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You'll find all current symbols emojis in Whatsapp and Facebook as well as a description of their meaning. Have fun with diving into the colorful world of emojis!

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Black wavy line smiley Whatsapp U+3030
 Wavy Dash

In Asian character sets, the wavy line has the same meaning as a hyphen in Latin-based standard languages.

Curly loop whatsapp emoji U+27B0
 Curly Loop

The “curly loop“ originates from Japan. Looks like an astrological symbol and is also used as a secret code. Shhh, do not tell anyone!

Double curly loop Emoji U+27BF
 Double Curly Loop

The double “curly loop“ is known as a symbol for a toll-free number in Japan. Looks like the symbol of a cassette recorder or answering machine.

Cross mark symbol U+2611
 Cross mark field

The checkbox allows you to select several options, be it online or on paper-based questionnaires. Would you prefer to go to the cinema or to a concert? The color green is seen as positive and can indicate approval or confirmation.

Check mark symbol U+2611
 Checkbox with check mark

The checkbox is marked with a tick if it applies or one agrees. I agree with the terms and conditions on the Internet or the plans for the evening. To select different options or to confirm that missing groceries have been purchased.

X Emoji U+2716
 Heavy Multiplication X

I cannot agree with that! Emoji can be used to characterize a false statement. Is often used as a symbol for the word “against” in sport.

Infinity symbol U+267E

My love for you is eternal! The lying eight is a mathematical sign for an infinite number. Can have different meanings. Symbol for vicious circle, e.g. a snake is biting its own tail. Stands for entirety in tarot cards. Means eternal bond in friendship and love.

Eye in speech bubble Emoji U+1F441
👁️‍🗨️ Eye in Speech Bubble

The eye in the speech bubble represents the anti-bullying campaign “I Am A Witness”, which agitates against online abuse.

End arrow emoji U+1F51A
🔚 END With Left Arrow Above

The relationship is over or “The offer ends soon!“ The left-pointing arrow with the word “END“ may also ask you to go to the end of a song, a movie, etc. It can also express an emotional state, such as “I'm at the end of my tether!“

Back arrow Whatsapp U+1F519
🔙 BACK With Left Arrow

A left-pointing arrow with the word “BACK“ underneath. Can be used literally or metaphorically. “Turn around and take the other way“. Start over or return to something.

On arrow U+1F51B
🔛 On arrow

An arrow pointing to the left and to the right with the word “On“ underneath. It's business as usual or it's time to move on. The main thing is to get started, no matter which direction, because both ways bring you closer to the goal.

Top arrow Emoji U+1F51D
🔝 Top Arrow

That's TOP! Emoji literally and symbolically points upwards. Often thought of as an invitation to deal with the above again.

Soon arrow Emoji U+1F51C
🔜 Soon Arrow

I'll be right there! A sign with the word “soon” and an arrow. Something will be accomplished soon, or as soon as possible.

Tick emoji Whatsapp U+2714
 Bold Tick

Consider this matter ticked off! A task has been successfully completed or all preparations have been made. Everything is fine and working perfectly.

Radio button Emoji U+1F518
🔘 Radio Button

Hey, listen to the new hit! The radio button is usually applied when talking about music. Is one of the least used symbols.

Red circle Whatsapp U+1F534
🔴 Large Red Circle

The red circle is usually applied to highlight a text message. Has no negative or positive connotation. Also used as a symbol for kickball (resembling baseball).

Blue circle symbol U+1F535
🔵 Blue circle

The circle is a symbol of the perfect. We associate the color blue with the sky or the water. Blue is one of the favorite colors worldwide and is perceived as positive.

Black circle symbol U+26AB
 Black Circle

Picture of a perfect black circle. The geometric shape can stand for a blackout or a total eclipse. The color black usually expresses negative feelings or aversions.

White circle Whatsapp U+26AA
 White Circle

Can stand for an engagement, because the white circle's round shape resembles a ring. Symbol for asexual or genderless (gender).

Red triangle emoji U+1F53A
🔺 Red triangle pointing up

The A-shape of the triangle is seen as positive and stands for growth and success. The color red is associated with temperament, warmth and vitality. Directs your view or indicates something: Take a close look at my previous message!

Red triangle Whatsapp U+1F53B
🔻 Red triangle pointing down

I'm coming down with the elevator! We associate the color red with passion but also with aggression. In China, red is the color of luck and fortune. The V-shape of the triangle with the tip pointing downwards symbolizes descent or danger.

Orange rhombus U+1F538
🔸 Small orange diamond

The world's largest orange diamond has 14.82 carats and was auctioned off in 2013 for a record EUR 30 million. Are known for their brilliancy and their brightness. Nitrogen is responsible for the orange coloration.

Blue diamond emoji U+1F539
🔹 Small Blue Diamond

The diamond stands for invincibility and purity. Blue diamonds are very rare and the best known is the Hope Diamond. It is allegedly cursed and brings misfortune to its owner.

Black square with white border U+1F533
🔳 White Square Key

The black square with the white border represents a push-button. Can also be used as a geometric shape or as a decoration.

White square black frame U+1F532
🔲 Black square button

A square with straight edges and right angles expresses balance and stability. Black is the color of darkness and can be threatening as well as fascinating. The opposite of black is white, the color of brightness.

Black medium square Whatsapp U+25FC
 Black Medium Square

I do not feel well today! The meaning of this square depends on the context. For example, is also used in connection with black outfits.

White square smiley U+25FB
◻‍:️ White (medium-size) square

The square stands for symmetry and order. The color white stands for purity, cleanliness and perfection. While in western cultures brides are dressed in white, the color stands for mourning and death in eastern cultures.

Loudspeaker emoji U+1F508
🔈 Loudspeaker

There has just been an announcement over the speaker! Can also refer to a conversation or to music. The emoji is often associated with nightlife.

Loudspeaker mute U+1F507
🔇 Mute speaker

Quiet now! The volume is muted. Someone is asked to be quiet or stop talking right away. Maybe someone is at the cinema or in the library and needs to mute the telephone right now.

Increase volume U+1F50A
🔊 Speaker with three sound waves

“I cannot hear you” or “That's way too loud”! The volume is not optimal and should be adjusted accordingly. Icon on technical devices to increase the volume.

Bell Whatsapp U+1F514
🔔 Bell

I will get back to you later! The golden bell symbolizes notifications on cell phones or stands for ringtones. Can also be used as a Christmas bell.

Crossed bell U+1F515
🔕 Bell with slash

The phone is muted! The crossed-out bell can be a hint. Someone is in a quiet area, e.g. a cinema or library, and needs to mute the cell phone.

Megaphone Whatsapp U+1F4E3
📣 Megaphone

Let's go, team! Be it to cheer someone on at a sports event, at demonstrations or for announcements of the police or fire department. The funnel shape directs the sound, thus making spoken words understandable over long distances.

Public loudspeaker U+1F4E2
📢 Speaker for public announcements

I have an announcement to make! A loudspeaker used to make announcements in public areas, e.g. on sports fields or at events.

Speech bubble emoji Whatsapp U+1F4AC
💬 Speech Balloon

We need to talk about it! Speech bubble smiley with three dots. Can also mean: Just a second, I'm in a conversation at the moment.

Thought bubble smiley Whatsapp U+1F4AD
💭 Thought Balloon

In comics, the thought bubble indicates that the character is thinking. Can point to an inner dialogue, a procedure must be considered or a decision yet to be made. Represents daydreaming ...

Speech bubble shouting U+1F5EF
🗯️ Angry speech bubble

Gosh darn it, where are you? In comics, the serrated edge of the speech bubble indicates loud, furious speech. Someone is screaming, upset or arguing.

Spade Suit Emoji U+2660
 Spade Suit

I still have an ace up my sleeve! Is mostly used in conjunction with poker and card games. In bridge, the spade is the most valuable symbol, in skat the second most valuable.

Black clover U+2663
♣‍️ Clubs playing card

The symbol of the clubs playing card is a trifoliate cloverleaf. Refers to card games, mostly poker. Be it an invitation to a cozy round at home or a trip to a casino. The trifoliate clover also symbolizes the unity of body, mind and soul.

Hearts playing card Whatsapp U+2665
 Heart Suit

One of the four colors in the card game. Generally, the heart represents feelings and love relationships. Opportunities should be seized and risks taken.

Diamonds emoji U+2666
♦‍️ Diamonds playing card

Fancy a round of poker? Diamonds is a color value on the French hand. Cards are also used for soothsaying, with diamonds being a sign of blessing and material wealth.

Joker playing card Whatsapp U+1F0CF
🃏 Joker Playing Card

I still have a joker up my sleeve! The Joker occurs in various games and can replace any card. Usually a court jester is pictured, hiding his face behind a mask.

Flower card symbol U+1F3B4
🎴 Japanese Flower Card

Japanese playing cards (Hanafuda) with floral motifs. For each month there are different cards with different values, a total of 48 cards. The full moon card is assigned to the month of August.