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Emoji Live Meaning Unicode
Mobile phone with pointing arrow emoji Whatsapp - U+1F4F2 📲 Mobile Phone With Rightwards Arrow at Left
Mobile phone with a pointing arrow. Stands for an incoming call or another action on the mobile phone.
Desktop Computer Emoji - U+1F5A5 🖥 Desktop Computer
Take a look at the screen! Emoji shows a current Apple model. In general, stands for working on the computer. Can also mean “I bought a new desktop”.
Computer mouse smiley Whatsapp - U+1F5B1 🖱 Computer Mouse
Emoticon shows a white computer mouse with three-button operation (Apple only with one button). Can be used for general computer work.
Trackball smiley Whatsapp - U+1F5B2 🖲 Trackball
Trackball to operate the computer. Works like a trackpad or a mouse. Chat partner is busy working on the computer.
Metal screw clamp emoji - U+1F5DC 🗜 Compression
I'll apply a headlock on you! A metal screw clamp with C-clamp symbolizes the pinching of objects or even people.
Alarm clock Emoji - U+23F0 Alarm Clock
“When shall we meet?” or “Don't forget our date!” The alarm clock often serves as a reminder or to indicate a deadline or urgency.
Nut and bolt Emoji - U+1F529 🔩 Bolt And Nut
I'm stuck like a limpet! A metal screw and a matching nut. The emoji is also used in connection with an upcoming repair.
Gear Emoji - U+2699 Gear
Emoji symbolically shows that something should be fuelled or set in motion. Can also mean “You wheel me in my life!”
Light smiley Whatsapp - U+1F4A1 💡 Electric Light Bulb
The switched-on light bulb means: It just dawned on me! I have just had a brilliant idea!
Flashlight Emoji - U+1F526 🔦 Flashlight
The flashlight can mean “There is no electricity”, “You're being x-rayed”, or “I know the truth.” The emoji is also used to symbolize camping and night walks.
Stack of banknotes emoji - U+1F4B8 💸 Money With Wings
A stack of banknotes with wings. Chat partner was on shopping tour and spent a lot. The money just flies away.
Gemstone smiley Whatsapp - U+1F48E 💎 Gem Stone
You mean everything to me! The gemstone emoji wants to say: You are important to me and as precious as a diamond.
Gun symbol Whatsapp - U+1F52B 🔫 Pistol
The gun can cause great damage. Its design indicates a police weapon. Is posted if someone is very angry.
Money bag Emoji - U+1F4B0 💰 Moneybag
A tightly filled moneybag with dollar sign. Used very often in well-known comics, such as those of Scrooge McDuck or the Beagle Boys. Caution! If the emoji is used, the conversation is about money.
Bomb smiley - U+1F4A3 💣 Bomb
Emoticon of a bomb that will explode any moment. Could mean anger or a very tense feeling on the side of the chat partner.
Shield Emoji - U+1F6E1 🛡 Shield
We must protect ourselves! The buckler emoji conveys protection and security. This symbol can often be found with antivirus software.
Cigarette Whatsapp - U+1F6AC 🚬 Cigarette
“I'm going to have a smoke” or “I'm nervous.” The cigarette is a symbol of enjoyment of life and inspiration. Can also mean that smoking is permitted here.
Coffin Emoji - U+26B0 Coffin
Rest in peace! Can indicate a case of death in the family or in the circle of friends. In addition, it symbolizes the valediction from things long gone.
Crystal ball emoji Whatsapp - U+1F52E 🔮 Crystal Ball
What will happen? The crystal ball symbolizes supernatural perceptions. Is used to look ahead and predict the future.
Prayer chain symbol Whatsapp - U+1F4A0 📿 Prayer Beads
A prayer chain, which is used by many religions. Stands for prayer, meditation, or religious spirituality.
Alembic Emoji - U+2697 Alembic
Glass vessel with long downward neck. Used by chemists to distill liquids. Can mean that someone loves experiments or is brewing something.
Black round hole smiley - U+1F573 🕳 Hole
Deep, black hole means: I am very embarrassed about something and feeling awkward. I just want to sink into a hole right now.
Pill smiley Whatsapp - U+1F48A 💊 Pill
I don't feel well at all! Emoticon of a tablet or pill. Symbol for illness or discomfort.
Syringe with reddish smiley - U+1F489 💉 Syringe
Syringe with reddish contents. Can mean: I have to go to the doctor (blood test). Also used as a symbol for drug consumption.
Key Emoji Whatsapp - U+1F511 🔑 Key
Golden key as an object: “I need my keys” or “Do not forget your keys”. Symbolic meaning: “This is very important!”
Framed picture Emoji - U+1F5BC 🖼 Framed Picture
This work of art in the frame can point to the photo of a person or that the chat partner is going to take photos. Also used to indicate art or a visit to the museum.
Bookmark smiley Whatsapp - U+1F516 🔖 Bookmark
The bookmark flags the last read page in a book. Means: I am done with reading. The emoji is also known as a price label.
Moai stone emoji Whatsapp - U+1F5FF 🗿 Moyai
Moai are stone figures on Easter Island. There is also such a statue in Tokyo. Serve as the connecting link to the hereafter.
Red balloon Whatsapp smiley - U+1F388 🎈 Balloon
Let's be happy and have fun! The red balloon is a symbol of joy. Can also symbolize your own uniqueness.
Izakaya lantern Emoji - U+1F3EE 🏮 Izakaya Paper Lantern
Traditional Japanese Izakaya lantern. These lanterns are often found at the front door of traditional Japanese restaurants. The emoji can be understood as an invitation.
Pink ribbon symbol Whatsapp - U+1F380 🎀 Ribbon
Pink ribbon stands for femininity and romance or girlishness. Also known as a symbol for the knowledge of breast cancer.
Confetti ball emoji - U+1F38A 🎊 Confetti Ball
A confetti ball has opened, colorful confetti are falling out. Expression of joy, fun, and community.
Confetti bomb Whatsapp smiley - U+1F389 🎉 Party Popper
Emoticon shows a confetti bomb. A party might be in progress or someone has been successful and is very happy about something.
Japanese dolls smiley Whatsapp - U+1F38E 🎎 Japanese Dolls
Two Japanese dolls in country-specific clothes. Traditionally, they are meant to keep away sickness and evil from you.
Wind chime smiley - U+1F390 🎐 Wind Chime
Traditional Japanese wind chime made of glass. It is designed to maximize the chi and vital energy.
Sealed with heart Whatsapp - U+1F48C 💌 Love Letter
Emoji presents a letter sealed with a heart. A love letter with a heartfelt, loving message.
Drawing pin symbol - U+1F4CD 📍 Round Pushpin
Here I am! Red drawing pin with round plastic head. Used to indicate your own position during navigation.
Crossed flags Emoji - U+1F38C 🎌 Crossed Flags
Two crossed Japanese flags. They are a sign of solidarity toward their origin. The red dot on white background symbolizes the rising sun.
Padlock with fountain pen Whatsapp - U+1F50F 🔏 Lock With Ink Pen
Blocked padlock with fountain pen. Confidential data is encrypted and secure, sensitive information has been digitally signed.
Open lock Emoji - U+1F513 🔓 Open Lock
An open padlock. “Something is open to you or available”, or: “I'm going to uncover something that has been a secret up to now”. Also possible: “Caution, this information is not secure!”
Lock Emoji - U+1F512 🔒 Lock
Closed padlock. The object or the information is not available to you, or you keep it safe and protected. Caution! A symbol of confidentiality!
Closed lock with key Emoji - U+1F510 🔐 Closed Lock With Key
Symbol of security. “The information is safe” or “Nobody else will find out!” A friend confides a secret to you and counts on your keeping it safe in your hands.