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U+1F46E U+2640
Police woman smiley U+1F46E U+2640
👮‍♀️ Police woman

Wanted by the police! Occupationally, the woman in the police uniform has to do with the fight against crime or she carries out private investigations. Beware, someone is watching over law and order!

Policeman U+1F46E
👮 Policeman

Your friendly police department. Often used in police context. Got caught driving faster than a speeding bullet. Or is investigating a case, getting to the bottom of something!

Builder emoji U+1F477
👷 Builder

This emoji shows a construction worker with helmet and safety vest. Used in connection with hard physical work.

Guardsman U+1F482
💂 Guardsman

I will watch over it! The guardsmen with bearskin caps and red uniforms are a symbol of England. The changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace is as popular with tourists as the latter's trying to elicit a response from the guards.

U+1F575 U+2640
Female detective U+1F575 U+2640
🕵️‍♀️ Female detective

I am getting on to the track of the truth! Trench coat, hat and dark sunglasses: The woman is investigating in secrecy. She reveals secrets and exposes bad intentions. Enough with the secrets!

Detective Whatsapp U+1F575
🕵 Detective

An undercover agent with the distinctive coat and hat. Sometimes he uses a magnifying glass to closely inspect evidence. The covered face stands for confidentiality or secrecy. I will solve the mystery!

U+1F469 U+2695
Female doctor emoji U+1F469 U+2695
👩‍⚕️ Female staff in public health

My medical studies are really exhausting! The woman in a white lab coat and stethoscope symbolizes healthcare. Can illustrate the profession or stand for health or illness.

U+1F468 U+2695
Male doctor whatsapp U+1F468 U+2695
👨‍⚕️ Male staff in public health

Please send for the doctor! Symbolizes healthcare and can represent a doctor, nurse, therapist or surgeon. Someone has health problems or has an appointment with the doctor.

U+1F469 U+1F33E
Female farmer smiley U+1F469 U+1F33E
👩‍🌾 Female farmer

We are going on a farm holiday! Nature, animals, meadows and fields. The woman in a straw hat and dungarees works in agriculture, grows fruit and vegetables or is nature-loving.

U+1F468 U+1F33E
Male farmer whatsapp U+1F468 U+1F33E
👨‍🌾 Male farmer

We are going to the countryside! The man wears a straw or cowboy hat and dungarees. Refers to rural life, agriculture, horticulture or stock farming. Represents a close affinity to nature or a self-supporter.

U+1F469 ‍U+1F373
Female cook U+1F469 ‍U+1F373
👩‍🍳 Female cook

I'm going to convince you of my cooking skills tonight! The woman with the characteristic chef's working clothes is a gourmet chef or an amateur cook, works in the catering trade or might not have any cooking talent at all.

U+1F468 U+1F373
Male cook emoji U+1F468 U+1F373
👨‍🍳 Male cook

Too many cooks spoil the broth! The man is wearing a chef's jacket as well as a chef's hat and is responsible for the preparation of tasty food. Whereas men are often only able to “cook“ fried eggs at home, you can find more men than women in professional kitchens.

U+1F469 U+1F393
Female student whatsapp U+1F469 U+1F393
👩‍🎓 Female student

The swotting was worth the trouble, now the celebration can start! The school, vocational training, further education or the studies were successfully completed. Represents education and knowledge.

U+1F468 U+1F393
Male student smiley U+1F468 U+1F393
👨‍🎓 Male student

A brand new university graduate! At some colleges, cap and gown or doctoral cap are worn at graduation ceremonies following the American example. Symbol for (further) education.

U+1F469 U+1F3A4
Female singer smiley U+1F469 U+1F3A4
👩‍🎤 Female singer

You can buy this for a song! Whether in the car or on the grand stage, the female singer at the microphone loves the show and enjoys entertaining her audience. Can also stand for the lust for life, lightheartedness and a carefree time.

U+1F468 U+1F3A4
Male singer emoji U+1F468 U+1F3A4
👨‍🎤 Male singer

You are a born entertainer! The man at the microphone is either a pop star, singing in the shower or he enjoys singing his own praises. Depending on the version, the singer looks like David Bowie or Prince.

U+1F469 U+1F3EB
Female teacher whatsapp U+1F469 U+1F3EB
👩‍🏫 Female teacher

A woman with class: the teacher. A woman is standing in front of a blackboard in order to teach. Two thirds of all educators are female. Hardly any other profession is confronted with more prejudices.

U+1F468 U+1F3EB
Male teacher smiley U+1F468 U+1F3EB
👨‍🏫 Male teacher

I wish I was a teacher! You are very happy with the new lecturer, teacher or professor. Symbolizes any kind of educational institution where teaching takes place. It can also be used jokingly if you teach the other person or play the eager beaver.

U+1F469 U+1F3ED
Female welder U+1F469 U+1F3ED
👩‍🏭 Female factory worker

I'm an amateur craftswoman now! The woman is wearing protective goggles and clothing and is holding a going welding apparatus in her hand. You are a worker in manufacturing or in the metal industry, interested in physics and chemistry or like to repair things.

U+1F468 U+1F3ED
Male welder emoji U+1F468 U+1F3ED
👨‍🏭 Male factory worker

This will weld us together! During welding, parts are permanently interconnected. For protection, special goggles and resistant clothing must be worn. The man works in manufacturing, in a factory or is an amateur craftsman.

U+1F469 U+1F4BB
Woman with laptop emoji U+1F469 U+1F4BB
👩‍💻 Female technologist

You spend too much time online! A computer freak, student, blogger or online shopping enthusiast. The woman spends a lot of time in front of the computer because of her hobby, her education or her job.

U+1F468 U+1F4BB
Man with laptop U+1F468 U+1F4BB
👨‍💻 Male technologist

I find new technologies exciting! The man is sitting in front of the computer or laptop and is working, either as a developer or IT expert. Someone is spending too much time online playing video games.

U+1F469 ‍U+1F4BC
Female office worker U+1F469 ‍U+1F4BC
👩‍💼 Female office worker

I'll stay in the office longer today! The woman in business attire works as an employee, businesswoman, assistant or manager in an office.

U+1F468 U+1F4BC
Male office worker whatsapp U+1F468 U+1F4BC
👨‍💼 Male office worker

Represents pencil pushers or suits. Whether employee, director, manager or businessman: The clothes indicate an office job. Or the man is dressing up and wearing the new suit.

U+1F469 ‍U+1F527
Female mechanic U+1F469 ‍U+1F527
👩‍🔧 Female mechanic

I can do that myself! or “I need to bring my car to the garage!“ The woman is wearing a boiler suit for her profession or wants to emphasize her ability to repair things.

U+1F468 ‍U+1F527
Male mechanic emoji U+1F468 ‍U+1F527
👨‍🔧 Male mechanic

I'm going to work on the car later! or “I can fix everything!“ The man in the boiler suit could be working as an electrician, craftsman, plumber or mechanic. Stands for manual skills or maybe for their absence.

U+1F469 U+1F52C
Female scientist U+1F469 U+1F52C
👩‍🔬 Female scientist

I'm experimenting a little! With the color of my hair, in the kitchen or in the laboratory. Goggles and lab coat indicate a female biologist, chemist, physicist or scientist. Shows an interest in chemistry or illustrates that a solution is being searched for.

U+1F468 U+1F52C
Male scientist emoji U+1F468 U+1F52C
👨‍🔬 Male scientist

What will be the outcome of it? The man is wearing goggles and a lab coat and works as a scientist or researcher in a laboratory. Something is still in the experimental stage, but they are already researching the solution.

U+1F469 U+1F3A8
Female artist whatsapp U+1F469 U+1F3A8
👩‍🎨 Female artist

Don't paint a gloomy picture of everything! A woman with the stereotypical beret on her head and with a paintbrush and painter's palette in her hand. She is an artist by profession, has discovered a new hobby for herself or is painting the apartment. Expression of creativity and self-realization.

U+1F468 U+1F3A8
Male artist emoji U+1F468 U+1F3A8
👨‍🎨 Male artist

Don't always paint everything in black and white or gray and drab! A painter with a paintbrush and painter's palette in his hand. Represents creative talent, originality and self-realization.

U+1F469 U+1F692
Female firefighter emoji U+1F469 U+1F692
👩‍🚒 Female firefighter

Firefighters advance when something is burning. A hot discussion is going on, a childhood dream job is coming true, there is a fire somewhere or the kitchen fire from your last attempt to cook could be extinguished by yourself.

U+1F468 U+1F692
Male firefighter smiley U+1F468 U+1F692
👨‍🚒 Male firefighter

What's the fire? The firefighters' protective clothing protects firefighters from the high temperatures. The fire department extinguishes fires, saves lives and sometimes cats from trees. Used in conjunction with safety, fire protection and the job profile.

U+1F469 ‍U+2708
Female pilot whatsapp U+1F469 ‍U+2708
👩‍✈️ Female pilot

Welcome on board, this is your pilot speaking! The woman in a uniform, epaulettes with stripes and a cap navigates a plane. Represents dreams, change and freedom. In 1988 a female co-pilot was in a cockpit for the first time, in 2000 the first female captain.

U+1F468 ‍U+2708
Male pilot smiley U+1F468 ‍U+2708
👨‍✈️ Male pilot

This is your captain speaking, we are entering our final approach! The man with a uniform, brevet and cap is a (future) pilot. Refers to flying or navigating and aircraft in general.

U+1F469 ‍U+1F680
Female astronaut U+1F469 ‍U+1F680
👩‍🚀 Female astronaut

Discover new things, reach unexpected heights or leave everything behind! The female astronaut (Lat. star traveler) is going on an exploring expedition to space. The childhood dream of many. Often used in connection with the universe.

U+1F468 ‍U+1F680
Male astronaut whatsapp U+1F468 ‍U+1F680
👨‍🚀 Male astronaut

As a kid I wanted to become an astronaut! The astronaut in a space suit explores the universe in a spaceship. Also used to express interest in space travel and planets. Represents the desire to discover something new and to increase the expansion of the mind.

U+1F469 U+2696
Female judge whatsapp U+1F469 U+2696
👩‍⚖️ Female judge

Woman is wearing a black robe and holding a judge's gavel. The task of judges is jurisprudence. Can be used in connection with courts or the judiciary. A decision must be made or justice must prevail!

U+1F468 U+2696
Male judge emoji U+1F468 U+2696
👨‍⚖️ Male judge

Guilty as charged! or “No plaintiff, no judge“. The judge stands for law as well as for justice.

Bride Whatsapp U+1F470
👰 Bride

I'm getting married! Refers to the bride herself, a marriage or a soon-to-be wedding. Can be used for invitations, wedding anniversary, planning a celebration or looking for a wedding dress.

Man veil emoji U+1F470
👰‍♂️ Man with veil

We are going to marry! The bridal veil is a fashion accessory and once was a symbol of virginity. Can be used for cross-dressing, a homosexual wedding, or jokingly for a feminine man.

Woman tuxedo smiley U+1F935
🤵‍♀️ Woman in tuxedo

It's going to be glamorous tonight! In the 1920s, style icon Marlene Dietrich made the tuxedo socially acceptable. In the 1960s, Yves Saint Laurent added “Le Smoking” to his collection. Fashionable symbol of emancipation and women's movement.

Man in a suit U+1F935
🤵 Man in a tuxedo

Today is a big day! The tuxedo consists of a jacket, a vest and trousers. Particularly elegant and suitable for sophisticated occasions. Symbolically, the emoji stands for an official occasion or celebration, for example, a banquet or your own wedding. The tuxedo also illustrates affectionate appointments and reunions.

Princess Emoji U+1F478
👸 Princess

A beautiful, distinguished and aristocratic princess with a crown or a diadem. The dream of all little girls. You can be happy if a man sends you this emoji, because then you are his princess.

Prince Whatsapp U+1F934
🤴 Prince

A prince (from the Latin princeps = the first one) with crown. Title of nobility as the descendant of a king. The emoji is also used ironically for a show off or for a wealthy, good-looking man. The prince is considered a general symbol of luck and represents reason, intellect and masculinity. Your wishes will come true.

U+1F9B8 U+2640
Superhero emoji U+1F9B8 U+2640
🦸‍♀️ Superhero

With superhuman powers, they fight evil and thus protect humanity. The costume is used for the recognition factor but also for the protection of their identity. They are characterized by a high morality, great courage and sense of justice as well as the unconditional commitment to others. But every superhero is also vulnerable and has his or her underbelly.

U+1F9B9 U+2640
Super villain U+1F9B9 U+2640
🦹‍♀️ Super villain

The super villain is the evil adversary of the superhero, e.g. Lex Luther and Superman or Joker and Batman. They usually have superhuman abilities, a high intelligence and suffer from megalomania. The villain acts out his or her evil side and enjoys it.

Ms Santa U+1F936
🤶 Mary Christmas

The friendly elderly woman with a red and white cap and glasses is Santa Claus’ wife. First mentioned in the short story “A Christmas Legend“ (1849) by James Rees. Represents the feast of Christmas and the contemplative pre-Christmas period.

Santa Claus emoji U+1F385
🎅 Santa Claus

Merry Christmas! The plump, friendly elderly gentleman with a red cap and a white beard lives up in the north. On Christmas Eve, he slips through the chimney to put the presents under the Christmas tree for the good children.

Person with Santa hat U+1F9D1
🧑‍🎄 Christmas person

I love Christmas! Gender-neutral alternative to Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. With regard to Christmas. Symbolic figure for Christmas gifts: Bring presents to the good children, the bad ones get the birching.

Magician smiley U+1F9D9
🧙 Magician

This is just hocus-pocus or “I'm not a magician!“ Someone wants to watch fantasy movies or has an idea for a carnival costume. Whether real magician or magical personality: It's about supernatural magic.

Elf whatsapp U+1F9DD
🧝 Elf

My favorite movie is Lord of the Rings! The small, graceful nature spirits with the pointed ears are mediators between nature and humans. The mythical creatures have supernatural abilities, can fly and become invisible. Represent timidity, delicateness and a close affinity to nature.

Vampire smiley U+1F9DB
🧛 Vampire

I am a creature of the night or “you bloodsucker“! Dark cloak and pointed fangs: The undead in man-shape leave their graves at night to drink blood, preferably of the human kind. Have supernatural powers. The most famous vampire is probably Count Dracula.

Zombie emoji U+1F9DF
🧟 Zombie

Walking around like a zombie, playing “Resident Evil“ or watching “The Walking Dead“! Fictional creature from horror movies: a walking dead person, deprived of his or her soul. Mostly bad, scary and out for revenge. Represents will-less, dependent people.

Genie in a bottle U+1F9DE
🧞 Genie

Tales from Thousand and One Nights, I Dream of Jeannie or Aladdin and the Magic Lamp. Character from oriental fairy tales: Locked in a bottle or lamp for punishment, the genie must satisfy three wishes for everyone who frees him. Metaphor for self-inflicted danger.

Mermaid emoji U+1F9DC
🧜 Mermaid

The female mythical creature lives underwater and is a mixture of female and fish body. Only a man's love can free the mermaid from her fate. Walt Disney's “Arielle“ is well-known.

Fairy emoji U+1F9DA
🧚 Fairy

You still believe in the tooth fairy or “I love Peter Pan films“. The mostly beautiful mythical creatures have magic powers. They can be female as well as male, good or bad. They symbolize magic, purity and childishness.

Ninja Whatsapp U+1F977
🥷 Ninja

I have never been here! Dressed in black, masked and armed with a throwing star or sword. Japanese martial artist and master of camouflage and deception. Stands for espionage, supernatural abilities and dark fascination.

  • Hance

    Powerful and dedicated.

Baby angel U+1F47C
👼 Baby Angel

I am innocent or “You are an angel!“ The baby angel emoji with a halo around its head often stands for a miracle, hope or faith.

Pregnant woman U+1F930
🤰 Pregnant woman

Someone is expecting a visit from the stork. The pregnant woman who is holding her belly is going to have a baby! The roly-poly belly can also stand for weight gain or you ate too much (“food baby“).

Mother with baby U+1F931
🤱 Breastfeeding

I woke up every two hours last night! A woman breastfeeding a baby. According to a study, about 80% of the mothers in Germany breastfeed their child for about 7 months. Breastfeeding in public is a controversial topic and triggered a trend in social media in 2017.

U+1F469 U+1F37C
Bottle-feeding emoji U+1F469 U+1F37C
👩‍🍼 Woman feeding baby

I am babysitting! A woman is feeding a baby with the bottle. Expression of motherliness and care. Jokingly for a mother's boy.

U+1F468 U+1F37C
Man feeding baby emoji U+1F468 U+1F37C
👨‍🍼 Man feeding baby

He is on parental leave! The man is bottle feeding the baby on his arm. The family has grown or you are a proud father. They can also be siblings.

U+1F9D1 U+1F37C
Feeding baby smiley U+1F9D1 U+1F37C
🧑‍🍼 Person feeding baby

My sibling is born! The person is feeding the baby in their arms and smilingly looks at the infant. It's about your own child or sibling love, childcare or parental leave.

Bowing person emoji U+1F647
🙇 Person Bowing Deeply

A person who is bowing to you. Is grateful because of something and deeply bows to you. Can also be an offering of reverence.

Information desk emoji U+1F481
💁 Information Desk Person

How can I assist? The service-oriented and friendly woman at the information desk answers a customer's question and uses a hand gesture. Can be used as a question at the end of a message: “What do you think?“ or “I do not care.“

Woman crossed arms Whatsapp U+1F645
🙅 Face With No Good Gesture

Stop this immediately! Woman with crossed arms. Defensive posture. Shows that something is wrong and disruptive. A signal to stop.

Woman hands above head smiley U+1F646
🙆 Face With Ok Gesture

Everything is okay! Woman with hands above her head (OK sign). Wants to tell you that everything is fine. Represents advocacy and approval. Because of the posture also known as ballerina.

  • Vanessa

    We used it as ILY because it looks like the “heart“ we make with our hands over our heads.

  • Anonymous

    I use it to express - “Oh no!“.

Person lifts hand smiley U+1F64B
🙋 Happy Person Raising One Hand

Person is cheerful and lifts a hand. Wants to be noticed and to say that he or she has a question or an answer.

Deaf sign language U+1F9CF
🧏 Deaf person

I am deaf! A person moves the index finger between ear and mouth. In American sign language, the sign for deaf. 360 million people worldwide are hearing impaired or deaf, that is 0.1% of the total population.

Man grabbing head U+1F926
🤦 Man Grabbing His Head

Facepalm describes a gesture that became popular through the Star Trek series. “That cannot be true!“ is what you think when facing the stupidity of other people. Can also be used if you are embarrassed for someone else.

Shrug Emoji U+1F937
🤷 Person Shrugs

“I don't know how I can help you” or “Such is life” . The shrug of the shoulders shows ignorance, confusion or the lack of interest in something. Text version: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Pouting person Emoji U+1F64E
🙎 Pouting Person

I am dissatisfied! Emoji pouts and openly shows its displeasure. Could be an indication that someone is angry and annoyed.

Frowning person Emoji U+1F64D
🙍 Frowning Person

Emoji shows a woman with a frown. Her expression is very distressed and sad. Could indicate sad news.

Hairdresser U+1F487
💇 Person at the hairdresser's

I have to go to the hairdresser's! A change in style is planned or a big event is upcoming. Men visit the hairdresser's more often than women. However, women pay more than men. Symbol of beauty and vanity.

Massage emoji U+1F486
💆 Person is being massaged

Whether appointment at the hairdresser's, visit to the beautician or wellness day: The person enjoys a head or facial massage. Maybe the day was stressful, you are assailed by a headache and you just want to relax.

Sauna emoji U+1F9D6
🧖 Person in Steam Sauna

Let's relax! The steam sauna is heated to 80 to 105 °C with a sauna heater. The use of a sauna serves for relaxation and promotes good health. In Scandinavia and Russia, it even serves for cultivating social contacts.

Nail-polish Emoji U+1F485
💅 Nail Polish

Woman painting her fingernails is preparing for a special occasion or is dressing up to go out. Can stand for beauty in general, femininity or a manicure appointment. Represents casualness and carefreeness.

Selfie Whatsapp U+1F933
🤳 Selfie

Let me take a selfie first! The extended arm holds a cell phone to take a selfie. Often used for self-marketing and a mass phenomenon on social media. Figuratively for a narcissistic person or self-promoter.

Woman dancing Emoji U+1F483
💃 Dancing

“I want to party” or “I'm so excited!” The dancing woman in the red dress is also often associated with salsa. In general stands for fun and joy.

Dancing man U+1F57A
🕺 Dancing Man

I had so much fun at the party! Someone had a great time or would like to party in a club. Represents events of all kinds that can be danced at.

Women With Bunny Ears Emoji U+1F46F
👯 Women With Bunny Ears

Two Playboy Bunnies with rabbit ears. These models represent the American Playboy magazine for men and globally stand for attractiveness. The emoji is also used as a symbol for ballet as well as for “Let's party!”

Man in suit U+1F574
🕴 Hovering Man in Suit

Hovering man in hat and suit. Mix of exclamation marks and the logo of the seventies band “The Specialists“. Can be used as a symbol for a ghost.

U+1F469 U+1F9BD
Woman wheelchair Whatsapp U+1F469 U+1F9BD
👩‍🦽 Woman in wheelchair

Is the place accessible? A wheelchair enables a person with impaired mobility to lead a self-determined life. In 1869 the first patent for a wheelchair was granted in the USA. Today there are around 600 variations.

U+1F468 ‍U+1F9BD
Man wheelchair emoji U+1F468 ‍U+1F9BD
👨‍🦽 Man in wheelchair

We're watching a wheelchair basketball game! Whether due to physical disabilities or injuries, the vehicle enables mobility. In connection with accessibility.

U+1F469 U+1F9BC
Elderly vehicle smiley U+1F469 U+1F9BC
👩‍🦼 Woman in motorized wheelchair

Grandma wants an electric vehicle! To stay mobile and to cover longer distances. Suitable for seniors or for people who are limited in walking. Often seen in the US or in American films.

U+1F468 U+1F9BC
Electromobile Whatsapp U+1F468 U+1F9BC
👨‍🦼 Man in motorized wheelchair

The electromobile can be controlled using a joystick. For bridging distances for people who are limited in walking. As a joke, because you currently feel very old or move very slowly due to tiredness.

Pedestrian emoji U+1F6B6
🚶 Pedestrian

A person is on foot or going for a walk. Can also be used to tell others to cool their jets or to slow things down.

U+1F469 U+1F9AF
White cane woman Whatsapp U+1F469 U+1F9AF
👩‍🦯 Woman with white cane

Please be careful, visually impaired person. The white cane is an official indicator for blind people. With the help of the long stick, the ground can be scanned for obstacles. For orientation and mobility.

U+1F468 U+1F9AF
Smiley white cane U+1F468 U+1F9AF
👨‍🦯 Man with white cane

Soon I'll be as blind as a bat! The white cane supports visually impaired people in their mobility. By swinging it, obstacles or height differences are recognized.

Kneeling emoji U+1F9CE
🧎 Kneeling person

One person is kneeling on both knees. Represents a person who is resting or praying. Kneeling down can be a gesture of humility, express religious worship or a meditation posture. Diverted as an emoji for oral sex.

Running man emoji U+1F3C3
🏃 Runner

The person is very athletic and goes jogging regularly. Someone is late or in a hurry and is running to quicker get from one place to another. “I am on the way!“

Standing smiley U+1F9CD
🧍 Standing person

“He's standing out against others” or “She’s standing above them!” The full body image of a standing person, face forward and without movement. Can be used for a person in general.

Man and woman holding hands Whatsapp U+1F46B
👫 Man and Woman Holding Hands

With you, all worries are gone! Couple in love is standing side by side. Man and woman are holding hands, beaming happily.

Two women holding hands Emoji U+1F46D
👭 Two Women Holding Hands

Two women are holding hands. They could be best friends or siblings. Emoji could also explicitly stand for the same-sex female love.

Two men emoji U+1F46C
👬 Two Men Holding Hands

We are a great team! Two men holding hands. Can stand for friendship or represent a gay couple.

U+1F9D1 U+1F91D U+1F9D1
Holding hands emoji U+1F9D1 U+1F91D U+1F9D1
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 People holding hand

We're walking through life hand in hand! Two people holding hands. Expression of affection, whether in a friendship or a relationship. Symbolic for “I stand by you” or “You can always count on me”.

Couple in love emoji U+1F491
💑 Couple With Heart

I'm so happy with you! A couple in love (man and woman) next to each other. Both are happy and laughing. The heart represents love.

U+1F468 U+2764 U+1F468
Male couple with heart U+1F468 U+2764 U+1F468
👨‍❤️‍👨 Couple with heart: man, man

Two men standing close together, a heart hovering between them. Love is in the air. Whether newly in love or already in a relationship. The emoji stands for deep feelings and romance.

U+1F469 U+2764 U+1F469
Female couple with heart emoji U+1F469 U+2764 U+1F469
👩‍❤️‍👩 Couple with heart: woman, woman

Two women with a heart floating in the air between them. The heart represents the romantic relationship between them. It's either young love or they already heard the wedding bells. Symbolic for same-sex love.