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You'll find all current symbols emojis in Whatsapp and Facebook as well as a description of their meaning. Have fun with diving into the colorful world of emojis!

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Sign exclamation mark symbol U+26A0

Take this as a warning! The black exclamation mark in the yellow triangle is a universal warning symbol. Is symbolic for potential danger or someone is entering dangerous grounds.

Caution children sign U+1F6B8
🚸 Caution Children

Sign for motorists to drive with particular care and to watch out for children who might suddenly run onto the road. Near schools or on the way to school.

Yellow-green sign U+1F530
🔰 Japanese symbol for beginner

He's just got his driver's license! In Japan, the yellow-green sign (Shoshinsha label) must be visibly attached to the car for one year. Symbol for novice drivers and mandatory in Japan since 1972.

Recycling Symbol U+267B
 Recycling Symbol

Green recycling symbol consisting of three counterclockwise arrows. Indicates that something can be reused. Can often be found on packages.

Green check mark symbol U+2705
 Check mark button

Everything is alright! The tick stands for an add-on or an approval. A task has been completed successfully. The signal color green is usually seen positive: someone has a green thumb. Or you give someone the green light. As positive feedback on a plan or intention: go ahead!

Squared CJK Unified Ideograph-6307 U+1F22F
🈯 Reserved

In Chinese, this symbol is pronounced “zhi“ and in Japanese “yubi“. Stands for a finger or a toe, which is pointing at a certain place or in a direction.

Chart yen U+1F4B9
💹 Chart with uptrend and yen sign

This is a good rate to exchange money! The chart shows the price of the Japanese yen. In this case an upward trend, of the economy or the trade.

Sparkle symbol U+2747

The eyes are sparkling with joy, the floor is shining with cleanliness or the new ring is glittering and gleaming. For everything that shines and sparkles. Can also be used decoratively.

Asterisk symbol U+2733
 Asterisk button

The asterisk is the typographical symbol for a footnote or a note and a special key on the keyboard. Placeholder in words you don’t want to write out: He’s an a...! Also known as gender asterisk.

Globe with meridians U+1F310
🌐 Globe With Meridians

The planet earth with latitude and longitude (meridian). Symbol for internationalization, such as global movements or the worldwide web. On iOS devices, icon for changing the keyboard language.

Gem Kawai design smiley U+1F4A0
💠 Diamond Shape With a Dot Inside

Represents the Japanese term Kawaii. Translated, it means lovable, sweet, cute, adorable. A lifestyle that puts the childish and cute side in the foreground. Resembles a flower in its shape.

Letter M in circle U+24C2
 Encircled Latin capital M

I'll meet you at the subway station! This sign can usually be found in big cities and serves as a guide in local public transport. Because subways, outside of Germany usually called Metro, run underground. This sign indicates where a station is located.

Cyclone emoji Whatsapp U+1F300
🌀 Cyclone

Symbol for a cyclone (violent hurricane in the tropics). Might mean: Beware, you are in for something. The spiral shape can also be used in a decorative way. In its original meaning the symbol for dizziness (I feel dizzy).

Sleep symbol U+1F4A4
💤 Symbol for sleeping

I'll go to bed early tonight! In comics, the Zzz illustrates that someone is sleeping. Can represent drowsiness but also stand for disinterest and boredom.

Elevator emoji U+1F6D7
🛗 Elevator

I hope there is an elevator! In 1853, the American Elisha Graves Otis invented the fall-proof elevator. The longest elevator shaft with approx. one kilometer is located in the Jeddah Tower. May relate to the fear of getting stuck in an elevator.

Automated teller machine U+1F3E7
🏧 Symbol teller machine

ATM stands for Automatic Teller Machine. With the help of a credit card, you can withdraw cash abroad. ATM icon. In connection with finances or travel.

WC symbol U+1F6BE
🚾 Water Closet

I'm going to the toilet! The abbreviation comes from the English water closet. In German, you say loo or “quiet place”. In some countries, this symbol points to the toilet in public buildings.

Wheelchair Whatsapp U+267F
 Wheelchair symbol

Is there barrier-free access? Accessibility symbol. The wheelchair is a means of transport for people with disabilities. Information sign in restaurants or to mark parking spaces.

Parking symbol U+1F17F
🅿‍:️ P button

Where shall we park the car? or “I'm looking for a parking space”! The white P on a blue background is a parking space sign and indicates places where the car can be parked. Parking lot symbol.

Vacancy Emoji U+1F233
🈳 Vacancy

There is something still available here. Japanese emoji for vacancy or availability. Among other things, it is used to indicate free parking spaces and hotel rooms.

Squared katakana sa symbol U+1F202
🈂 Free Of Charge

Emoji indicates a free offer, mostly in connection with a service. In Japan, it calls attention to e.g. a free meal or drink.

Passport control emoji U+1F6C2
🛂 Passport control

Remember your passport! Passport control icon. The information sign can be found at airports or border crossings. Depending on the country, a specific identification document is required for entry, such as an identity card or passport. Usually refers to a trip or a stay abroad.

Customs control smiley U+1F6C3
🛃 Customs

The package is stuck in customs or the suitcase is lost! Customs control icon. Information sign at airports or border crossings. A customs officer inspects the baggage, checks whether, for example, goods are being imported illegally.

Baggage carousel smiley U+1F6C4
🛄 Baggage claim

We have landed and are waiting for the suitcases! A suitcase lying on a baggage conveyor belt. Icon for baggage claim at airports, train stations or bus terminals. Can represent a lost suitcase or travel in general.

Sign suitcase with key U+1F6C5
🛅 Baggage Room

Sign pointing to luggage lockers where luggage can be safely stored for a fee. Can be found, for example, at airports or at bus stations in Japan.

Men's toilet symbol U+1F6B9
🚹 Men symbol

“I have to see a man about a dog” or “I am in the john”. The symbol explains to gentlemen which toilet door is the right one. Men spend more time in the bathroom than women, but they do not go there as often.

Symbol ladies washroom Whatsapp U+1F6BA
🚺 Ladies' Washroom

The female stick figure often points to the ladies' room. It is still a popular mystery why women go to the bathroom together. Can generally be used as a symbol for the female gender.

Baby symbol Whatsapp U+1F6BC
🚼 Baby

The symbol indicates a suitable room with baby changing table to change the baby's diapers. Refers to newborns or as an indication of pregnancy.

Restroom symbol U+1F6BB
🚻 Restroom symbol

Is there a restroom nearby? Public toilet symbol. Mostly a unisex toilet: can be used by everyone regardless of sexual identity.

Waste bin symbol U+1F6AE
🚮 Paper basket symbol

Tidy up now! The symbol shows a person throwing their rubbish into a trash can. The sign can be seen in parks or on hiking trails. Informs people not to simply throw away litter, but to dispose of it correctly.

Cinema Emoji U+1F3A6
🎦 Cinema

Want to watch a movie? Film projector or cinema screen with curtains. Emoji represents the cinema.

Mobile reception emoji U+1F4F6
📶 Signal strength

My reception is bad, I'll get back to you later! Bar-shaped signal strength display. The more bars, the better the connection. As an explanation of why you did not answer or the telephone connection was suddenly interrupted.

Koko symbol U+1F201
🈁 Japanese for “here“

What is this place called? Japanese written language for emphasis and as an eye-catcher, e.g. on signs. The sign means “here” (koko) and refers to location information.

Input Symbols Emoji U+1F523
🔣 Input Symbol

Emoji shows a Japanese post office, a music note, the ampersand, and a percent sign. Icon for switching from the alphabetic to the numeric keyboard or to the keyboard with symbols or special characters.

Information symbol U+2139
ℹ‍️ Information

Can you provide any information about this? The small “i” stands for information. The sign points to a tourist information office. Is used for orientation in parks or zoos and provides information about the region when on vacation.

ABC button U+1F524
🔤 Input button Latin letters

We are learning Latin! As a key, it switches the keyboard to letters. Abc is an identifier for the alphabet. The old Latin alphabet, in existence since 700 BC, comprised 23 instead of the current 26 letters.

abcd button Whatsapp U+1F521
🔡 Input button Latin lowercase letters

It is really that simple! Pressing the key changes the keyboard to lower case. Can relate to school, the children are rehearsing the ABC.

ABCD button U+1F520
🔠 Input button Latin uppercase letters

The key can be used to switch to capitalization. The emoji shows the first four letters of the Latin alphabet in capital letters. The child is learning to write or to express: It is extremely easy!

Squared NG Emoji U+1F196
🆖 NG Button

This is not OK! NG stands for “No Good” and is used as the colloquial antonym of “OK” in Japan. Chat partner wants to save you from a mistake or warn you about something.

OK symbol U+1F197
🆗 OK button

I agree! As a question, consent or confirmation. Short for “okay”. So everything is correct!

UP symbol U+1F199
🆙 UP button

Things are looking up! Originally intended to illustrate moving up to the next level of a game. There is also an upward trend in life: a promotion is pending at work or the next class has been reached.

Cool emoji U+1F192
🆒 Cool button

“I consent to this” or “I like that”! Expresses admiration or appreciation. Keeping calm. Once a buzzword in the language of young people, today an arbitrary word for anything that pleases.

New symbol Whatsapp U+1F195
🆕 New button

We're going to New York! New apartment, new hairstyle, new job or new partner. Also in the sense of novel, unused or freshly baked.

Free symbol U+1F193
🆓 Free button

Free and unbound. Can also mean for nothing or at no charge. The books are for free or you can have your second coffee at no charge in your favorite cafe.

Zero key symbol U+30
0️⃣ Zero Key

Keyboard key with rounded corners and the number 0 in the middle. The freezing point of water. Someone gets from naught to sixty!

One key symbol U+31
1️⃣ One Key

Square with rounded corners and the number 1 in the middle. Looks like a keyboard key. Can be used to emphasize numerical data, e.g. year dates.

Two key symbol U+32
2️⃣ Two Key

Square with rounded corners and the number 2 in the middle. Similar to a keyboard key. Symbol of opposites, e.g. man and woman or yin and yang.

Button 3 symbol U+33
3️⃣ Three button

The number three is used in education (“I'm counting to three!”) or is a stimulus for another attempt (“All good things come in threes”). We often count down from three to ring in a start.

Four key symbol U+34
4️⃣ Four Key

Keyboard key with rounded corners and the number 4 in the middle. Four cardinal directions, four seasons. Stands for luck in the western world (shamrock) and is an unlucky number in Asia.

Button five symbol U+35
5️⃣ Five button

You give someone a high five, or you bought something in a five-and-dime. The restaurant gets a five star rating. There’s a five o’clock shadow in your face. The number can be highlighted with the emoji.

Button 6 symbol U+36
6️⃣ Six button

The sixth sense, an unconscious perception, has helped in an ambiguous situation. The new neighbor shows his six-pack. He’s six feet under. In tarot, the number six stands for love.

Seven key symbol U+37
7️⃣ Seven Key

Keyboard key with the number 7 in the middle. Number of days of a week. Often occurs in fairy tales, e.g. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Valiant Little Tailor slays seven (flies) in one go.

Button 8 symbol U+38
8️⃣ Eight button

Meeting at eight! Highlights a number or a countdown: my vacation starts in eight weeks! A lucky number in Chinese. He has one over the eight or he’s behind the eight ball.

Button 9 symbol U+39
9️⃣ Nine button

Let’s play nine men’s morris! She’s a nine day wonder or I’m on cloud nine. The emoji puts a countdown or number in the foreground. “My child is already 9 years old” or “Our cat has nine lives”!

Button 10 symbol U+1F51F
🔟 Ten button

10... 9... 8... Usually the countdown starts from 10 and counts backwards. Brings the number to the fore: It's our 10th anniversary! For scales, 10 is often the highest threshold. Full score achieved!

Numbers button emoji U+1F522
🔢 Input button numbers

Can you please write down the number for me! This key changes the keyboard from letters to numbers. Math is your favorite subject or tutoring would be necessary.

Hashtag Emoji U+20E3
#️⃣ Keycap Number Sign

Can I mark you? Emoji represents the hash key on a keyboard. Known as the hashtag, it is used to communicate within social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Is also used e.g. for credit checks with the mobile phone.

Asterisk button emoji U+2A
*️⃣ Asterisk button

I want to note something! The asterisk indicates additional information or comments in a text. Serves as part of the USSD code for switching on a function, e.g. the activation of the mailbox.

Eject symbol U+23CF
⏏‍️ Eject button

I'm out before I get in trouble! The button interrupts the connection to the computer or a media player and ejects the CD, DVD or USB stick.

Play button U+25B6
▶‍️ Play button

Here we go! Play symbol: The button starts a song or video. Someone is watching a movie and doesn't want to be disturbed.

Pause button smiley U+23F8
⏸‍️ Pause button

I need a break! From everyday life, a stressful person, a conversation, during the workday or from a relationship. The pause button temporarily pauses a song or video. A request to briefly interrupt the current activity and listen.

Pause play button U+23EF
⏯‍️ Play or pause button

Shall we take a short break or will we continue straight away? Pressing this button pauses or plays the current song or video. Can you pause the film so we can talk on the phone? Can stand for a short break.

Stop button emoji U+23F9
⏹‍️ Stop button

“We're stopping now” or “Can we stop here”? Pressing the button pauses or interrupts something, e.g. a ride, a video or a song. Can mean that someone is bored or annoyed or wants to be left alone. Get away with you!

Record button symbol U+23FA
⏺‍️ Record button

The record button flashes, the camera is on. Now it's time to watch out what you say or do! Everything is recorded. Pressing the button starts recording of sound and (moving) images. You would like to capture a special scene or situation.

Next title button U+23ED
⏭‍️ Next title button

Can we move on to the next topic? Two triangles to the right with bars. Button to go to the next video or music track. I would like to skip this day entirely!

Last title emoji U+23EE
⏮‍️ Previous title button

The button with the two triangles to the left gets you to the previous video or music track. An event, a vacation or a situation was so great that you’d love to go back and experience it one more time.

Fast-forward Whatsapp U+23E9
 Fast-forward button

Can we get to the basics? Two triangles pointing to the right. Fast forward within the song or video. You want to fast forward or even skip or speed up something because of boredom, lack of interest or time pressure.

Rewind symbol U+23EA
 Rewind button

The button can be used to rewind current music tracks or videos to a specific point. Something happened too quickly or was not captured properly. Can we come back to that for a moment?

Fast upwards button U+23EB
 Fast upwards button

Step it up a notch! Similar to the fast forward or rewind button, but rotated 90° upwards. The other person speaks too slowly. Reference to the high pitch of a woman's voice. If a video or music track is accelerated, the voices sound like cartoon characters.

Fast downwards button U+23EC
 Fast downwards button

I would like to see that in slow motion! The button with the two triangles pointing down slows down a video or song. The distorted sound makes the voice pitch sound lower and music can sound scary.

Back button symbol U+25C0
◀‍️ Back button

Can you say that again? Or “I would like to go back there”! The button with the triangle to the left takes you back to the previous video, song or channel. You want to go back, relive the day or an event.

Upwards button U+1F53C
🔼 Upwards button

By pressing the button on the remote control you can change the channel or increase the volume. Can also draw attention to something: Look up, the starry sky! The triangle stands for an entity and for the elements of air and fire.

Downward triangle symbol U+1F53D
🔽 Downward Button

Geometric sign with a downward pointing triangle. Can be used for navigation (down) or give more emphasis to a communication.

Right arrow Emoji U+27A1
 Right Arrow

Next please! An arrow pointing to the right may refer to the next person in a group or an object. Can also indicate the direction to the chat partner.

Left arrow Whatsapp U+2B05
 Left Arrow

To the west. This arrow is used to indicate a direction. Someone is asked to look left. Often this also refers to a previously made statement.

Up arrow symbol U+2B06
 Up Arrow

The arrow indicates the direction: symbolically or literally. “Things are looking up again!“ Or “I already told you in my previous message.“

Downwards arrow U+2B07
⬇‍️ Downwards arrow

The day was really bad or everything is down the drain! The arrow points down or south. Can stand for disapproval or for directions. Come downstairs right now!

Arrow top right U+2197
↗‍️ North-east arrow

I’m hyped up! The arrow points upwards to the right or in a northeasterly direction. Refers to directions or for driving routes. Can indicate something.

Arrow bottom right U+2198
↘‍️ South-east arrow

It goes downhill: with our mood or our finances. The arrow points down to the right or to the southeast. Can refer to driving routes or directions, e.g. we are going to Southeast Asia by plane.

Arrow bottom left U+2199
↙‍️ South-west arrow

Stands for the cardinal point or the direction to southwest. May refer to a city or country in a south-westerly direction. Draws attention to something in that direction. The shirt is in the closet at the bottom left!

Arrow top left U+2196
↖‍️ North-west arrow

It’s in the closet at the top left! The arrow points up to the left or to the northwest. Can refer to the cardinal point or serve as a route description. It’s the house on the left!

Arrow upwards downwards U+2195
↕‍️ Arrow upwards and downwards

The arrow points in two opposite directions, up and down. As a symbol, indicates the height. Movement upwards stands for growth and life, movement downwards for descent and change.

Arrow left right U+2194
↔‍️ Arrow left and right

I don't know where to go! The arrowheads point in opposite directions. Can stand for a length specification or for interchangeability. An arrow to the left means the past, to the right means the future.

Arrow bending right U+21AA
↪‍️ Arrow bent to the right

We’re turning around! The left arrow turns in the other direction. Similar to the symbol for reversing. Something or someone comes back to you.

Arrow bending left U+21A9
↩‍️ Arrow bent to the left

Please answer my message! The arrow turns to the left. Reply icon in emails. Something is to be undone or taken back. Can refer to a direction specification.

Arrow bending upwards U+2934
⤴‍️ Arrow bent upwards

Things are looking up! The arrow turns and points upwards. Can be used for directions: Follow the road. Shows an upward trend. The day is going well or to show that it can only get better.

Arrow bending downwards U+2935
⤵‍️ Arrow bent downwards

Things are not going so well! In a bad mood, the day did not go so well. The arrow turns and points down. For directions or to indicate a downward trend.

Symbol shuffle U+1F500
🔀 Shuffle button

Let's try something else! Two right arrows that cross each other. Random play symbol: The music tracks are played in a random order. Can also mean changing places with someone or swapping something.

Replay button U+1F501
🔁 Replay button

“I watched the replay” or “I listen to the new album on an infinite loop”! Clockwise circular arrows symbolize repetition. Metaphorical for the recurring cycles of life.

Symbol replay U+1F502
🔂 Replay once button

Just once more! Two arrows rotate clockwise with the number 1. A music track or album is only repeated once instead of in an infinite loop.

Refresh sign emoji U+1F504
🔄 Anticlockwise Open Circle Arrows

Counterclockwise rotating arrows. Can be found on the Internet to refresh the page. Can be used as a symbol for a restart or new start. Or to express that something is recurring.

Symbol arrows clockwise U+1F503
🔃 Vertical arrows clockwise

Vertical clockwise arrows can represent recycling or reuse, environmental issues, repetition or regeneration, and cycles. The day was terrific, we must do that again!

Note symbol U+1F3B5
🎵 Note

Excerpt from a printed piece of music: Two eighth notes connected to a bar. Refers to a song or to listening to music, e.g. on the radio.

Music notes symbol U+1F3B6
🎶 Music notes

I love music! The music notes are part of a song and used in connection with music or singing. Someone is in a great mood singing to himself. Symbol for the pursuit of harmony.

Dollar emoji U+1F4B2
💲 Dollar sign

You’ve already got dollar signs in your eyes! Symbol of wealth and valuable things. May also refer to non (or not sufficiently) existing or lent money. Much was spent when shopping or something is quite expensive.

Dollar yen currency emoji Whatsapp U+1F4B1
💱 Currency Exchange

Emoticon with dollar and yen currency symbols with arrows. Sometimes with euro and British pound. Stands for money exchange between two currencies.

TM symbol U+2122
 Registered Trademark

Circle with a T and M in the middle. Writing “trademark” after a brand name comes from the US. Use cannot be made without explicit permission. Is often jokingly used in a chat with a fictitious name, e.g. tomatosauceleavesbeautifulspots'shirt™.

Copyright symbol U+A9
© Copyright Symbol

Circle with a C in the middle. The C stands for copyright. The creator's rights of a work are protected by law. Only he or she can decide on publication, distribution or duplication.

R symbol Whatsapp U+AE
® Registered Logo

Circle with an R in the middle. The R stands for registered. The labeling may only be used for registered trademarks. Trademark law thus protects goods or services from imitators.