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You'll find all current objects emojis in Whatsapp and Facebook as well as a description of their meaning. Have fun with diving into the colorful world of emojis!

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Drawing pin symbol U+1F4CD
📍 Round Pushpin

I mustn't forget! Red drawing pin with round plastic head. Used to indicate your own position during navigation. Can also represent sewing.

Scissors Whatsapp U+2702

Snippety snip! The scissors can be used to correct or cut to size. You part with your hair at the hairdresser’s or with useless things. A clean separation or a clear cut. Symbolic for the hairdressing profession.

Crossed flags Emoji U+1F38C
🎌 Crossed Flags

Two crossed Japanese flags. They are a sign of solidarity toward their origin. The red dot on white background symbolizes the rising sun.

Ball-pen Whatsapp U+1F58A
🖊 Ball-pen

You should have written it down! A common writing device for everyday writing. In connection with work, the office, university or school. The popular promotional item was invented in 1838.

Fountain pen emoji U+1F58B
🖋 Fountain pen

I'm doing a calligraphy class! The fountain pen stands for handwriting. Important documents or personal correspondence, such as a letter, are often signed with a fountain pen.

Fountain pen quill Whatsapp U+2712
 Black quill

We’re signing the contract! A fountain pen writes on paper with ink. Related to writing, school, or calligraphy. It's about something special, like a letter or an important signature.

Paintbrush smiley U+1F58C
🖌‍️ Paintbrush

Adding a splash of color or painting everything gray and drab! Paint or oil can be applied to a canvas with a paintbrush. Symbolic for art, inspiration and creativity. Or she brushed him off.

Colored crayon emoji U+1F58D
🖍‍️ Crayon

I’m letting off steam creatively! Children use wax crayons to draw or write. Can represent childhood or a childish person. You’re making fun of yourself and your non-existent painting skills.

Pencil smiley U+270F

My child is going to school! The writing instrument is often used by writing beginners, but also for drawings, sketches, shorthand or notes.

Notepad smiley U+1F4DD
📝 Memo

“Don't forget”, “Write it down” or “That'll be on my notepad”! A note or an appointment is noted on the paper. Something that was said or that you heard must be remembered.

Magnifier to the left U+1F50D
🔍 Magnifier tilted to the left

The truth will be revealed! An event is closely monitored and inspected. With poor eyesight, the magnifying glass serves as a support. Taking a close look at something can bring new insights. Symbolically, the magnifier advises you against taking a matter too lightly. Trivia should not be overrated.

Magnifier to the right U+1F50E
🔎 Magnifier tilted to the right

I'll take a closer look! Through the magnifying glass, even small objects can be viewed. May stand for an investigator, detective or a curious person. Search and zoom icon on computers.

Padlock with fountain pen Whatsapp U+1F50F
🔏 Lock With Ink Pen

Blocked padlock with fountain pen. Confidential data is encrypted and secure, sensitive information has been digitally signed.

Open lock Emoji U+1F513
🔓 Open Lock

An open padlock. “Something is open to you or available”, or: “I'm going to uncover something that has been a secret up to now”. Also possible: “Caution, this information is not secure!”

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    Open to everyone, opened to go away.

Lock Emoji U+1F512
🔒 Lock

Closed padlock. The object or the information is not available to you, or you keep it safe and protected. Caution! A symbol of confidentiality!

Closed lock with key Emoji U+1F510
🔐 Closed Lock With Key

Symbol of security. “The information is safe” or “Nobody else will find out!” A friend confides a secret to you and counts on your keeping it safe in your hands.