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You'll find all current objects emojis in Whatsapp and Facebook as well as a description of their meaning. Have fun with diving into the colorful world of emojis!

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Bacteria Whatsapp U+1F9A0
🦠 Microbe

Beware, contagious or “Biology is my favorite subject“. Microbe is the short form of microorganism. Among the microscopic creatures are, e.g. bacteria, fungi or viruses. Most microorganisms are useful and only a few cause disease.

DNA Whatsapp U+1F9EC
🧬 DNA double helix

We want a baby! Greatly enlarged, the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) looks like a twisted rope ladder. It is located in every single cell of a living being and contains the genetic information (genes). Symbol for genetics, evolution and life.

Petri dish emoji U+1F9EB
🧫 Petri dish

Biology is my favorite subject or “I have a bacterial infection”. Flat, round, transparent dish with lid, mostly used in chemistry, biology or medicine. For the cultivation of microorganisms or cell cultures.

Test tube U+1F9EA
🧪 Test tube

You had better not dare any experiments or “There is a good chemistry between the two of us“. The small tubes made of glass are open on one side and are used in laboratories. Represents chemistry lessons, experiments or tests.

Thermometer emoji U+1F321
🌡‍️ Thermometer

It’s getting warm or you don’t feel well, maybe you developed a fever. The meter determines temperatures, e.g. of the body but also of the air. Can also provide information about the emotional state or the temperament of the sender. Often associated with passion and desire.

Broom U+1F9F9
🧹 Broom

He is as daft as a brush, “New brooms sweep clean“ or “I got the brush-off”. The cleaning instrument brings order (to the house, to your life) and it sweeps away rubbish and dirt (or worries). Symbol of superstition and magic, e.g. the witches' broom.

Basket Whatsapp U+1F9FA
🧺 Basket

The ballplayer made a basket, “Let's have a picnic“ or “I have to wash my clothes“. The braided basket is mostly made of wood and used for storage, protection, or transport.

Bucket Whatsapp U+1FAA3
🪣 Bucket

He kicked the bucket! Household item for storage, for transporting items or as an aid for cleaning the floor. You might need some assistance, e.g. with carrying things.

Toilet paper U+1F9FB
🧻 Paper roll

Go shopping, please or “You can wipe your butt with it“. Be it kitchen roll, toilet paper or paper towels – mostly intended for single use and serving for cleaning and hygiene.

Toilet emoji U+1F6BD
🚽 Toilet

I'm in the john, don't disturb me! or “He is joyriding the porcelain bus.“ November 19 of each year is World Toilet Day. Approximately 60% of the world's population do not have a toilet at home.

Plunger emoji U+1FAA0
🪠 Plunger

We have to call the plumber! Clogged drains can be fixed with the tool by alternately generating positive and negative pressure. Someone doesn't want to get their hands dirty. May relate to the profession or to household incidents.

Water-tap smiley U+1F6B0
🚰 Potable water

The faucet in the bathroom is dripping, you drink a glass of water to quench your thirst or the plants have to be watered. The tap, often with a full glass, is the symbol for drinking water. From a psychological point of view, the everyday object stands for the control and regulation of emotions.

Shower smiley U+1F6BF
🚿 Shower

I'll take a quick shower! To cleanse the body or conscience – dirt or feelings of guilt are washed off. Also to cool down your mind: you urgently need a cold shower!

Bathtub emoji U+1F6C1
🛁 Bathtub

A hot bath is so relaxing at the end of the day! Place of personal hygiene but also to rest your mind. Bathtubs have been used for more than 3000 years.

Person in bathtub U+1F6C0
🛀 Person taking a bath

Relaxing in the bathtub with candlelight, a book or a glass of wine after a busy day. Status symbol for luxury. A place for purification and body care or for relaxation.

Mirror Whatsapp U+1FA9E
🪞 Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? In fairy tales, the mirror often has a magical meaning. Symbol of self-awareness (“hold up the mirror to someone”). A person is superficial or narcissistic and too self-confident.

Soap smiley U+1F9FC
🧼 Bar of soap

You are watching your favorite soap opera or want to whitewash your reputation. Soap is mainly used for body cleansing. Represents cleanliness and hygiene.

Sponge U+1F9FD
🧽 Sponge

Sponge on others or throw in the sponge. The sponge is used for washing and cleaning the home, the body, or the car.

Razor emoji U+1FA92
🪒 Razor

“He has a beard now” or “I have to go to the barber again”! Old fashioned razor for trimming hair on the face or head. On average, men spend around 3,300 hours shaving.

Toothbrush smiley U+1FAA5
🪥 Toothbrush

I have an appointment at the dentist’s! Related to dental health and oral hygiene. 3000 BC, a chewing stick was used to clean the teeth. In 1500 there were toothbrushes with bristles in China. As a subtle hint to someone with bad breath.

Creme Whatsapp U+1F9F4
🧴 Lotion bottle

I have to go to the drugstore or “Let's have a spa day again“. The pump bottle may contain various lotions, e.g. moisturizing cream for your hands and the body, or sunscreen. Represents body care, pampering and well-being.

Bell emoji U+1F6CE
🛎 Service bell

I need your attention now! The bell is often found at an unoccupied reception, e.g. in a hotel. Ringing it will alert the staff. Emoji symbolizes expectation and is a call for support.

Key Emoji Whatsapp U+1F511
🔑 Key

Golden key as an object: “I need my keys” or “Do not forget your keys”. Symbolic meaning: “This is very important!”

Antique key emoji U+1F5DD
🗝 Antique Key

A decorated old key that can be used to open chests or antique doors. Has more symbolic meaning, can also be used in the context of fairy tales and stories.

Door Whatsapp U+1F6AA
🚪 Door

Knock, knock... anyone at home? Metaphorically for the transition into a new phase of life or the end: “New doors are opening” or “I'm leaving you!” My door is always open for you, you are ready to talk or you close the door behind you forever.

Chair Whatsapp U+1FA91
🪑 Chair

First sit down! It’s been a hard day, you want to rest. Or as an invitation to calm down. You’re about to move home, helpers are needed or you have to buy seating furniture. The back hurts from sitting too much.

Couch Whatsapp U+1F6CB
🛋 Couch and lamp

It's always best at home! A cozy TV evening is coming up or the new couch is so comfortable that you don't even want to leave it. In connection with coziness, resting or lazing around.

Bed emoji U+1F6CF
🛏 Bed

I am confined to bed or “It's time to go to bed“. The cozy bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture. It represents rest, relaxation and sleep.

Person in bed U+1F6CC
🛌 Sleep accommodation

We still have to look for a place to sleep! Symbol of a sleep accommodation, e.g. a guesthouse or a hotel. Can also refer to the bedroom or everything around sleep.

Window Whatsapp U+1FA9F
🪟 Window

That’s just window-dressing! The window is slightly open, the curtains are blowing in the wind and the sun is shining in. Looking dreamily out of the window, letting your eyes travel, daydreaming. Symbolic of the connection between the inside of the house and the world outside.

Teddy bear emoji U+1F9F8
🧸 Teddy bear

The stuffed animal is a popular toy for children and a childhood companion. The cuddly teddy bear is a symbol of nostalgia, of beautiful memories as well as security and protection.

Framed picture Emoji U+1F5BC
🖼 Framed Picture

This work of art in the frame can point to the photo of a person or that the chat partner is going to take photos. Also used to indicate art or a visit to the museum.

Shopping bags U+1F6CD
🛍 Shopping bags

Let's go shopping! The city stroll was successful, the credit card is still burning. Women love shopping, which is often annoying for men. May also relate to clothing, food or other consumer goods.

Shopping cart smiley U+1F6D2
🛒 Shopping cart

I'm in the supermarket right now! The weekend shopping has yet to be done. Refers to shopping, mostly of groceries. Icon for shopping cart when shopping online.

Present Whatsapp U+1F381
🎁 Wrapped present

Congratulations! Be it at Christmas, for a birthday or other occasions: Gifts are usually delivered beautifully wrapped and with a bow. Can refer to the gift itself or a special occasion, such as a wedding.

Bookmark smiley Whatsapp U+1F516
🔖 Bookmark

The bookmark flags the last read page in a book. Means: I am done with reading. The emoji is also known as a price label.

Moai stone emoji Whatsapp U+1F5FF
🗿 Moai

Moai are stone figures on Easter Island. There is also such a statue in Tokyo. Serve as the connecting link to the hereafter. They represent traveling, the miracles of the world, and myths of mankind.

Red balloon Whatsapp smiley U+1F388
🎈 Balloon

Let's be happy and have fun! The red balloon is a symbol of joy. Can also symbolize your own uniqueness.

Izakaya lantern Emoji U+1F3EE
🏮 Izakaya Paper Lantern

Traditional Japanese Izakaya lantern. These lanterns are often found at the front door of traditional Japanese restaurants. The emoji can be understood as an invitation.

Pink ribbon symbol Whatsapp U+1F380
🎀 Ribbon

A bow is typically used to decorate and beautify something, such as a gift. The pink ribbon stands for femininity and romance or girlishness. Also known as a symbol for the knowledge of breast cancer.

Confetti ball emoji U+1F38A
🎊 Confetti Ball

Congratulations! Symbol of all kinds of celebration: from birthday to the wedding to New Year's Eve. At the end of the event, a confetti ball has opened, colorful confetti are falling out: let's party! Expression of joy, fun, and community.

Confetti bomb Whatsapp smiley U+1F389
🎉 Party Popper

Happy Birthday! The confetti bomb explodes in a fountain of paper streamers and confetti. A party might be in progress or someone has been successful and is very happy about something.

Japanese dolls smiley Whatsapp U+1F38E
🎎 Japanese Dolls

At the annual unofficial Japanese holiday Hina-Matsuri (girls' festival) dolls are set up. They are meant to banish evil spirits and bring the girls good health as well as luck with their mate choice. Symbol of Japan.

Wind chime smiley U+1F390
🎐 Wind Chime

The Japanese wind chime (Furin) made of glass is a symbol of the summer. In light wind delicate tones sound. Not just a decoration, but a lucky charm in Asia. Used in Feng Shui to maximize chi and life energy.

Red envelope U+1F9E7
🧧 Red gift envelope

I wish for money for my birthday! At Chinese festivals or weddings people almost always present gifts of money in red envelopes (Hong Bao). Symbol of prosperity, destiny and happiness.

Envelope emoji U+2709

A closed envelope stands for receiving or sending e-mails, messages or a letter. “I received a message“ or “I have to write an e-mail“.

Envelope with arrow U+1F4E9
📩 Envelope with down arrow at top

Pay attention to what's in the message! Usually refers to electronic messages and stands before the email address. Symbol for a sent email or note on the content of a specific message.

Inbox emoji U+1F4E8
📨 Incoming envelope

The letter just arrived! In the office, the incoming mail is often collected in an in-tray or box. Refers to (business) letters, mail or the sending of messages.

Email emoji U+1F4E7
📧 Email

You have got mail! Symbol for the email, recognizable by the @ sign. The emoji serves as a request to read the mails or as an indication to transmit something electronically.

Sealed with heart Whatsapp U+1F48C
💌 Love Letter

The white envelope, sealed with a heart, contains a love letter. With a heartfelt message. Symbolizes love and romance. Expresses affection or invites to a date.

In-tray emoji U+1F4E5
📥 Inbox

I'm almost done with the documents! The incoming mail is collected in the inbox for further processing. The emoji represents downloads or incoming emails. Often serves as an indication from the other party to check the received messages.

Out-tray emoji U+1F4E4
📤 Outbox

The paperwork is done for today or business letters still need to be processed. A tray or basket for filing or the outbox. As an icon on the computer for uploading or sharing files. Is also used as a symbol for sent messages.

Parcel Whatsapp U+1F4E6
📦 Parcel

“Being part and parcel of something” or “The parcel is being delivered!” A gift is on the way, an online order has been made or someone packed things for a move. A package can mean both pleasant and unpleasant messages.

Label emoji U+1F3F7
🏷 Label

Glued or pinned information sign. Provides information on content, price, expiration date, etc. for goods or items. You can also 'label' people and place them in a specific category, e.g. superficial.

Placard emoji U+1FAA7
🪧 Placard

The demo is on the weekend! Something is advertised or announced on placards. Used by protesters to express what they are in favor of or disapprove of. Attention please, an important message is being delivered!

Mailbox lowered flag U+1F4EA
📪 Closed mailbox with lowered flag

I’m expecting your letter! For the residents, the lowered flag means that no mail has been delivered. The postman does not have to take any mail with him. In the US, the mailbox is used to receive and send letters.

Mailbox raised flag U+1F4EB
📫 Closed mailbox with raised flag

The letter must get out today! In the US, mailboxes are not just for receiving but also for sending mail. The raised flag shows the postman that he should take mailable letters with him.

Empty mailbox U+1F4ED
📭 Open mailbox with lowered flag

“I'm waiting for your message” or “You never write to me!” The lowered flag means that no mail arrived today. The outgoing mail was already taken by the postman.

Mailbox with envelope U+1F4EC
📬 Open mailbox with raised flag

Your letter arrived today! The raised flag shows that there is mail or should be taken by the postman. The emoji can be used for mail in general or for the sending and receiving of messages.

Mailbox Whatsapp U+1F4EE
📮 Mailbox

Did you drop the letter? A mailbox contains letters for distribution. Introduced in the 19th century. The news is on the way! Used in connection with mail or correspondence.

Post horn emoji U+1F4EF
📯 Post horn

“The mail has arrived” or “There are important news!” Symbol for the post, e.g. on mailboxes or at post offices. The post horn was used by stage coach drivers as a signal instrument in the early Middle Ages.

Scroll emoji U+1F4DC
📜 Scroll

I have something to announce! Labeled and rolled up papyrus scroll or pell. Typical book form, successor of the clay tablet and predecessor of codex (labeled wood or wax tablets). Once symbol of education. The scroll is often associated with surprises, agreements, adaptability as well as life experience and growth.

Rolled-up sheet U+1F4C3
📃 Sheet with rolled-up edge

“The document has arrived” or “We'll soon get the school certificates!” The printed sheet of paper is rolled up at the bottom. Could be an official document or letter.

Sheet dog’s ear U+1F4C4
📄 Sheet with typeface upwards

You have to fill this in! Printed document with rolled-up edge or dog ear. Can refer to a letter, book or orientation (face up!).

Bookmark emoji U+1F4D1
📑 Page marker

“This one is important” or “I need to learn for the exam”. Be it in the office or while studying: Most colored sticky notes mark important passages in a document or fields for the signature. Symbolic indication of an urgent event.

Sales receipt emoji U+1F9FE
🧾 Sales receipt

I paid my dues!, “Can you pick up the bill for me?“ or “I have to exchange those jeans again“. The receipt serves as proof that a product or service has been purchased or paid for.

Bar chart Whatsapp U+1F4CA
📊 Bar Chart

Charts can be used to visualize information. They are usually clearer than text and are used for comparison: the higher the bar, the larger the number. Can be used in conjunction with school or work.

Chart uptrend U+1F4C8
📈 Chart With Uptrend

A line chart helps to show developments over time. For stocks or finances, an uptrend is a good sign. Also: the business is going well. Can generally be used to signal: Things are looking up!

Chart downward U+1F4C9
📉 Chart with downwards trend

The financial prospects are less good! The diagram shows a falling trend over a period of time. Generally seen as negative. The stock price or even your mood is going down.

Spiral notebook U+1F5D2
🗒 Spiral notebook

I always have my notepad with me! Offers space for shopping lists, thoughts, to-do's, sketches and everyday notes. Nothing can be forgotten anymore. Symbolic for journalism or education.

Spiral calendar emoji U+1F5D3
🗓 Spiral calendar

I’ll enter it in the family planner! Calendar with spiral binding, mostly with a compact monthly overview. Reminds you of important dates and helps you plan.

Calendar emoji U+1F4C5
📅 Calendar

Please save the date! A date on a calendar sheet. Symbolic for an upcoming event or a commemoration day. Planning begins or the monthly calendar is already very full.

Tear off calendar smiley U+1F4C6
📆 Tear off calendar

I’m counting the days! The calendar not only reminds you of the current date, but also helps you plan your appointments. The time flies by! The date shown is WhatsApp’s founding day.

Trash can emoji U+1F5D1
🗑 Wastepaper basket

That's rubbish! A trash can for paper trash, often found it in offices. A message or a plan immediately ends up in the trash. The folder for deleted files on computers.

Index card holder Whatsapp U+1F4C7
📇 Index card holder

I am on a business trip! Business cards can be organized alphabetically in an index card holder. Often in a business context, with networks or contacts. Desk utensil in offices.

Box Whatsapp U+1F5C3
🗃 Index card box

A tidy mind is half the battle! The multi-colored index card tabs sort and organize documents in the box. You are included in a card index as a customer or patient or you’re learning for school or university with the help of the cards.

Ballot box emoji U+1F5F3
🗳‍️ Ballot box with ballot paper

“I have made my choice”, “The ballot will be soon” or “Go and vote!” The emoji is used in connection with politics and governments or as an approval for a statement/idea. It also illustrates inner conflicts, decisions, the sense of justice and the trust in people.

File cabinet emoji U+1F5C4
🗄‍️ File cabinet

I keep that under lock and key! Important documents can be stored in the lockable cabinet. Old files are dug out again or a secret is kept safe!

Clipboard emoji U+1F4CB
📋 Clipboard

Too many things to do! The clipboard allows you to take notes. Serves as a firm writing surface for appointments outside the office, for example for doctors or mechanics.

File folder Whatsapp U+1F4C1
📁 Folder

Paperwork on end! The folder with papers or correspondence is in the filing cabinet in the office. Filing has to be done and organized, documents must be archived. Icon on computers for a file folder.

Open file folder U+1F4C2
📂 Open file folder

The desk needs to be tidied up or someone is looking for a file on the computer. Documents are stored in a file folder, whether in the office or on the computer. Used in connection with filing, organization or work.

Index card smiley U+1F5C2
🗂 Card index dividers

Muddle makes trouble! The dividers help organize documents and quickly find what you need. Refers to computer files, office work, accounting, or college.

Rolled-up newspaper U+1F5DE
🗞‍️ Rolled-up newspaper

“Has the newspaper already arrived?” or “Do you have any new information?” Can refer to a side job, the distribution of newspapers, breaking news and publications or journalism as a career aspiration.

Newspaper Whatsapp U+1F4F0
📰 Newspaper

There is news! Printed product or Internet magazine. Refers to news, the media or journalism. The first newspaper was released in 1605 in Strasbourg. Symbolically, it refers to knowledge, revelations, possibilities and dangers as well as to the public.

Notebook Whatsapp U+1F4D3
📓 Notebook

I need to take that down! Be it checklists, thoughts, appointments, ideas – the book sorts the notes so you won’t forget them. It is also used as a clue to tackle untidiness and forgetfulness.

Yellow book Whatsapp U+1F4D4
📔 Notebook with decorative cover

I found an old diary! The blank pages of the bound book can be filled with notes or sketches. The decorative cover may indicate a diary or a notebook. The emoji could also be a reminder of an event.

Spiral notebook emoji U+1F4D2
📒 Ledger

“The documents must be brought to the tax accountant” or “I have to do the bookkeeping!” All business transactions in the company are listed in the general ledger. Refers to the profession of accountant, bookkeeping or finances.

Book U+1F4D5
📕 Closed book

You are a bookworm! Reading is one of the favorite pastimes, the book is almost finished or the book circle is going to meet up. Symbol for knowledge, culture and education.

Green book U+1F4D7
📗 Green book

Can I have the notes? The bound notebook is used in connection with reading, writing, learning or education. Homework for the school needs to be done or something must be prepared for the university or for work.

Stack of books emoji U+1F4DA
📚 Books

What am I trying to find out? Where can I find the information? The stack of books is growing. Someone was in the library or the bookstore, has to study or do something for school/university. Refers to reading in general, to literature and education. Books symbolize the quest for knowledge and the ability to learn from the opinions and experiences of others.

Open book Whatsapp U+1F4D6
📖 Opened book

“I just cannot put the book down” or “He's an open book to me!” Refers to reading as such or to a book. Popular emoji of the bookworm. Could also be a hint to get to the bottom of something.

Safety pin U+1F9F7
🧷 Safety pin

My pants are ripped! The safety pin is the savior in distress. Has been helping to close clothes for thousands of years. Was the diaper holder and precursor of the brooch. Jewelry in the punk scene and symbol of solidarity.

Chain Whatsapp U+1F517
🔗 Chain links

I feel very connected to you! Two links in a silver chain. Icon for a link to a website. There is a strong romantic or social and inseparable bond.

Paper clip emoji U+1F4CE
📎 Paper clip

Paperwork is so boring! The paper clip holds papers together for better clarity or organization. Invented in Oslo in 1866. Icon in mail programs for adding an attachment.

U+1F587 ️U+FE0F
Paper clip smiley U+1F587 ️U+FE0F
🖇‍️ Linked paper clips

Nothing can separate us! Paper clips hold documents together. They can also be used to reset electronic devices, remove SIM cards, pick locks or clean fingernails.

Set square smiley U+1F4D0
📐 Set square

Math is my favorite subject! The geometry triangle helps with drawing figures and measuring lengths and angles. Stands for accuracy and a mathematical or technical understanding.

Ruler emoji U+1F4CF
📏 Ruler

I have to remeasure! A ruler is used to draw straight lines or to measure distances. The oldest ruler comes from India and is over 4000 years old. In connection with school or work, e.g. architectural draftsman.

Abacus Whatsapp U+1F9EE
🧮 Abacus

I have to calculate that first! The board with the sliding pieces serves as a calculation help for children today. Allows you to perform the basic arithmetic operation. Was widespread in the Middle Ages.

Push pin smiley U+1F4CC
📌 Push pin

I'll remember this idea! Sticky notes can be attached to a pin board with push pins. Something important should be kept in mind!