🍆 Eat and drink emojis with their meaning

You'll find all current eat and drink emojis in Whatsapp and Facebook as well as a description of their meaning. Have fun with diving into the colorful world of emojis!

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Teapot emoji U+1FAD6
🫖 Teapot

We’re reading tea leaves! Popular hot drink: pure enjoyment and relaxation. The tea holds its temperature better in the bulbous teapots. China, Japan, England but also South America and East Friesland are known for their tea ceremony and culture.

Bubble tea smiley U+1F9CB
🧋 Bubble tea

Cold tea with milk, syrup and sweetened tapioca pearls. Invented in Taiwan in the 1980s, a trend in Asia and the USA in the 1990s and a cult drink in Europe in 2010. In connection with bubble tea or Asia.

Juice box emoji U+1F9C3
🧃 Beverage box

I'm packing the children's lunch box! Portion packs with a straw, usually with a soft drink or fruit juice. Popular thirst quencher for school and leisure.

Beverage straw U+1F964
🥤 Cup with straw

I'm drinking a shake! Soft-drinks are served in fast-food restaurants in disposable drinking cups with lids and flexible straws.

Sake bottle and cup emoji U+1F376
🍶 Sake Jar And Cup

Ceramic sake jar with small bowl, in which Sake is served. The wine made of fermented rice is a popular alcoholic drink in Japan. Is drunk hot or cold. Represents Japan itself as well as the culture and the cuisine.

Beer mug Whatsapp U+1F37A
🍺 Beer Mug

Fancy a glass of beer? Let's go to the Oktoberfest! According to the German Purity Law, only hops, malt, water and yeast may be used for brewing. Due to the variety, it would take anyone 13 years to try a different German beer every day.

Beer mugs emoji U+1F37B
🍻 Beer Mugs

Two beer mugs, which are clinked. An old tradition: You raise your mugs and drink to each other's health and a digestible beer. You have something to celebrate or you enjoy drinking together during an evening with friends.

Champagne glasses Whatsapp U+1F942
🥂 Champagne Glasses

Congratulations or “Happy New Year“. There is an occasion to toast or celebrate. The symbol is often found on invitations for birthdays, New Year's Eve or weddings.

Wine glass emoji U+1F377
🍷 Wine Glass

Wine and dine! This is new wine in old bottles. Goes well with many occasions when drinking alcohol: parties, birthdays, restaurant visits or simply a cozy evening with friends.

Whiskey glass emoji U+1F943
🥃 Drinking Glass

Straight glass with a thick bottom: The typical glass form for drinking and tasting whiskey and rum. We've got something to celebrate! You want to go to a bar with friends.

Cocktail glass emoji U+1F378
🍸 Cocktail Glass

From the glasses with the conical shape you usually drink martini or cocktails. “Shaken, not stirred!“ is how James Bond mostly enjoys his favorite drink.

Cocktail Whatsapp U+1F379
🍹 Tropical beverage

We’re relaxing by the pool with a cocktail! Mixed beverage, mostly with alcohol, served in a cocktail glass with small parasol. Represents an exotic place, a party or holiday.

Mate tea emoji U+1F9C9
🧉 Mate

Mate tea is very popular in South America! The leaves of the mate bush give the infusion a green color. Traditionally drunk from a mate cup, the calabash, and a drinking straw with a sieve. Mate tea stands for revitalizing effects, health benefits and tradition.

Champagne bottle Whatsapp U+1F37E
🍾 Bottle With Popping Corks

Let the corks pop! Symbol for celebrations of all kinds, such as birthday, wedding or New Year's Eve. Can also be used for a personal success, such as an achieved aim or a passed exam.

Ice cube smiley U+1F9CA
🧊 Ice cube

It's so hot outside, I need to cool down. In summer, ice cubes provide cool and refreshing drinks. An invitation to relax (stay cool) or you are totally easy.

Spoon Whatsapp U+1F944
🥄 Spoon

Cutlery for spooning up soft or liquid food, such as ice cream, cereal, soup or dessert. Refers to a meal, someone is hungry! Someone got the wooden spoon, colloquial for being the last one in the competition.

Cutlery Whatsapp U+1F374
🍴 Fork and knife

I'm hungry! Fork and knife are the most widely used utensils for food consumption in Western cultures. Symbol for restaurants and indication that you can eat something in this place.

Table cover emoji U+1F37D
🍽‍️ Fork and knife with plate

Tonight we’re going to a nice restaurant! The setting of plates, cutlery and glasses always follows a certain order. The more upscale the ambiance, the stricter the realization. Emoji is associated with serving food, whether at home or in a restaurant or while waiting for the dish.

Bowl emoji U+1F963
🥣 Bowl with spoon

There is no milk for breakfast or it is cold and you want a hot soup! A bowl or dish with a spoon and no special content. It's about foods that are eaten from a bowl, such as cereals, rice pudding or noodle soup.

Take-away box U+1F961
🥡 Fast food box

I'll fetch something from the Chinese snack stand! If you order Asian food to take away, you often get it in a folded cardboard box with handle for an easy transport.

Fondue Whatsapp U+1FAD5
🫕 Fondue

We’re having fondue! Culinary event and Swiss specialty. Pieces of white bread are dipped in cheese, pieces of meat in hot oil or fruit in melted chocolate. You eat it in company and often in the cold winter months.

Chopsticks emoji U+1F962
🥢 Chopsticks

Represents a holiday in Southeast Asia or a taste for Asian food. The use of chopsticks requires coordination and some practice. Eating utensils used in pairs by East Asians.

Salt shaker emoji U+1F9C2
🧂 Salt

“The soup needs a pinch of salt!” or “The Salt of the Earth”. Rub salt into someone's wounds. Without salt, humans would not survive. Spice, preservative agent and very precious in the Middle Ages (white gold).