the customer can spot the opportunity.
Prohibition sign - U+1F232 🈲 Prohibition
Caution, prohibited! This Japanese symbol indicates a prohibition or restriction. A certain action or behavior is not desired.
Cross mark Emoji - U+274C Cross Mark
“This is not allowed!” or “Don't do this!” This large red cross is usually utilized when something is undesired. Can also be a sign of multiplication or kissing.
Carp streamer Emoji - U+1F38F 🎏 Carp Streamer
A flagpole with self-tinkered Japanese wind cones in carp shape (Koi-Nobori). At the children's festival two large carps are suspended for the parents and small ones for the children.
No entry Emoji - U+26D4 No Entry
So far and no further! Symbol for “no admittance”, “keep out”, or “no entry”. Is also used if your chat partner is angry.
Name badge emoji Whatsapp - U+1F4DB 📛 Name Badge
Name badge emoji is used for identification, e.g., at work. The tulip-shaped design is typical of Japanese kindergartens.
Whatsapp angry symbol - U+1F4A2 💢 Anger Symbol
Emoticon is a warning sign: Beware, you have gone too far. The chat partner is very angry.
Hot thermal spring symbol Whatsapp - U+2668 Hot Springs
A hot thermal spring with rising steam. Symbol on Japanese cards. I want to relax with you, or let's go swimming!
Red question mark emoji - U+2753 Question Mark Ornament
I beg your pardon? A bright-red question mark, which underlines the high importance of the question asked. Chat partner expects an immediate response.
Exclamation mark Emoji - U+2757 Exclamation Mark
Thick (red) symbol for an exclamation mark. Is used to express a concern or to yell a desire for something.
Hundred points smiley Whatsapp - U+1F4AF 💯 Hundred Points Symbol
Number 100 in red, double underlined. Can mean: I'm proud, everything is perfect. I agree 100% with it. I got full score in the exam.
Trident emoji Whatsapp - U+1F531 🔱 Trident Emblem
The trident is a three-point spear, comparable to a pitchfork. Often seen in the hands of statues of gods. Can be a warning sign.
Golden flower Whatsapp emoji - U+269C Fleur-De-Lis
The golden flower is often used in a decorative way. Symbol in many logos like in the emblem of the world organization of the scout movement.
Yellow M smiley Whatsapp - U+303D Part Alternation Mark
The curved M is a Japanese punctuation mark that indicates the singer's start in a song. Also used as a symbol for McDonald's.
Recycling Symbol - U+267B Recycling Symbol
Green recycling symbol consisting of three counterclockwise arrows. Indicates that something can be reused. Can often be found on packages.
Squared CJK Unified Ideograph-6307 - U+1F22F 🈯 Reserved
In Chinese, this symbol is pronounced “zhi” and in Japanese “yubi”. Stands for a finger, or, depending on the context, a toe. Can also point at a place or in a direction.
Gem Kawai design smiley - U+1F4A0 💠 Diamond Shape With a Dot Inside
The beautiful and indestructible gem stands for long-term nature and high value. Is meant to emphasize childishness and reminds us of a flower.
Cyclone emoji Whatsapp - U+1F300 🌀 Cyclone
Symbol for a cyclone (violent hurricane in the tropics). Might mean: Beware, you are in for something.
Vacancy Emoji - U+1F233 🈳 Vacancy
There is something still available here. Japanese emoji for vacancy or availability. Among other things, it is used to indicate free parking spaces and hotel rooms.
Squared katakana sa symbol - U+1F202 🈂 Free Of Charge
Emoji indicates a free offer, mostly in connection with a service. In Japan, it calls attention to e.g. a free meal or drink.
Cinema Emoji - U+1F3A6 🎦 Cinema
Want to watch a movie? Film projector or cinema screen with curtains. Emoji represents the cinema.
Input Symbols Emoji - U+1F523 🔣 Input Symbols
Emoji shows a Japanese post office, a music note, the ampersand, and a percent sign. Used to enable the toolbar on input screens or keyboards.
Squared NG Emoji - U+1F196 🆖 NG Button
This is not OK! NG stands for “No Good” and is used as the colloquial antonym of “OK” in Japan. Chat partner wants to save you from a mistake or warn you about something.
Hashtag Emoji - U+20E3 Keycap Number Sign
Can I mark you? Emoji represents the hash key on a keyboard. Known as the hashtag, it is used to communicate within social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Is also used e.g. for credit checks with the mobile phone.
Right arrow Emoji - U+27A1 Right Arrow
Next please! An arrow pointing to the right may refer to the next person in a group or an object. Can also indicate the direction to the chat partner.
Left arrow Whatsapp - U+2B05 Left Arrow
To the west. This arrow pointing to the left is used to indicate the left path. Often this also refers to a previously made statement.
Refresh sign emoji - U+1F504 🔄 Anticlockwise Open Circle Arrows
Refresh sign. Can be found on Internet sites or as a key on devices. Can be used as a symbol for a restart or a new beginning, respectively.
Black wavy line smiley Whatsapp - U+3030 Wavy Dash
In Asian character sets, the wavy line has the same meaning as a hyphen in Latin-based standard languages.
Curly loop whatsapp emoji - U+27B0 Curly Loop
The “curly loop” is an astrological symbol and is also used as a secret code. Shhh, do not tell anyone!
Double curly loop Emoji - U+27BF Double Curly Loop
The double “curly loop” symbolizes a cassette recorder and is displayed as an icon for voice mail (answering machine) on mobile phones. Also known as freephone symbol (toll-free numbers) in Japan.
X Emoji - U+2716 Heavy Multiplication X
I cannot agree with that! Emoji can be used to characterize a false statement. Is often used as a symbol for the word “against” in sport.
Top arrow Emoji - U+1F51D 🔝 Top Arrow
That's TOP! Emoji literally and symbolically points upwards. Often thought of as an invitation to deal with the above again.
Soon arrow Emoji - U+1F51C 🔜 Soon Arrow
I'll be right there! A sign with the word “soon” and an arrow. Something will be accomplished soon, or as soon as possible.
Radio button Emoji - U+1F518 🔘 Radio Button
Hey, listen to the new hit! The radio button is usually applied when talking about music. Is one of the least used symbols.
Red circle Whatsapp - U+1F534 🔴 Large Red Circle
The red circle is usually applied to highlight a text message. Has no negative or positive connotation. Also used as a symbol for kickball (resembling baseball).
Black medium square Whatsapp - U+25FC Black Medium Square
I do not feel well today! The meaning of this square depends on the context. For example, is also used in connection with black outfits.
Eye in speech bubble Emoji Eye in Speech Bubble
The eye in the speech bubble represents the anti-bullying campaign “I Am A Witness”, which agitates against online abuse.
Dollar yen currency emoji Whatsapp - U+1F4B1 💱 Currency Exchange
Emoticon with dollar and yen currency symbols with arrows (or with euro and British pound). Stands for money exchange between two currencies.
Thought bubble smiley Whatsapp - U+1F4AD 💭 Thought Balloon
Emoji shows an empty thought bubble. Chat partner is pensive and still uncertain. First has to sort out himself.
Speech bubble emoji Whatsapp - U+1F4AC 💬 Speech Balloon
We need to talk about it! Speech bubble smiley with three dots. Can also mean: Just a second, I'm in a conversation at the moment.
Spade Suit Emoji - U+2660 Spade Suit
The spade emoji represents a playing card symbol. In bridge, the spade is the most valuable symbol, in skat the second most valuable. It is mostly used in conjunction with poker and card games.
18 Emoji - U+1F51E 🔞 No One Under Eighteen
A warning sign with the crossed number 18. Caution! Only adults are welcome here!