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Man and woman kiss smiley U+1F48F
💏 Kiss

Man and woman with closed eyes and lips pointed to kiss. They would love to kiss now. The pink heart stands for love.

U+1F469 U+2764 U+1F469
Kissing women emoji U+1F469 U+2764 U+1F469
👩‍❤️‍💋 Kiss: woman, woman

The eyes are closed, the women are kissing or are about to kiss. The two are in a romantic relationship and feel for each other. The heart stands for their feelings and symbolizes love.

U+1F468 U+2764 U+1F468
Kissing men Whatsapp U+1F468 U+2764 U+1F468
👨‍❤️‍💋 Kiss: man, man

Two men with their eyes closed just before they kiss. The two are in a romantic relationship and are in love.

Family symbol U+1F46A
👪 Family

Can refer to the classical constellation of father, mother, child(ren), or to a close relationship within the family. You start a family or are invited to a party in the inner circle.

U+1F469 U+1F466
Mother son whatsapp U+1F469 U+1F466
👩‍👦 Family: woman, boy

My little brother is annoying! The woman is the sister or mother of a little boy. Represents family ties. May mean the woman is a single parent.

U+1F469 ‍U+1F467
Mother daughter smiley U+1F469 ‍U+1F467
👩‍👧 Family: woman, girl

My daughter is like me or “I like spending time with my sister“. Used by the mother, it can refer to the daughter or vice versa. Represents family ties. May mean the woman is a single parent.

U+1F469 U+1F467 U+1F466
Mother children emoji U+1F469 U+1F467 U+1F466
👩‍👧‍👦 Family: woman, girl, boy

The man is working, his wife spends the day alone with the children. Can refer to a particular mother with her children, to a single parent, or to motherly love in general.

U+1F469 U+1F466 U+1F466
Mother sons emoji U+1F469 U+1F466 U+1F466
👩‍👦‍👦 Family: woman, boy, boy

My sons are great or “I am a mother of twins“. Can stand for motherly love in general or for kinship.

U+1F469 U+1F467 U+1F467
Mother daughters smiley U+1F469 U+1F467 U+1F467
👩‍👧‍👧 Family: woman, girl, girl

A mere women's household is great! Mother of two daughters or twins. Can also be an aunt with her nieces, or sisters.

U+1F468 U+1F466
Man boy U+1F468 U+1F466
👨‍👦 Family: man, boy

Like father, like son or “He takes completely after the father“. Symbolizes a family (father and son, brothers, cousins) and a close relationship. May stand for a father and son trip, love among brothers and sisters or a single parent.

U+1F468 U+1F467
Man daughter U+1F468 U+1F467
👨‍👧 Family: man, girl

I'm raising my daughter on my own or “My little sister is my one and all“. The persons are related or in a close relationship with each other.

U+1F468 U+1F467 U+1F466
Man with children U+1F468 U+1F467 U+1F466
👨‍👧‍👦 Family: man, girl, boy

Single father or the wife is out and about and the husband is looking after the children. A proud father who spends time with his children or an older brother who takes care of his siblings.

U+1F468 U+1F466 U+1F466
Man with sons U+1F468 U+1F466 U+1F466
👨‍👦‍👦 Family: man, boy, boy

Family man with his sons or the big brother with his younger brothers. Whether related by blood or not, there is a close emotional relationship. Illustrates a father's love, an excursion with his sons or a single father.

U+1F468 U+1F467 U+1F467
Father daughters emoji U+1F468 U+1F467 U+1F467
👨‍👧‍👧 Family: man, girl, girl

I guard my daughters jealously! Girls are often daddy's girls and fathers would love to lay the world at their princesses' feet. The father is spending time with his daughters or is a single parent.

Ball of wool U+1F9F6
🧶 Ball of wool

Untangle the ravel in your head! The fur of sheep, goats and camels is made into wool. By rolling it up to a ball the wool does not get entangled. It warms you, is cuddly and is used for crocheting or knitting. As ball of fur, can be the nickname for fluffy baby animals.

Thread reel Whatsapp U+1F9F5
🧵 Thread reel

You are losing the thread, pull the string or dangle on the string. Something is running like a golden thread through a story. A thread of fibers is rolled up on the reel. Used for handicrafts, such as sewing.

Coat whatsapp U+1F9E5
🧥 Coat

It is raining, I'll put on a coat! The days are getting colder or it's already winter. The coat protects against rain and chill and is a fashionable accessory.

Laboratory coat U+1F97C
🥼 Laboratory coat

Later on, I will have to go to the doctor! The knee-length coat made of white or light fabric is used as working garment in the chemical or medical industry. Symbol of cleanliness and purity.

Reflective vest emoji U+1F9BA
🦺 Safety vest

My new workwear is here! The vest in signal colors serves for better visibility. Used by construction workers, airport employees or stadium stewards, as well as in the event of breakdowns in road traffic.

Blouse emoji U+1F45A
👚 Woman's Clothes

I am dressing up today! The feminine garment can be worn on many occasions. Whether casually in your leisure time or businesslike at work. The blouse can represent fashion and femininity.

Shirt emoji Whatsapp U+1F455
👕 T-Shirt

It is getting warmer outside, you can wear short sleeves again. You need new t-shirts, the girlfriend wants to go shopping. At the so-called wet t-shirt contest the female participants are soused with water.

Jeans Whatsapp U+1F456
👖 Jeans

The cult trousers are extremely popular with both sexes. As dungarees, because of the robustness or as casual wear, because of the offhandedness. The blue jeans can stand for fashion, casual look or shopping.

Panties smiley U+1FA72
🩲 Underpants

Briefs, panties, knickers. Whether underwear or swimming trunks, this model is scanty and tight. Men have an average of 23 underpants in their closets. Four out of five men buy their underwear themselves and the most popular color is black.

Shorts emoji U+1FA73
🩳 Shorts

Pack your swimming trunks! We’re going to the lake or on vacation. The comfortable item of clothing can be swimming trunks, boxer shorts, Bermuda shorts or slacks.

Shirt with tie emoji U+1F454
👔 Shirt With Tie

A shirt with a matching tie is often worn for work and formal occasions. There is something to celebrate and the man is dressing up.

Dress Whatsapp U+1F457
👗 Dress

Symbol of femininity. Whether dress with spaghetti straps in summer, evening dress for the chic event or party dress for the club. Represents fashion, shopping or beauty.

Bikini Emoji U+1F459
👙 Bikini

I want to go swimming and to bathe in the sun! The bikini is a symbol of summer, sun and fun. Can also mean “You look great, sexy bikini!”

Kimono Emoji U+1F458
👘 Kimono

Traditional Japanese garment. The kimono is worn by both men and women. Symbol of Japanese culture or cuisine as well as travel to Japan.

Sari Whatsapp U+1F97B
🥻 Sari

The wrap robe is a traditional piece of clothing. The colorful fabric is between 5 and 9 m long. Expresses the preference for Bollywood films or fashion and represents Hinduism or India.

Swimsuit smiley U+1FA71
🩱 One-piece swimsuit

Summer can come! With swimwear you associate hot summer days, swimming in the lake or vacationing by the sea. Maybe a new swimsuit is needed or you may have discovered swimming for yourself.

Flip-flop smiley U+1FA74
🩴 Thongs

Summer, sun, sea! Leisure sandals for the summer. Sandals are the oldest type of shoes in the world and have been around for 3,000 years. In the 1950s, the plastic variant was spread over the world from Japan via the USA. Synonym for the beach lifestyle.

Ballerina emoji U+1F97F
🥿 Ballerina

I am going to put on ballerinas for our city stroll! The ballerina is a flat, girlish shoe to slip in. The name comes from the visual resemblance to the shoes used in ballet. Ballerinas are very popular, can be perfectly combined and are comfortable.

Red high heels smiley U+1F460
👠 High-Heeled Shoe

Attention, here comes a vamp! Men are sexually attracted by red high heels. Wants to go out and experience something exciting.

Sandal Whatsapp U+1F461
👡 Woman's Sandal

The fashionable, open lady's shoe can only be worn in spring or summer. Represents beautiful and warm days, balmy summer nights or holidays.

Boots emoji U+1F462
👢 Ladies’ boots

I’ve got great new boots or I'm dressing up today! The days are getting cooler and eventually we can wear boots again. Maybe the other person wants to go shopping for new boots: On average, women buy six pairs of shoes per year.

Man shoe emoji U+1F45E
👞 Man's Shoe

I bought new shoes! The men's shoe can be worn at work, for going out or in leisure time. On average, men own 8 pairs of shoes, women 17.

Sneaker emoji U+1F45F
👟 Sports shoe

We are going jogging! A special shoe for sports activities, for example, for the gym or for golfing, or a sneaker as a fashionable item. The emoji symbolizes a healthy and active lifestyle.

Hiking boot U+1F97E
🥾 Hiking boot

Let's go hiking! The robust shoes protect the foot and provide stability, shock absorption and surefootedness. In the past, hiking was considered boring, but it is becoming a trend sport now. Out into nature!

Socks smiley U+1F9E6
🧦 Socks

“This knocked his socks off!”, “Put a sock in it!” or “Now pull your socks up!” Socks protect our feet from the cold and help to avoid blisters. A status symbol till the Middle Ages, a bulk good today. If you aren't careful, they are eaten by the washing machine or the dog!

Gloves emoji U+1F9E4
🧤 Gloves

It's cold, I need my gloves! Accessory, protection or winter clothing. Gloves protect hands from coldness, humidity and dirt.

Scarf U+1F9E3
🧣 Scarf

Wrap up warm, it's cold outside! Part of winter clothing on cold days. Whether winter holiday or fashion accessory, the scarf protects you against wind, is cuddly and keeps your neck warm.

Top hat smiley Whatsapp U+1F3A9
🎩 Top Hat

In Great Britain, the top hat is worn on traditional occasions like a wedding. Also known from Monopoly.

Baseball cap emoji U+1F9E2
🧢 Baseball cap

We are following the games of the Major League! The baseball cap with the sun visor is a fashionable headgear and protects against the sun. The cap has its origin with the baseball players in the United States. Today it is part of casual wear.

Sun hat Whatsapp U+1F452
👒 Woman's Hat

On the one hand, the hat is a sunscreen, on the other hand a fashionable accessory. Often made of straw, with wide brim and ribbon. Symbol for summer and vacation. In many cultures symbol of social status.

Doctoral cap emoji U+1F393
🎓 Alumnus Hat

The graduation ceremony will be tomorrow! The black, square hat with a tassel is also called graduation hat, bachelor hat or scholar hat. The graduates collectively toss up their hats at the ceremony after having obtained their academic degrees. Symbol for graduation of school or examinations, and for education.

Rescue worker helmet U+26D1
 Rescue Worker's Helmet

In Japan, the white cross is used as a safety notice on construction sites. The protective helmet can refer to rescue workers or people working in emergency services.

Military helmet emoji U+1FA96
🪖 Military helmet

I will fight for you! The camouflage helmet is part of the uniform and protects the wearer. In connection with the military or the soldier's profession. Jokingly for an authoritarian person.

Crown Emoji U+1F451
👑 Crown

“This is top” or “You are the best!” The crown embellished with precious jewels represents power and luxury. Is also known as king emoji.

Ring Emoji U+1F48D
💍 Ring

Will you marry me? Also “I'm spoken for!” The ring is set with a diamond, the most precious gem ever. Is mostly used in conjunction with relationships or for expressing approval.

Clutch Whatsapp U+1F45D
👝 Clutch

Let's go out tonight! The small, chic bag only offers space for the bare essentials and is carried in the hand. This stylish accessory is perfect for parties, business events or other important events.

Wallet emoji U+1F45B
👛 Wallet

After the shopping trip, the money has run out or the wallet was forgotten at home. The accessory keeps loose money but also credit cards or make-up. Can refer to shopping or money and stand for femininity and everything girlish.

Handbag emoji U+1F45C
👜 Handbag

I really need a new handbag! Fashion accessory and for carrying personal belongings. Women spend 76 days of their lives on finding items in their handbag. The handbag also stands for privacy.

Briefcase emoji U+1F4BC
💼 Briefcase

He’s got a business appointment! Business papers, files or the laptop are transported in the briefcase. Stands for seriousness and professional life. Some success or career advancement can be placed in the plus column.

Rucksack Whatsapp U+1F392
🎒 Satchel

We’re going back to school or we have vacation time! There is room in the satchel for books, notebooks and lunch. The emoji is mostly used in connection with school and education but also for traveling.

Suitcase emoji U+1F9F3
🧳 Suitcase

I pack my bags and take with me... I am going on a journey! Symbol of wanderlust, freedom and vacation. We usually fetch our suitcase only during the holiday season. Women pack in an organized way with a list, yet often taking too much with them while men tackle packing in a relaxed manner.

Glasses emoji U+1F453
👓 Glasses

I'll take a close look at this! The glasses help people with poor eyesight to better see their environment. Some people wear glasses to look intellectual or intelligent. Symbol for bookworms or nerds.

Sunglasses emoji U+1F576
🕶 Dark Sunglasses

I've got the swag! Symbol for hot, sunny days but also for coolness and distinctive mark of agents. With dark glasses, other people can be watched unnoticed.

Safety glasses emoji U+1F97D
🥽 Safety glasses

I need new ski goggles or “We wear safety goggles in the lab“. The safety glasses protect the eyes from dust, water, dirt, splinters and other harmful influences.

Umbrella emoji U+1F302
🌂 Closed umbrella

It’s going to rain, take an umbrella with you! The emoji can refer to the weather (clouds are coming up) or the umbrella itself. The umbrella is already 1,000 years old and was originally designed to protect people against the sun.